On Saturday, March 12, 2011, will be held in support of the all-Russian action Colonel Kvachkov

Russian people's militia, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Russia movement "Parabellum".

 On Saturday, March 12, 2011, will be held in support of the all-Russian action Colonel Kvachkov.
To all colleagues and associates — to determine the format of the shares on the basis of its features. And submit the appropriate notification to the local authorities of holding such shares in accordance with the law "On meetings, rallies, demonstrations, marches and pickets» ( and http: / /
Recommended time of the action — 12 pm local (in your community time may be different.)

We remind you that according to the law "Notice of a public event (except for meetings and pickets held by one party) is fed to the organizer in writing to the executive body of the Russian Federation or local authority not earlier than 15 and not later than 10 days before the day of the public event. During the picketing by a group of public notice of the event can be made no later than three days prior to the meeting. "

Appropriate and necessary items and information that should be contained in the application for a public event, contained in Article 7 of the Act.

To the organizers and participants — to prepare for the event notification and quickly post information about events on the site Sturm-news:, which provides the ability to send pictures from your camera or cell phone directly from the site — once the site with a brief explanation of what is happening.

Reports, photos and video materials about the campaign and promptly immediately place on a site storm-news, adding a FREE news.

About the steps taken to inform the center of the movement for the following coordinates:

