In the Sverdlovsk region launched a new factory, whose products fall into the hands of every Russian

President Dmitry Medvedev on October 26 at the exhibition opened in Moscow «Rusnanotech EXPO-2011", launched the company's factory "Uralplastic-H"Whose production for the production of the most subtle and sustainable packaging Aramile located in the Sverdlovsk region.

The plant "Uralplastic-N" has become one of the innovative enterprises of Sverdlovsk, investors will be of "RUSNANO" (total budget of the project — 2,55 billion).

By 2012, the company intends to produce flexible packaging for food storage using nanocomposites, which makes packing very light (only 5% of the weight of the product), and the waste of such a package would be much less than that of its peers. Intend to pack on a gigantic scale: 1 thousand 800 tons per month, which is about 650 million packages of finished products.

The project of JSC "Uralplastic-N" has implemented three of know-how:
Production of nanocomposites
Introducing them into the composition of the films
Production of films modified nanocomposite

diagram of the structure of plastic packaging, modified nanocomposites

To date, all the high-barrier plastic packaging, which has the necessary characteristics for gas and vapor permeability to maintain the freshness of the product, the necessary physical, mechanical and optical properties are imported into Russia from Europe.

The use of new technology will make the domestic high-barrier packaging, which by its characteristics is comparable to, and in some even better than their foreign counterparts.

Overall, the exhibition opened in Moscow «Rusnanotech EXPO-2011" presents 15 leading companies in the Sverdlovsk region.

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