Journalists who redirected BBC «F … off» from Sergei Ivanov

Journalists who redirected BBC «F ... off» from Sergei IvanovBBC television showed a documentary on the days of film under the title "Putin, Our homeland and the West. " The movie has attracted the attention of the public to excessive revelations of some high-ranking Russian officials. Namely, Sergei Ivanov, who is the head of the Presidential Administration, has permitted for a number of expressions, the form of which many apparently not associated with his usual restraint.

Sergei Ivanov spoke about the many events that have taken place to be first-2000s, and particularly attracted to the attention of those that told of attempts to movement "Taliban" to enter the Russian authorities. According to Sergei Ivanov, in 2001, almost immediately after the beginning of the NATO operation in Afghanistan (which does not stop until the present time), the representatives of the Afghan Taliban were able to hold their own kind of talks with Russian border guards on the Tajik-Afghan border. This meeting was focused on the fact that the terms of a joint NATO-rage confrontation in the region. But then, as continued last defense minister, our home in a very harsh manner rejected samples Taliban do some coalition with the Russian army. All this resulted in a "gesture of famous English« F … off ».

Our homeland while not even considered the ability to develop in some way help the Taliban even as the terrain of Afghanistan to host unlimited number of training camps for terrorists attacks on different countries and, in particular, on the Russian Federation. Because the NATO operation against the movement "Taliban" government of the Russian Federation took in a positive way, because it was calculated that a coalition of NATO troops kill these bases, coupled with the very movement "Taliban".

But, as we know, during his stay in the Republic of NATO soldier in Afghanistan, major changes in winding up the dangers of terrorism are not followed. How would bin Laden managed to kill on the ground in Pakistan, and an extensive network of al-Qaida continues as before yourself feel good and acquires all the new territories for the conduct of its own, so to speak, activity. What a magnification of drug trafficking from Afghanistan during the years of the NATO operation in this mountainous country is not only lazy says.

Not much of a global media are increasingly held information that the United States even try to agree with the Taliban in order to "beat" the conclusion of its own troops as a victory over global terrorism. But the "beat" impartial failure can be any number, and the "audience" is unlikely to accept it at face value. Even inside the U.S. citizens themselves have long realized that the Afghan operation turned into a quagmire that sucks in more humane lives and taxpayers' money, by the way, far away not only the U.S..

In general, you can already read at this point that, despite all the "efforts" Yankees, the role of the Taliban in Afghanistan only grows. A means power may soon fall into their hands, bearing in mind that this power somewhere in Afghanistan generally passed from the hands of the Taliban …

It turns out that a frank interview with Sergei Ivanov, "Taliban" completely can take as a base for future relations with the Russian Federation. After all, if we take the basis that the current Taliban are trying to position itself on the world stage as a political force, the Ivanovo «F … off» and men in turbans and pushtunkah will be interpreted as "patently unfriendly" towards "peaceful" population of Afghanistan .

In this regard, it is safe to talk about the fact that the BBC documentary film went to the West as not fit and do not fit as well as possible for RF. Apparently, now the West will "beat" another situation in which the main enemy of the Afghan people still was, is, and will be "bloodthirsty" Our homeland, and not the United States, along with NATO partners. Like, you see, brothers Taliban, it's their (the Russian authorities) are not far taciturn consent of our "peace" forces were practically obliged to enter into Afghanistan.

And it is the most exciting that ordinary Afghans can fully bite on this bait put out by BBC. This move, of course, is aimed at ensuring that the potential of the new authorities in Afghanistan, which may be announced in the country after leaving the Yankees, to form a stable negative outlook about Vladimir Fishing season, which can regain the presidency as a result of the March elections.

In addition to the story about the contacts of the Russian Federation and the "Taliban" in 2001 in the documentary the BBC story and went about the business of Misha Khodorkovsky. With all this as a person, illuminating the situation with the main prisoner of the country, made by the then Prime — Sovereign Kasyanov. From his words it was found that Khodorkovsky wanted to expose the corrupt structures close to the highest echelons of power of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, but actually feeding defended corruption, which, in the end, resulted in a criminal case against Khodorkovsky. Mikhail Kasyanov said that Putin became intensely defend to the company "Rosneft", which were exhibited Khodorkovsky as one of the major corrupt, and then all the "Yukos' assets flowed smoothly into that" Rosneft ".

As you can see, this is the second anti-tunnel Fishing season. The creators have tried to show that the potential for future President RF not only supported himself hot military intervention of NATO and the United States to other countries, and was the main defender of Russian large-scale corruption.

Here and make conclusions, who is in fact the one addressed Ivanovo «F … off» journalists BBC …

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