Is it worth it to offend the spirit of the forest?


Author: Natalia Pechora

The man always had a fear of that unknown. Unexplained phenomena of nature have always been food for the birth of a nation of myths and legends, as well as the intolerable human desire to know the unknown. The people of Komi, a convert to Christianity by the end of the XIV century, initially believed in the magical powers of nature. For many centuries, the pagan belief attributed to natural phenomena unexplained anger or mercy of the gods, to command the elements. The echoes of paganism heard in our land until now. Many believe that between the real and the otherworldly worlds from time to time the door is opened, showing miracles.

Since the main occupations of the Komi people from time immemorial have been hunting and gathering, myths and legends about the miracles in Parma piled in abundance. However, our fellow-contemporaries experienced the benefits of civilization, and are accustomed to interpret all the inexplicable from the point of view of science, many unexplained phenomena baffled.

Many villagers firmly believe that their deceased relatives are guardian angels and protect them from the dangers in the real world. How to tell the resident district Syktyvkar Timber Mill Margarita Kichigina, get out of the depths of the forest, where she was lost, collecting mushrooms, helped her to none other like her now deceased mother. When she had fainted from the vain search for the way home tired and sat down on a stump, thoughts turned to his parent. After a while he heard echoing in the distance: "Rita, go home!" Wondered how that voice was like the voice of the mother, and hurried to the call. The voice was not removed and is not approached and stopped only hear when out on the road, where one could not see. Immediately there was a car on the road, and the driver, pick up women, said Margaret, that at this late hour in the forest no one noticed.

In Komi hunters are still very strong traditions, according to which it is impossible to break the unspoken rules of respect for the forest spirits. The traveler, who visited the forest hut, it should put in order, to keep quiet so as not to disturb the forest, and the rest, sure to leave a margin of matches, and a crust of bread products for the forest spirit who protects this hut. A group of teenagers from Ust-Kulomskiy area this custom grandfather seemed like a fairy tale. Gathered in a hike in the woods, they are stocked not only the necessary products, but also a fair amount of alcohol. When they reached the forest hut, teens decided to break away on all cylinders. Be drunk, began to destroy the woodpile, carefully folded foresters near the house, scattered utensils, included the entire volume of the radio, shaking the thicket shouts and laughter. We went to bed after midnight, not even extinguishing the fire pit, and when we woke up, surprised to find that stack of neatly folded back, dishes on the spot fire, with more burnt-out logs, extinguished. Like someone reproached them for their negligence.

Hooligans decided there and then to go home and come home quickly, taking as a souvenir of a forest hut, along with their belongings and bloated spoon. Wander in the woods the whole day, they are hungry and tired, returned back to the same cabin. Since no matches, no food was not there, went to bed hungry, and the rest of the night wandered around the house is something hard and taking a deep breath. A second attempt to reach home also failed, the path has always led them back to the hut, as if reminding them of their sin. It was only on the third day, they realized to put the spoon in place, and in the spirit of the present forest left a mug of wild strawberries. Even without being guided by the compass, they went the right way, as if the legs themselves led them to the house.

Komi hunters believed that the forest spirits inhabit the souls of wild animals. Forester Anatoly Kuznetsov from the village of Ust-Large Cujba Kulomskiy district told the story of how once, intending to fill up the bear, the bear killed. Took off her skin, hung it, and when looked at from the skinned carcass on him like a bucket of ice water overturned — on the ground lay the body of a naked woman. And the figure, and anatomical details were strikingly similar. At night, he dreamed of a bear that came to his house and looked at him reproachfully. For a long time after that, he just had bad luck in the hunt, and hunt bears, he took an oath forever. Now, feeling that with him in the woods wandering bear, he loudly talking to him and apologizes for past mistakes. Maybe his forgiveness was made once the bear followed him to the forest up to the house and spent the night at his bath, went back into the woods.

There is a vast forest of Komi and the places in which there are abnormal phenomena. As the Komi writer Yevgeny Kozlov, near the village of Ust-Ezholty Vym area is the place where, according to legends villagers swarming with goblins. A resident of the village, somehow finding himself there, he cursed and swore loudly. What happened next, does not remember anything. He returned home exhausted, in rags. Clothes like a sharp knife to cut up rags. According to him, the man lifted into the air by an invisible force and shook her for a long time in the air, touching the tops of the trees, and then swung and threw ground.

As the resident of the same area of Ust-Vym Yuri Patov, is near the village of Kokvitsy strange place, where for decades do not risk going even old-timers. Kokvitskoy near mountain within two to three kilometers trees as if pinned to the ground by some unknown force. Radius is very clear. No historical sources that would tell that this place has fallen meteorite or a powerful hurricane has passed, no. At this point, rarely fly or mosquito midge, do not grow mushrooms not found the beast and bird. There is evidence that people are disappearing.

Near the village of Zhiganovka that Knyazhpogostsky area for some time were active archaeological site. In the XIV century it was samozahoronenie Chud — people who did not want to convert to Christianity. Pagans themselves buried alive together with household goods and pets. Archaeologists have dug up this place so much that it became like a military training ground. On windbreaks grown raspberries, and the locals love to go here for berries. According to the stories of one resident, the place is cursed and can not go there. One day she went there for three raspberries and gaining brim bucket of berries, but worth it to turn away, like a bucket, standing on a flat surface causes upset. For the fourth time she has to watch as it happens and just numb with terror. The land beneath the bottom of the bucket as if reared, it lurched and berries spilled on the ground. Beside her, she ran away from this damned place. According to her, Chud, disturbed by archaeologists could find no rest, and takes vengeance on all who continue to violate her peace.

In Ust-Kulomski near a lake called Sod you (which means Black Lake). It looks like a huge blue eye in the middle of a peat bog and very well seen in good weather with a high bank opposite Vychegda. At first glance, it appears that up to him on the doorstep. But this view is mistaken. In addition, the path to it in the swamp rather a long time, the approach to Black Lake block the dangerous swamp. The Braves, made his way to his fishing, they say that, going to the lake, you feel a sense of melancholy and languishing piercing cold. The water in the lake, fed by groundwater, terribly cold, and the water surface entirely black, because the bottom is covered with peat. Carps, which abound here, too, quite black. Those who dared to swim in it, more so desire not to burn: the depth of the lake and cool black inspire fear and panic, the man begins to sink.

A man not given to the end to penetrate the secrets of nature. Always gives rise to the fear of the unknown. However, according to old-timers, do not be afraid of the forest spirits, and even more angry at them. Immutable rule — go into the woods with good intentions in advance and thank the spirits for what they will present to you. After all, even science has proved that negative energy always attracts a similar. As Nietzsche said: "The more you peer into the abyss, the abyss gazes intently at you."


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