In the Sverdlovsk region began mining chromite in the development of the field will invest 6 mln

On Zhizhinsko-Sharomskom field near Novouralsk by blasting launched production of chromite ore. Chromite — extremely scarce raw materials for industrial enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region. The total demand in the industrial complex in the region is estimated to be chromite 500 thousand tonnes per year.

The explored reserves of raw materials on the spot while the mine is estimated at 270,000 tonnes, but geologists believe that the potential field contains between one and two million tons of ore.

As deputy chairman of the government of the Sverdlovsk region — Minister of Industry and Science Alexander Petrov, commencement of mining at the deposit is returned to our area to ensure their raw chrome industry.

"Industry of the Sverdlovsk region has always had a deficit of some raw materials, such as manganese, copper ore, titanium, chromite. The main suppliers are the chromite in the world market Kazakhstan, Turkey and South Africa. With the start of the mine problem is solved by the largest enterprises of the Sverdlovsk region "Russian Chrome 1915" strategic minerals " — the minister added.

President of JSC "Russian special alloys" Vyacheslav Grigoryev said that thanks to the commissioning deposits in the Urals there is a steadily operating mining company. "The project to develop the field has a high social value. Implementation of the project helped to solve some of the problems of "Bilimbaevsky mine", is in the process of bankruptcy. The personnel staff of 30 persons brought in to work on his career. In the future, we will attract a further 40 staff and provide them with a stable work for many years. I should add that issues by agreement of the industrial site location, land allotment, forest relationships we conducted with the active cooperation of the regional government and the administration of Novouralsk " — V.Grigorev explained.

Total in developing the field of "Russian special alloys" will invest U.S. $ 6 million. The design capacity of the quarry — 60,000 tons of ore per year.

Alexander Petrov added that at the moment JSC "Russian special alloys" is examining the organization of the township Bilimbai concentrator. "At the moment the company chooses enrichment technology, and in winter the company's specialists will begin to design. I note that the factory is able to create about 150 more jobs, " A. Petrov said.

Recall that of "Super Alloys" contribute to the economy of the Sverdlovsk region for another project. In November 2011, the company completed an investment project for the construction of high-tech production for processing slag "Kluchevskoy processing plant." It will start at the same time to solve the ecological problem of reducing the volumes of waste disposal and the task of engaging in business turnover of 2.5 million tons of slag dump that had accumulated over 70 years of activity "Kliuchevskoi Ferroalloy Plant." Start factory creates 130 additional jobs. Sverdlovsk Region Government has paid particular attention to the project of "Russian special alloys", including through the allocation of budget credit of $ 14.7 million rubles, which was repaid in a timely manner.

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