Journalist who supartsovnichae with BelSat cause for questioning by the KGB

Journalist Victoria Kolchin, which takes to the TV channel "Belsat" a film about the deaths of journalists on the phone was summoned to the KGB. It will be held on January 6 in 12 hours. In conversation, she explained that they want to "talk about Dmitri Bondarenko" — the website Belsat.

Dmitry Bondarenko, trustee of Andrei Sannikov, is contained in the KGB detention center in Minsk. He is charged with organizing mass riots in Minsk on December 19. Dmitry Bondarenko was also a member of Oleg Bebenina.

Victoria Kolchin now rents for TV movie about Belarusian journalists killed as a result of their professional activities under mysterious circumstances. In the case of Oleg Bebenina she tried several times to contact Dmitry Bondarenko.

The body of Oleg Bebenina found in a loop in the past year on Sept. 3 at his dacha near Minsk. Officially, the cause of death was suicide. Friends and colleagues believe that the murder. Oleg Bebenin founded and led the major opposition Internet resources "Charter 97". During the presidential election, he must be one of the key figures in the team Andrei Sannikov.

Today it was announced that the prosecutor of Minsk region repeatedly refused to open criminal case into the death of Bebenina. "The version of the suicide was not put into question", — quotes "Interfax-West" assistant prosecutor of Minsk region Tatiana Kalinina. She also said that during the additional prosecutor's investigation "to ascertain" the motives of suicide was not possible.


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