Indigo children — who are they?


This phrase is almost constant curiosity at all. It is fanned by some kind of mystery. Articles with similar titles, TV shows and books have excited millions of people around the world. Who are the indigo children, these gifted children and how did it all begin?


In addition to the bright energy field, these children have a highly developed intellectual and even psychic abilities. Photo: From the site

As the name suggests, these are children who have an aura of indigo. It can legitimately be two questions. Anticipate them respond. Indigo — the color, the middle between the dark blue and purple. And the aura — it is nothing like the energy that radiates physical body. Hence it is clear that the spotted indigo children are not mere mortals, and those who can see this same aura, and also to distinguish its color.

Of course, the color of the aura can not be verified and, therefore, the first postulate of the new children can neither deny nor prove the modern methods. American expert in the field of bioenergy Nancy Ann Tappe first used this term. In 1982, in his book "How to understand life through color," she writes about the special children, whose aura is the color indigo.

In addition to the bright energy field, these children have a highly developed intellectual and even psychic abilities, as well as the many oddities in behavior — they are restless, disinhibited, easy rude elders and smugly boast about their superiority over others. These children heavily among the "primeval conservatives" who can not see the "halo" over every achiever. More widespread concept was in 1999 after the success of the book Lee Carroll and Jan Tober his wife "Indigo Children: new kids have come."

The book was in great quantities, fabulously enriched the authors and caused a powerful wave of new publications. Since then, the indigo children have become a popular brand in today's culture — in much the same way as Harry Potter and the hobbits, the fans are easy to confuse reality with dreams. In our country, where foreign scientific works for years desperately waiting for translation, pseudo-scientific work of Carroll and Tober appeared in bookstores with surprising rapidity.

There was special music for the indigo children, camps, schools, books, websites, business logos. This image has been promoted enthusiastically taken up by the yellow press and television and has gained wide popularity among the mystically inclined. Stories about indigo children still adorn the transfer of about paranormal phenomena, which are now very much!

Constantly flashing messages about lonely, weird children, healing people speaking with icons and stuff. Surely something is there, as there have always been recognized as healers and diviners. However, the followers of the teachings attributed to indigo from 70 to 90% of today's children, attributing to them, if not explicit, the furtive force.


Children of the stars, crystal children, new babies, the children of the sky — all synonyms that reflect different views of the indigo. This image mercilessly exploit all sorts of mystical currents, easily including it in their theories and concepts.

Therefore, the different sources of indigo — that alien children, the product of a perfect crystal of matter, that get their energy from the angels, we are representatives of the fifth or sixth race that is about to change ours. There is even a theory that the indigo children — this is a new, advanced branch of evolution. And we should be wary of them, because, having a cold and calculating mind, they are easy to drive us out of the niche habitats. Mystical teachings set. However, proponents of indigo children and try to bring the scientific evidence of the phenomenon, which, of course, infinitely far from true science.

So, a few years ago, "indizhnoy" literature, there is evidence, as if the blue-violet aura can be combined with an unusual genetic code. And it allows the children to have a better indigo proteins and a powerful immune system and deal with all known infectious diseases, including AIDS. This scientific imagination completely ridiculous and does not stand up to scrutiny.

But Berrenda Fox, and naturopathic doctor of psychology, has publicly stated that it has strong evidence of mutations in indigo children, which lead to the formation of additional helical turns of DNA. Besides the fact that it trudnovoobrazimo, Berrenda soon closed his clinic and disappeared, without providing any evidence. By the way, it is known as a writer of scripts for the TV series "The X-Files."


In the science of psychology, the term — "Indigo Children" — is missing, and the very existence of these children seem to put it mildly, controversial. However, despite the absurdity of the most fantastic and judgments about indigo children, the notion emerged by chance. The modern world — a world of high speeds, huge amounts of information (and fragmented!), The world of television and computers, the world of communications. All this could not affect the younger, and therefore particularly susceptible, generation.

Children very quickly adapted to high-speed mode of information flow, which was created by adults at the same time finding themselves unable to full absorption of the curriculum because of the apparent unwillingness to learn and lack of interest in old-fashioned presentation of the material.

