In the Sverdlovsk region built a new road

Construction of the road length of 7.3 km was carried out at the expense of the regional budget in just two years. Total for the laying of roads was sent to more than 126 million rubles.

In the Sverdlovsk region built a new road connecting the two villages — Teal between the villages and the urban district Borodinka Krasnoural'sk.

According to the press service of the government, the villagers Borodinka for many decades, had a year-round communication with the outside world. Prior to the neighboring village of Teal can be reached during the warmer months only on the old narrow-gauge railway. In the cold season to a settlement established "winter road", which went on ambulance and transported essential commodities. The motion was carried only on removable motodrezinah.


"Regular" motodrezina cruised twice a day according to the schedule of the bus Krasnoural'sk — Teal. There were "private" motodreziny, or pioneers, as they are called villagers Borodinka such could be found on line at any time of the day, they were kept in almost every yard. "We were building their improvised: boards bashed seats, engine taken from motorcycles, cooked frame to mount a metal wheels and could drive into the city. On the narrow-gauge railway, we are not moved quickly, but still, there were cases when people fall out" — told the village headman Borodinka Sergei Tretyakov.


Today, the old "pioneers" are still standing in the courtyards of the villagers. According to the decision borodinchan, one of the makeshift motodrezin Krasnouralsk give to the museum in memory of a past life. In addition, the village headman said that the rails from the old railway put into scrap metal. The proceeds will be used for the development of the village. Most likely, these funds will be in the village of cellular base stations.

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