In the Sverdlovsk region opened football arena and the ski jump complex

February 16 in Nizhny Tagil opened after extensive renovation TRAMPLIN complex on the mountain of debt.

Commissioning springboard complex Ural athletes waited a long time — the sports facility was being remodeled, and, in fact — was built anew, for three years. On the reconstruction of the complex from the regional and federal budgets were sent to more than 2 billion rubles.


The result was reconstructed jumps K-90 and K-120, and erected two new springboard — K-40 and K-60. In addition, a lot of work has been done in terms of construction and renovation related infrastructure: sports and hotel complex, garages, judges, boiler, coaching platforms. It was built in 1230 by the central podium places, two on the podium 768 seats, parking for 666 places, the cable car. Work has begun on the construction of the ski stadium, skiing and roller ski slopes, stands at 1,184 seats, judging the ski stadium.


February 16 in Yekaterinburg opened football arena "Ural".

In addition to the Ural arena football academy will include a stadium, "Uralmash" hotel for sportsmen, three new soccer fields, an educational building. Thus formed a single property complex of the Academy will become a base for the preparation of their own sports reserve — high-end young players.


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