In Tomsk downpour podtopil several streets and dozens of electrical substations

TOMSK, July 13 — RIA Novosti, Sergei Levanenkov. Heavy rain, held in Tomsk on Wednesday night, podtopil homes and an electrical substation, has led to falling trees, said the mayor's office.

According to meteorologist Tomsk, from 19.00 (16.00 MSK) Tuesday to 7.00 (4.00 MSK) medium in 47 millimeters of rain fell at a monthly rate of July 77 millimeters.

"In the village and the area Stepanovka Cheremoshnikov (outskirts Tomsk) storm drainage could not cope with the volume of water … it turned out flooded basements and ground floors in a number of houses in the streets of Vershinin, Siberian (city center), flood, May Day, Teachers, Ob, Stepan Razin, Minor Podgornaya, Voykova Urozhainaya and alley, "- said in a statement.

Also, according to the city administration, in Tomsk was off substations, power was out on the streets of the Siberian, Mokrushina, Anna, Biryukov, Ivan Chernykh, Lazarev and others. Falling trees were reported in the streets of Usov and Red Army.

"Only for the last day in the operative duty service received about 900 complaints, most of the calls were in the evening and at night in the aftermath of heavy rain," — noted in the city administration.

In turn, the general director of LLC "Gorseti" Vladimir Reznikov told RIA Novosti that the rain has flooded dozens of electrical substations, about 20 of them seriously injured.

"Livnevki not normal, that's flooded. To two thousand people at different times had no light. All substation currently on and working," — he said.

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