In the Samara region has opened a new meat processing plant

In the region of Samara region Kinelskiy started Alakaevsky meat.

Suppliers of meat products in the near future will have to make room. Today, their ranks are filled up on the market a new company Kinelsky district — Alakaevsky meat. Production is only two months and has not yet reached its design capacity. However, the leadership of the slaughterhouse serious intentions to press suppliers of imported meat and pork to offer customers local livestock enterprises.

New life into the old building of the former winery has breathed production of meat processing. Alakaevsky meat processing plant in the village of beginner, start slaughterhouse took place just two months ago, and today the company manufactures a week for about five tons of pork. But this is only a third of the estimated capacity — within six months production plans to enter the much larger volumes, the average monthly delivering up to 65 tons of meat. Such an arithmetic progression alakaevtsev only pleases. The company has already provided 15 jobs in the future, we can expect more.

The main suppliers of raw materials are of Samara region.

Marina Kulebyakina, obvalschik: "The good news, of course, just opened a new venture, there were still jobs. Not without a job, do not sit at home. We hope that will continue to advance, which will work alakaevtsam. It is good money, great leaders. What do you like — respect for people. Good work schedule, the weekend. "
The technological base for future growth has been prepared. When equipped with the slaughterhouse was chosen by German manufacturers. As practice shows, technologically precise slaughtering most directly affects not only the product, but also the taste characteristics of the meat. Paradoxically, but in a modern slaughterhouse appeal even terms such as humane stunning.

Maxim Selivanov, director Alakaevskogo slaughterhouse: "Progress does not stand still, so the experts of the company have developed special equipment to stun pigs, the so-called humane stunning, which allows you to stun pigs in the process to reduce pain to zero due to the fact that stunning occurs in a fraction of a second. "
The entire process — from preparation to storage of animal carcasses — maintained strictly in accordance with the sanitary standards, we are talking about the production of quality raw materials for further processing. At the plant operates state veterinary control — a modern laboratory passes each batch of pork.

At the same time the company can store up to 15 tons of finished meat. The temperature inside the carcasses of 2 to 4 degrees — these parameters are strictly monitored, as is the standard of the highest quality chilled pork.

Maxim Selivanov, director Alakaevskogo slaughterhouse: "Our task — to provide services to the population face to any private trader, regardless of the number of goals, any farmer with private holdings could come to us and get high quality output cut meat. And second, all the same to market and promote the market of Samara pork producers to compete with imported meat, which is now simply flooded the whole point of trade. "

In the future Alakaevsky meat can offer buyers and intermediates. In a nearby shop only the reconstruction, there will be made ravioli and meatballs. But the company store alakaevskogo meat plant is ready for opening. The first few months have shown the relevance of the products, so the management decided to organize the territory of the production point of sale. Make a mark Alakaevskogo slaughterhouse recognizable — today its primary task. Therefore, in the near future meat products of this company can be found at agricultural fairs province.

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