Typically, school underachievement and combined closely linked to behavior problems when the child is unable to comply with the basic requirements of discipline, does not recognize anyone's authority, egocentric focus on his own person, his fantasies and whims.

Perhaps it is the influence of the virtual environment in which the child begins to feel like the master of the situation. It is striking that these features have nothing to do with the level of intelligence that is common in both children and limited short-sighted, and at the very gifted.

However, it is the children with high intelligence attracted the attention of the public, as their school failure can not be attributed to lack of ability. Indigo followers, attributing such a problem child paranormal properties (to disperse the clouds to see the future, to change the course of time, etc.), give them at the same exact psychological characteristics, which coincides with ours. Thus, according to Carroll and Tober, Indigo Children:

• Do not doubt their importance (in this regard, often behave arrogantly) sometimes report to parents "who they are";
• Do not have absolute authority, "do not consider it necessary to explain his actions and recognize only the freedom of choice;
• do not do certain things, for example, can not stand standing in line;
• lost when suppress their creative thought, trying to "squeeze" in the conservative framework;
• often see their (best) way to do things, but they do not always understand, think that it is a violation of the rules, the unwillingness to live "as necessary";
• if they are in the hands of early "caught" the computer, in 3-4 years they get it so that they can not, and other adults (early computerization often leads to the fact that the indigo soul get colder — in his actions are guided more head than heart) ;
• sometimes seem uncommunicative, especially if there is not the like, may turn inward, feeling that no one understands them;
• Do not respond to comments, accusations of misconduct;
• Do not hesitate, letting him know what are needy;
• it is often the children who are diagnosed with "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder."

In other words, we are faced with the very portrait of a gifted child who has poor control his behavior, difficulty in communication and school life.

About the same time, Russian psychologists wrote many years before the appearance of the bestseller overseas. The fact that a child may be superior intellectual abilities of their parents — no not a sensation. The fact that many children can not and do not want to control myself, do not recognize the authority, and in adults they had no council, too. And why paint this issue in a dark blue tone?

The answer is simple — it's a great way to become famous and earn eternal parental illusions about the exclusiveness of their children. After all, for any parent to his children — special. And if we explain their audacious manner and reluctance to read the tutorial special civilizational mission is warm at heart. My child — a highly spiritual nature and has its own life program.

Is the messenger of the Creator, who came from heaven to earth with serious intentions. Carroll and Tober provide pedagogical recommendations for dealing with the owners of a dark blue aura, and these recommendations … Quite banal. Here is a quote from their book:

• give your child the freedom of choice;
• discard the clerk tone;
• Do not counteract;
• Follow the promises;
• Never humiliate;
• are more likely to show their love;
• If there is a need to make a "suggestion", do it alone;
• Talk with your child about their bad behavior, make sure that it is properly understood;
• in any case, do not insult him;
• Do not use physical punishment;
• If you want something from the baby, get it without begging or tantrums, articulate their disposal in the form of requests;
• Do not forget to praise them, but only for the real merit;
• Handle the indigo children with respect.

Immediately the question arises: if the child is brought up, neproblemny — normal, well, the color of the aura we could not identify, did not he deserve respect, without humiliation?

Truism: attention and love every child deserves. And why invent this whole theory that can be harmful? Parents can get carried away by the idea of higher purpose of his unfortunate offspring and refer the child to a religious sect or to magicians, charlatans to those disclosed its potential "talent."

Such actions could adversely affect the immature child's mind and distract from the real problems of the child! On the other hand, is so popular, even anti-scientific doctrine of the indigo children will make some parents more sensitive and attentive to his children. This medal, like any other, has two sides.

In conclusion, I would like to lead an Arab proverb: "The children are more similar to their time than their parents." In our time, our troubled children in special need of care and love. And maybe, if you are warm and at ease to communicate with his child, distracting it from the computer or TV screen, it will be more reasonable and calm and the aura it lightly turn yellow as they say spirits.


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