Jews were told that the Palestinians are people too, and they resented

Israel stops with the Council for Human Rights. Last week, the HRC adopted a resolution on the establishment of a special commission, whose purpose — to find out, without prejudice to whether the rights of the Jewish settlements in the Palestinian West Bank. Israeli Foreign Minister
called the initiative surreal and signed a document banning the UN commission access to the country, and therefore, in the settlement. 
"As the UN Council on Human Rights in Geneva systematically ignores our point of view, our position and our concerns, and in fact is not cooperating with us on key issues, we decided to turn to stop
cooperation with the HRC, "Israeli Foreign Ministry Spokesman Yigal Palmor.
In Palestine welcomed the initiative of the UN Council on Human Rights, claiming that even the obstacles that stand in the way of international independent investigation will play a positive role.
"Israel's decision to challenge the international community, which now have to not only in words but also in deeds
persuade Israel to stop Palestinian infringe their rights. "
In parallel, it became known that one of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank Migron will be moved to two kilometers. Israel's Supreme Court rejected the Government's request to delay the transfer of a 3 and a half years. By the beginning of August fifty living in families will have to move the outpost.

PS: a good example of why they refused to cooperate with the Human Rights Council. After all, they think people only themselves and so too must be the right only for them. And if human rights council said it was not, then talk to him now.

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