Japan: Radiation heat worse

Japan's capital is experiencing abnormal heat. Temperature is under 40, and it is impossible to escape from hell — in the majority of offices and apartments off air conditioners country saves energy, which are sorely lacking after the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima". By the way, for the same reason, and to swim in the sea this year is not recommended. But the Japanese are afraid of exposure is less than heat stroke.

Heat in Japan peaked. Day the temperature rises close to 40-degree mark. Temperature records are updated in Tokyo for a second day.

-Very hot, I'm just sweating.

According to the number of visits to doctors, too, this summer was a record. Since the beginning of July in Japan from heat stroke hospitalized for about 20,000 people. At risk — especially pensioners and those who are forced to work outdoors.

Asphalt in Japan resistant to temperature rise. The heat does not melt, which is not true of those who have to work or lay in the sun.
Tropical heat established throughout Japan. This can be seen on the map of Meteorology. These are recorded in real time. Many areas are marked purple: there the temperature rose above 35 degrees.

According to experts, the sultry weather in Japan will remain at least until the end of August.

"In the north now — low-pressure area in the south — an area of high. Wind blows just to the south, which implies that the temperature increase across Japan", — the representative of Japan meteoupravleniya Syuniti Yamaguchi.

Every day, meteorologists publish an official warning about the dangers of heat stroke. After the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" in Japan around the world — lack of energy. In offices, saving on air conditioning. Looking for cool people are drawn to the water. Even during the week on the beaches near Tokyo crowded as the weekend.

— Fucking hot. The only salvation — is to get away from the city, by the sea or the mountains. Then it becomes easier.

Until recently, most people go to the ocean to beware. Still to "Fukushima", which still continues radiation leaks, 250 km from here. But the scorching rays of the sun are forcing people to reconsider the views of the precautionary measures, according vesti.ru

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