Telephone — 8985337 57 48

E-mail —

Notice of picket 





The city where they will share

Barnaul rally at RRC "Mir" (Boulevard defenders of Stalingrad) 12 March 14-00 Bryansk Picket in support of Vladimir Kvachkov 16-30 18-00 12 March, responsible — Kondrashin Alexey phone: 89532749197 Location of event: Karl Marx Square. Decree № Bryansk gor.administratsii 14p.m. from 09.03.11g. Ussuriisk, Vladivostok Ussuriisk action plan at the monument to those killed in local wars around 25 schools; Vladivostok action will be at the monument to those killed in the local wars, near the house of Youth, Second rechki.Vremya local area on March 12, 12 noon. Orenburg mass action in defense Kvachkova held on March 19. Venue — Square in front of the regional administration, a fee of 12.00. E-mail the organizer: Yeysk March 12 at 12:00 pm, the corner of Lenin and Victory Rally Chelyabinsk. March 12. 12-00. Aloe field near the monument "eagle." Alexander: +79525177817, Artem: 79080925352. Invited organizations to picket: — the name of the national militia of Minin and Pozharsky, Chelyabinsk Region — Regional Office of the Communist Party — The regional office of the party "will" — The regional office of the CPSU (b) — Regional Office KPE — Regional Office of the Red Front (EIF, AKM ) — Regional Office DPA — The Union of Soviet Officers — Veterans organizations — Representatives of the Cossacks — NBF Saratov Regional Office 12 March 2011. dl 11-00 13-00 Saratov on Kirova — in covered markets and the circus — held a rally in support of Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov and other prisoners of conscience. During the rally, will be handed out campaign materials that explain the true situation of citizens in Russia. Saratov Branch of the People's Militia behalf of Minin and Pozharsky .. In Voronezh Voronezh planned rally near the monument to Pushkin (Opera House) from 12-00 to 13-00. Tel organizers 8-920-413-85-51 8-952-554-12-85 Krasnoyarsk March 12, from 11 to 13 hours in Krasnoyarsk near the memorial "the chains way" Avenue Krasnoyarsk worker held a rally in support of the leader of the People's Militia and the name of Minin Pozharsky Colonel Vladimir V. Kvachkov. A military officer known for the fact that he was charged with an attempt on the Young Russian reformer Yegor Gaidar companion, father of Yeltsin's privatization Anatoly Chubais. The court justified the three of Vladimir Vasilyevich for lack of evidence. And after the last acquittal was arrested again, this time pulling absurd accusation of plotting a coup. For us, the ordinary Russian people, Vladimir Kvachkov was, is and will be a hero of Russia, a true patriot of the Magnificent Motherland! We call on all people of goodwill to come to the meeting and express their civil position in relation to the lawlessness perpetrated by the Kremlin. All the rally! Judged Kvachkov — try Russia! The organizing committee for the rally. Contact phone 242-02-39 Rostov-on-Don 12 in the period from 10-00 to 12-00 Shore 19, Address Volgograd 12 March at 12.00, the area of Fallen Fighters (the Alley of Heroes). Involved at least NOMP DPNI and NRC. Rybinsk March 17 at 12:00 at the Jubilee Square (within the nationwide rallies in support of Colonel Kvachkov) held a rally. The Promoter Rybinsk Communist Party office. Tel. 84855 22-29-86 Cheboksary Near the monument of Yuri Gagarin Str. Gagarin, 10 from 10-00 to 12-00 Chuvash branch of the People's Militia them. Minin and Pozharsky St. Petersburg March 12, 2011, Saturday, at 12 o'clock, Militia of Russia, the People's Front for the Liberation of Russia movement "Parabellum" hold all-Russian action in support of Colonel in V.Kvachkova. In St. Petersburg, in the garden im.Chernyshevskogo (ul.Bakunina), at the same time there will be a mass event (picket) in defense V.V.Kvachkova, A.S.Kiseleva, K.Yu.Dushenova and other repressed political prisoners. St. Petersburg and the inhabitants of other regions of the Great Russia! Do not stay away! Take an active part in the campaign and support the leader of the People's Militia, and all political prisoners, mentally, show your awareness, solidarity and cohesion! While in detention — they are not broken, but our moral and spiritual support to strengthen their spiritual strength and confidence that they are not alone, they are remembered for their struggle, as they fought for us, while free. And in this struggle we must win! Any other result — another step towards the national and state disaster. Our associates have lost freedom — we lost to Russia, if we continue indifferent Omsk from 12 to 13 hours, Theatre Square Organizer Arkharov Yuri K.. home phone. Omsk: 70-13-89, 8-960-981-1097, adr.: 644123, Omsk, ul. Krupskaya, 27/1-40. E-mail: Petrozavodsk 12/03 from 12.00 to 13.00. — The territory at the Student Boulevard at the fountain between Lenina Ave. Red, on the contrary PSU. Tel.: (921) 22-66-March 12 472MOSKVA 2011g.s 13.00 to 15.00. A rally in support of Colonel Kvachkov. Lee M. "Pure ponds" at the monument Griboyedov. Kvachkov — freedom, power — the Russian people! phones: 8985337 57 48 8985454 56 62 Ulyanovsk rally in support of Colonel Kvachkov Ulyanovsk Organizer NSUO — »The National Union of the Ulyanovsk region " on March 12 in the form of 13-00 picket. Location: Intersection of streets Goncharova and Marx, near the "crooked house ". Korolev, Moscow. obl.s 12 to 14 hours Picket Street Isayev dom2 (arch) Kaliningrad Workers Picket Avenue Queen at Megapolis expression RCWP-RPC from 12 to 14 hours. Notice filed. 8916 184 17 85 Slavyansk-on-Kuban, March 12, 2011 at 11:00 am at the Theater Square in Slavyansk-on-Kuban held a rally in support of VV Kvachkov government policies. To contact us by phone 8-918-437-80-20. Organizer of the rally Gubar SG Cherepovets 12/03/11 12-00 at the "House of Music and Film" Komsomolets "- picket. Organizer — Mr. Yasin, involved the movement "The Other Russia" A.Yasin — 8921-135-60-10; M.Galunov ("The Other Russia") — Ryazan area 8963-7333-135 89109057432 Irkutsk 12-00 victory March 12 12 — 00 at the fountain area near the Palace of Sports, picket. 89025160786, Andrew. Obninsk, Kaluga region on 12 March, 12-00 ul.Engelsa at music school. Rally in support of Colonel Kvachkov. Organizer-Sergeev NV tel.8910-527-17-13. Ekaterinburg 12 March 11.00-14.00, near the monument to AS Popov Popov Square, next to the main entrance to the Main Post Office (Lenin Avenue, 39) Vladimir Kozyrev — 8-908-638-72-99 Mamonov Alexander I. — 8-904-382-03-73 Novgorod City Administration has changed the picket! referring to the event! And so on picket suffered from Russia! at the same time! 12-00! Come! Russian People! Bring your flags! Vladimir Kvachkov freedom! Syktyvkar WARNING! Change the time of the Campaign! 12 March from 12.00 to 13.00 in Syktyvkar planned a rally on the street. Communist near magician. "March 7" at the shopping center "Aurora". We invite all concerned to join and take an active role in disseminating information about the planned action. Penza. March 12, the Soviet area, 1200-1300 Picket "Freedom Kvachkov Vladimir Vasilievich!" Organizer: Kilchenko Valery (+7 902 2040323, (8412) 68-36-18) Barmakov Ruslan Yusupovich (tel. 555-789), Michael Oshkin T. (8412) 77-36-56). Yelets Lipetsk region. March 12, 1100 on Red Square g.Eltsa will rally and congregational prayer in support of Colonel Kvachkov. Tel. Organizing committee 8905682 05 42


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