In Troitsk, Chelyabinsk region flowered lilac

In September, the Troitsk flowered lilac.

Troichanin Vladimir Karamyshev not believe his eyes. The resort "Sunny", where retired recently vacationing with his family on a hillside near the river bloomed lilac.

— Miracle, and only. Autumn in the yard, and the lilacs are in full bloom. Grapes of course small, with May not compare to the mesmerizing aroma, this spring. And the smell is much stronger than in the May lilac — says observant man. — The wife also was surprised to see an unexpected phenomenon. We unanimously decided that this is some anomaly.

An employee of the department of technology and food processing plant UGAVM Olga RENEW said that this phenomenon sverhanomalii not. The weather is quite warm: average temperatures above normal in September, with the excess moisture in the soil. In general, favorable conditions for different cultures. Lilac little "confused" and blossom again. According to Olga RENEW phenomenon in our region are not uncommon.

The people there is a sign, which says that if the trees and shrubs in bloom at an inopportune time, the fall will be a warm and long.

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