Indigo Children. Gift or punishment?


In France, these children are called "Teflon" in the British Isles — "children of the Millennium", in Russia they are — "the children of light." But more often they are called "indigo children".

What are they?

According to Dr. Doreen Virtue Psychology (USA), they are easy to distinguish from their peers. These are children who have a creative nature, highly intelligent, determined and persevering character. They often see a better way of doing something, but associates perceive it as a violation of the rules. The old methods of education for these children is not valid — they do not react to strict disciplinary measures, punishments, threats or humiliation.

Indigo children have a belief system that can not change the external influence. The attempt to somehow influence the views of the child results in either aggression or to the closure of himself. Unlike normal children, they do not have absolute authority, they do not consider it necessary to explain their actions, recognize the freedom of choice. At the same time they are able to make the right decisions, relying only on intuition.

In addition, indigo children:

— Often have an attachment to plants or animals, they are just in love with nature;

— Highly have the ability to empathize;

— In dire need of unconditional love ones, require a lot of attention, looking for a real, strong and sincere friendship;

— Altruistic, eager to help the world in a great cause;

— The impression unsociable, if not in the company of their own kind;

— Prone to bad habits;

— Feel that they are older than their age (as if he was not 13, and now 43);

— High self-esteem, very self-confident, independent and proud, even in humiliating situations;

— In adolescence are subject to depressive states, up to the suicide;

— Are capable of violent acts, if encountered the insurmountable wall of incomprehension and indifference;

— Deeply spiritual, but not religious dogma take;

— Can not stand when they are forced to do something just because "as necessary" or "everybody does it."

"The Other" — special conditions

In many developed countries, indigo children are engaged at the state level. And it's not a waste of time and effort. Perhaps it is precisely because of "other" generation in the future will save our civilization from the growing crisis.

Where did they come to us? Whatever the aura of our children, they do not like us. Before our eyes, there are seeds of the future for which you want to create a fertile soil. Earlier offspring strictly followed in the footsteps of their parents: son became an artisan craftsman, the son of a peasant — farmer, and his son lawyer — a lawyer. However, the children of modern times is not much resemble their ancestors.

Humanity is moving forward, and each successive generation is more developed, it will have greater desires and aspirations, greater self-interest than its predecessors. Today, many experts — from kindergarten teachers to professors at universities — struggle to provide children with the information they need to settle into their lives. It is a natural law of development of human nature itself with each generation pushes us forward, increasing our self-interest, improving skills.

How to educate them?

The essence of the education of the child is not to "pump up" the brains of his knowledge, and to associate it with a process called life, to help find answers to the questions: what is the source of life? why things like going on? what we live for? where there is the possibility of free choice of the person and what requires us to this higher power of nature?

The most important element of raising a child is an example of adults. Only in the event that we will teach our children the laws by which nature operates, explaining where it leads us and what the purpose, we will be able to give them into the hands of practical tools that will allow them to settle in the reality in which we live.

So today, when in school talking about altruistic values — humanitarianism, mutual support, and beyond the child sees the opposite — the rule of personal self-interest over the common, the child is an internal conflict. The consequences of this conflict, we can read in the statistical reports on crime and depression in students. Thus, we see that education — is a bilateral process. We will be able to bring up children, if mannered themselves. It is possible, if what we give to children, it is equally important for us. That is, it must be timeless, eternal values.

How and what to teach them?

The learning process for a young person is akin to an extraordinary adventure and travel. Do not think that the abstract and imperceptible to adult concepts are the same, and for the child. We see how our children are doing great with such "clever" devices, such as computer and mobile phone, as opposed to their parents. The key to learning is that the person is built correctly, a true perception of reality.

Our children are different from you and me in that they are ready to take our material world as a consequence of the world, the world of causes. Thus, the modern child sees, feels the entire universe as the whole picture. And this, of course, is reflected in its relation not only to their teachers, to their immediate environment, but also in general to the whole world. Only by changing its internal properties in the likeness of the properties of nature, a person can be in equilibrium with it, so, in safety and perfection. Moreover, a child in their development process is required to obtain knowledge about the nature of the universe, because only in this way can he fill his inner aspirations.

Unfilled needs of this natural causes internal crisis and, as a consequence, to the neglect of teachers, senseless brutality and use "filler" of a different kind — drugs. Therefore, learning the laws of nature should begin at an early age, as a learned man carries a child through life. Acquired knowledge make him an integral part of nature, and therefore to ensure their own safety it no longer needs to learn karate and judo. If a person has not received this knowledge, the very nature of the rebels against him, rather than "evil enemies" and destiny. The younger generation brought up on these principles, we will give him the best of what they can give parents to their children.

Tatiana N.

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