In the Sverdlovsk region opened the plant for the production of mineral wool

December 7 in the city of Sverdlovsk Region Bogdanovic has opened a new production line of heaters, whose products in the near future, not only to press the Ural competitors, but will also provide the growing construction market in the region. Now the Middle Urals do not have to bring in heaters from other regions of the country.

Bogdanovich plant mineral wool was launched in beta in May of this year. After half a year of Italian experts tested the equipment and quickly eliminated all the bugs. In October, the plant has reached its production capacity of 50 tons per day.

The company was revived at a local concrete plant: it was reconstructed and installed equipment of last generation. For the builder and owner of the plant — the company "Atomstroykomleks" — this is the eleventh company. The plant cost investors $ 50 million. Created 200 new jobs.

About that, how is the insulation, the plant engineer told Svetlana Korostina. The snow-white wool is made by melting basalt (mineral material) at a temperature of more than a thousand degrees in a special furnace cupola, controlled by a computer. According to her, this is a very high demand from builders material, not only in the present time. For example, in Germany the production of mineral wool was established as early as 20-30 years of the twentieth century. By the way, in this country, we initially imported insulation, while in Russia itself did not start to appear similar plants. 

"Those German house where applied mineral wool insulation slabs and which survived the bombings are still standing. They only update the facades. Thermal insulation can be broken only if the plate is deformed as a result of, for example, the mechanical action. And so — the effect of thermal plates high: it does not let in cold air and produces a warm ", — said the engineer.

Heat resistance heater is really high ten centimeters product replaces a meter of brickwork. But the market is very wide in wool. Its main customers are builders who use wool to insulate exterior walls, roofs and floors, the sphere of housing and communal services, where the wool is used as insulation pipes and boilers. Also, the plant's products will go to the production of sandwich panels that build pre-fabricated buildings that are in demand from manufacturers.

"The plant is able to provide most of the market Sverdlovsk region. But mostly, products will be delivered to different parts of the country. We have in general the whole industry building industry focused on export products. We not only provide a fully self building materials — from cement to insulation, but also are exported outside the region. As for the production of the factory, the modern construction industry without such eco-friendly insulation is unthinkable, "- said Valery Ananev.

Chapter Bogdanovich Vladimir Moskvin said that the new plant is quite competitive, and the first sign of its demand — lack of goals product warehouses. However, for a city of its discovery is important because of the emergence of new jobs and taxes, which will go into the budget. 

Well, the management of "Atomstroykompleks" already thinking about the other pressing needs of the Sverdlovsk region. According to Valery Anan, the region lacks venture for the production of glass and cement. "I hope that in the next 5-7 years, we all will," — shared his plans for the future businessman.

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