In the Saratov region received buses are equipped for people with disabilities

The first batch of six modern low-floor buses procured under the state program of the Russian Federation "Accessible Environment" for 2011-2015, was admitted to Balakovsky municipal district.


New vehicles are equipped for wheelchair mounting, folding ladder for her arrival, and the air suspension system of compulsory tilt bus. In addition, for people with impaired hearing or vision functions provided with the information system vnutrisalonnoe placards, automatic speech informant and use requirements stops. Thus, balakovtsy with disabilities will be able to use this public transport independently without the help of outsiders.

In 2011, as part of the program from the federal and regional budgets planned to buy 21 dedicated bus, equipped with facilities for handicapped. For these purposes 69.2 million. The remaining 15 units of low-floor transport, purchased under the program "Accessible Environment" for 2011-2015, will be delivered in the region by the end of this year.

Furthermore, 24 bus and the bus station area will be equipped with information boards, hoists and handrails and ramps to ensure easy access for the disabled.

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