In the Saratov region earned a modern milk processing plant LLC Jari

February 22 in the village of Storozhovka Tatishchev of Saratov region was given to start the new production — has started a modern milk processing plant LLC "Jari". 

The production capacity — up to 25 tons of dairy products a day. The company will produce more than 7,000 tons of various types of dairy products a year.

At present, there created 25 jobs by the end of the year the number of employees will increase to 50 people. Payback period — 5 years.

Construction of a new milk processing plant started in 2011 under a public-private partnership. In the implementation of the project invested 250 million rubles. The main part of a private investor made Balashov district.

The company installed a modern high-tech equipment, some of which offset the cost of the state — the federal and regional budgets. The total amount of state support amounted to more than 14 million rubles.

According to specialists, the proceeds from the sale of products subject to the execution of the investment project in 2012 will be almost 150 million rubles.

Today, in the Saratov region in all sectors of agriculture implemented 50 investment projects, of which about 30 — it's high-tech projects in dairy cattle, poultry, pork production. Last year, milk production in the region amounted to more than 1 million tons, which is 1.7% higher than in 2010. Increased meat production (101.5% compared to 2010).

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