In the Saratov region launched 18 new investment projects

In Saratov, at the board meeting of the regional Ministry of Investment Policy discussed the results for 2012

According to the profile Minister Roman Fedoseyeva year's total investment in the economy and the social sphere in the main capital exceeded 113 billion rubles. (104.1% by 2011), foreign investment amounted to $ 108 million, the plan was exceeded by 3 million of the more than mastered 77 billion rubles.

In the 18 districts of the volume of investments has exceeded last year's level, including Saratov and Saratov region, Engels, Balashov, Balakovsky areas.

The preferential share of investment was on the machine and the machine tool industry, the construction of buildings (48.2%). In the construction of the housing stock has been involved 4.9%.  

Fedoseyev noted that the increase in investment activity seen in finance, wholesale and retail trade, automotive repair. Activity has slowed down in the mining, construction and transport.

Average investment per capita in the region amounted to 45.2 thousand rubles.

In 2012, it completed the implementation of investment projects on construction of plants "BPO" (production of roofing and waterproofing materials) Dubki (invested 1.5 billion), the "Holding Company" Incotex "in Marx (electronic equipment, LEDs — 720 million)," Ramfud -Volga "(pig — 1500000000)" Balteks "in Balashov area (synthetic fabrics — 370 million) factory farming" St. Michael "and" Balashov, "etc.

This year is expected to complete the investment project "Severstal", "Air Liquide Balakovo", "Saratov Dairy", oil extraction plants in Balakovo and Atkarsk, "Volga Cement".

The Minister announced plans for 18 new projects. In particular, it is (15 billion), "Volskcement" "Volgamet" Balakovo (waste sorting complex — 112 million), plant materials, implemented "MOU Holding" and ITACO (Italy) — 3.9 billion Tatishchev area will be built biogas Tatishchev power plant in the area (400 m), 2 complex for the production and processing of meat, skins and waste rabbits. in Rivne — project selection and breeding of sturgeon up to 2019 (850 million). In Engel's district — building water park "Tortuga" (2013-2014 gg., 850 million).

These organizations will create for the area over 1.2 million jobs.

Fedoseyev said that the task to reach the end of this year, investment in fixed assets in the amount of 134.8 billion rubles., In each of the districts to implement at least one of the investment: "We have a serious backlog — the premium" Regions-sustainable development "- one of the ways of implementing tools for the field, the ability to obtain funds for the production of a low tax rate."

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