In the sp Yamnoe Voronezh region has opened a kindergarten for 115 places

October 9 Yamnom Ramon Voronezh region has opened a kindergarten "Sun. The two-story building located next to the local new buildings, near Honey Apple.

Garden was originally designed for 115 seats, but the 145 guys here will not be crowded. The necessity of its construction is long overdue.

There is a building of sports and music halls. It is planned that in the children's garden will be opened Center for Continuing Education on the study of a foreign language.


The construction of a kindergarten in Yamnom in co-financing has been spent about 15 million rubles of federal funds, nearly 57 million — from the regional budget and about 10 — from the district. Another 7 million rubles invested LLC Yamenskoe SRK "Don" in the preparation of design and construction documents and its expertise to accelerate the timing of the start of construction. A district administration has allocated $ 2 million for the necessary furniture and equipment for the garden.

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