In the Stavropol region wolves bitten flock of sheep

The village Kochubeevsky supervisory district, Stavropol Territory on a herd of 500 sheep was attacked by a pack of wolves, destroying half of the animals

Evening of March 4 wolves of about five individuals drove a flock of sheep, a local farmer Isayev. The farmer did not have a gun to shoot the wolves, and the dogs have not resolved, and the wolves have destroyed more than half of the herd.

According to the head of the agriculture department Kochubeevsky District Sergei Fedko, uterine flock of about a month had kittens, the damage from this attack is about 2.5 million.

Sergei Fedko stressed that the district authorities intend to organize a hunt for wolves. "We will organize battue hunting with hunters Kochubeevsky, Shpakovsky area. There were times when a wolf kills one, two heads, this case is out of the common," — he said.

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