In the Sverdlovsk region began forming breeding base of beef cows Hereford

The big event was marked by the beginning of 2012 for agriculture Sverdlovsk region. The region first began to form their own breeding base Hereford beef cows. This gives rise to the development of beef cattle in the Urals.

"The program to create a breeding base and the development of beef cattle was first launched in the Sverdlovsk region in 2011. For its implementation of the regional budget allocated more than 6 million rubles, the same amount of federal. The program provides the next two years, the organization of four loudspeakers in the tribal area.

All these measures should give a new round of development of beef cattle in the Urals, which will greatly increase its own production of beef, "- said the deputy chairman of the government of the Sverdlovsk region — Minister of Agriculture and Food Ilya Cooper.

The first breeding reproducer of beef cows would Ltd. "Earth Manchazhskaya" ARTINSKAYA district. On the eve of the holidays there straight from Denmark, the home of Hereford, were brought to 123 heifers (young cows heifers).

"In a way the animals were more than a week. They are transported in special machines, which has created favorable conditions for carrying extra sensitive cargo. The fact that the cows imported from Europe and the fourth month of pregnancy. Animals suffered excellent road and getting ready in a few months to a healthy offspring, "- said the head of the Ministry of Agriculture Livestock and Food of the Sverdlovsk region, Mikhail Sevostianov. Now the animals are in quarantine, which will last one and a half months. Hereford — the breed of cows for meat production. It has a high energy growth, its main value — tender nutritious meat. Because noticeable when cut thin alternating layers of fat and muscle meat called "marbled". "Agribusiness in the region interested in the breeding of animals and the acquisition of this particular meat breed highly productive, because our aim is to increase the annual production of meat in the Sverdlovsk region" — said Ilya Cooper.

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