In the Sverdlovsk region opened a new feed mill

In the Sverdlovsk region opened factory of full-fat soybeans. The new product will provide businesses and poultry protein high-protein feed.

"The issue of livestock complex own food supply is very important for the Sverdlovsk region. Now is not a technology for growing animals and birds can not do without this useful protein supplements — natural soy. Every year in the Sverdlovsk region, for the needs of agricultural enterprises imported from outside the order of 60,000 tons of soybeans, the power of this plant 36,000 tons per year. This production may close many of the needs of our farmers, "- said the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Sverdlovsk Oblast Ilya Cooper.

As the general manager of Victor Pisarev, is the production of innovative, not only for the Sverdlovsk region, but also for Russia. Such enterprises in the country less than five. From soybeans by a special treatment produces an inactivated Full-fat soybeans for the production of feed for poultry, pigs and cattle.

The new plant is located in the former flour mill Aramilsky. The company was not functioning the last six years. Six months ago, in abandoned areas have begun repairs, reconstruction of production facilities to meet the requirements of energy efficiency, delivery of equipment, etc. To date, funds in the new production of the evaluation of the plant management invested about 50 million rubles. It was necessary to reconstruct the access tracks to the plant. It should be noted that due to the new production will be about 70 new jobs. Six years ago, with the closure of flour mill all staff, and that 300 people had been reduced. Now some of them are hired on a new venture.

"Especially valuable were technologists and professionals involved in the production. Many of them have more than 20 years worked at the flour mill, but because of the circumstances were not destiny. Once the plant is at full capacity, we have to employ about thirty people, "- said Viktor Pisarev. He also noted that stop the production of soybeans, they are not collected.
"Now the ministry together with the owners of the factory is developing a program for the production at the plant vegetable oil from soybeans, canola, and sunflower. This is a very important and promising area for the region. It focuses on the most important tasks of agriculture — food security "- said the Minister Ilya Cooper. When the program is running, the plant will still employed about 200 people.

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