Intelligence and Security Command U.S. Army — special on electronic warfare

Intelligence and Security Command U.S. Army - specialists in electronic warfare Command of the Army Intelligence and Security of the United States of America — is the main body of operational and strategic management of the Army. In the scope of its tasks include reconnaissance and electronic warfare, security, organization and conduct information operations. The total number of troops — about 12.5 thousand people, of which 3 thousand — civilian personnel.

ISC was created in 1977. It was composed of military intelligence and security services, as parts of electronic warfare Army. Subordinate agency specifically the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army for exploration. As of mid-90s in the command structure of the headquarters, the group of providing special security, the security center, the Institute of Eurasian research. In addition, in the ISC also included 6 teams, 4 groups of military operational and strategic intelligence and counterintelligence. At that time, the number of ISC was approximately 10 thousand employees.

In case of war, as in the areas of responsibility, particularly on the battlefield Command all units could be cut as a permanent commands to the creation of temporary reconnaissance. Accordingly, they obeyed Command in the Army. Their composition is determined by the significance of the area of operations, equipment and puzzles, which were put ground troops. So Makar, in temporary reconnaissance units were intelligence security, air and ground surveillance, interrogation of prisoners of war, electronic, technical intelligence, and electronic warfare units and operational security.

In the field, the statutes of the late '90s were defined tasks, the solution of which was assigned to the Intelligence and Security Command. This provision razveddeystvy troops in the theater of military operations, the evaluation of the situation and provide information to the command, setting priorities, providing electronic attack and defense, military deception, disguise, operational safety, warning about possible dangers of command.

In addition, based on the role of U.S. intelligence and counterintelligence departments in local conflicts have developed principles for the use of money and effort of Intelligence and Security Command of the Army. According to these units CRB had to plan and conduct reconnaissance, carry out operational safety and electronic warfare in accordance with puzzles and operations of the opportunity, taking into account the uniform standards and requirements (this applies to the interaction of the multinational force and the armed forces of NATO).

Acquired in the role of local conflicts experience served as the basis for the creation of the modern military doctrine razvedobespecheniya operations of the U.S. Army — Intelligence XXI Concept. On the basis of this document have been developed and new principles of electronic warfare and intelligence of American ground troops. This is the epitome of constant management of the organization and conduct of intelligence and electronic warfare, and the coordination of actions of all parts and units involved in one way or another operation, providing intelligence information throughout all steps of the operation, timely rassredotachivanie forces and command and control of the embodiment of performance in carrying out intelligence, timely processing, analysis and rassredotachivanie acquired intelligence, the preparation and conduct of information operations, the Army and the U.S. Joint Forces.

Experience reconnaissance and electronic warfare in Yugoslavia and the Gulf has permitted the Intelligence and Security Command of the Army of the United States to reorganize its own structure. As a result, in the ISC in 2009, there were 14 major divisions: two groups of seven teams and reconnaissance, command information operations, the public's intelligence, the task force ground troops, a detachment of military intelligence and the central point of the personnel to the hidden info and work.

In 2009-2010, the U.S. military transformation endured and been translated into modular design units of the Army. Such a transition has led to new tasks for the Intelligence and Security Command of the Army. Military Intelligence Brigade fled to the operational control of the joint operational headquarters in the formation of areas of responsibility, and the units allocated to the command of intelligence, will produce the support, assistance and operational support tactical formations in the conduct of intelligence and electronic warfare.
So Makarov, in the Intelligence and Security Command of the Army are:

The 66th Brigade Military Intelligence, which conducts exploration activities and makes operational security in order to ensure the conduct of operations by multinational forces in unavoidable situations, the role of the U.S. Army, stationed in Europe. Its headquarters are located in Germany, in Darmstadt.

470 Brigade Military Intelligence, which provides timely intelligence information all the land forces, who are in the leadership of the Joint Command in the area of South and Central America. Brigade headquarters is located in the state of Texas.

300 Brigade Military Intelligence, a division of linguistic support, which provides language training for the personnel of the intelligence that are in the ground forces. Its headquarters is located in Utah.

500 Brigade Military Intelligence providing all kinds of intelligence, and provides all the intelligence unit of integrated coalition forces in the Pacific region. Brigade headquarters is located in Hawaii.

501 Brigade Military Intelligence providing all kinds of exploration and provides the data forming the coalition forces operating in Korea. The headquarters is located in South Korea.

513th Brigade Military Intelligence providing all kinds of exploration and making arrangements for operational security in order to ensure the operations of the Joint Command of the U.S. armed forces in the theater of military operations. Brigade headquarters is located in the state of Georgia.

704 Brigade Military Intelligence conducts coordinated radio intelligence, conducts operations in the Web network to ensure the correct units for the purpose of intelligence services information possible advantages over the enemy. Its headquarters is located in the state of Maryland.

706 Brigade Military Intelligence provides personnel, resources and intelligence forces, also produces electronic intelligence tech support. Acts in the world together with the central security service. Brigade headquarters is located in the state of Georgia.

902 Brigade Military Intelligence conducts counterintelligence activities on behalf of the U.S. armed forces, related to the termination of the enemy agents, and provides operational safety and the use of automatic control systems. Group headquarters is located in the state of Maryland.

Task force Army intelligence determines the priority needs of land combined force, satisfaction of which may be the introduction of doing all kinds of intelligence (intelligence, sabotage) and mental abilities of man. Its headquarters is located in the state of Maryland.

National Intelligence Centre — Is the main center rassredotachivaniya acquired intelligence disk imaging units between ground forces of the U.S. Army. The headquarters is located in the center of Virginia.

The first ground-based command Information Operations is developing the theoretical and practical principles of inf
ormation operations, teaching staff of the departments of information operations, makes the integration of the principles developed in the plan of operations in combat. The command is located in the state of Virginia.

A squad of military intelligence the combined system JSTARS — this squad Army electronic surveillance system, which comes in puzzles preparation, training and the formation of groups of operators for the crew of the E-8C. The detachment is engaged in providing intelligence and guidance of ground weapons. The detachment is based in the state of Georgia.

The central point of the personnel the hidden info and work — it's Army body that provides security to ensure the safety of the set for the tasks of the Army in the world. Fri headquarters is located in Maryland.

Apart from the tasks defined directly for each unit on the Intelligence and Security Command of the Army responsible for the fulfillment and a number of other tasks. So it must lead the strategic radio intelligence, develop a generalized assessment of the enemy's ground forces, to provide training professionals to conduct different types of intelligence, to make the operational management of intelligence units, which operate in war zones, control the operation of a closed system with the introduction of equipment TROJAN.

Brand new concept such as the creation of the Army Future Force led to promising tasks for the CRB. Summary promising task — it's force restructuring in the high command of military intelligence unit that will be able to provide full combat readiness and awareness groups, which also do puzzles counterintelligence, electronic warfare. In addition, it must carry out successful information operations and provide operational security forces in peacetime and wartime.

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