Journey to the Astral

ASTRAL-place is not, but that is …

Matters of religion, psychic, okultizma, magic, yoga, short of all that is called non-traditional ", are the roots of the astral. These areas do not belong to the physical world, they are astral in nature.

Take a break for a minute and imagine — you have lived all my life in the world, surrounded by a high wall, and you were quite pleased with himself and the world. Sometimes heard the legend that there behind the wall, there is a world populated drakonemi, horrible monsters that live there the gods that people there can do anything, and even say that someone out there has already been ..

Sometimes you come up against a wall and ask yourself — what is it? Is it a day my whole world? And then one day, you find a gate in the wall to the other world. What to do? Stand in a doorway gate and wait, think about it.

About what? I think everyone will find something — nothing. Agree — it's fascinating! Really — you are actually standing on the threshold of another world … to step forward or a step back — the choice is yours.
You, unlike me, is very lucky. You will have a guide. It is a conductor. I'll be with you in this journey, I'll tell you about this world and its inhabitants, learn how to find secret paths, but you are at the intersections will always make a decision — wherever you go. All I can tell — where is this or that way.
And there will be many intersections. About "white with wings"- Do not promise to do this is still a long way to go but you have to look at the areas and realize things that you hardly thought and were aware of their existence (including themselves).

Eventually, there will come a time when the astral inconspicuous trail gradually become widespread, though very ancient road. And you get to the main intersection. Maybe there we will have to part with you. In front of you the way. Someone for our journey becomes a magician, someone in a soldier, someone in the healer, someone in the traveler, someone just adventure.

In St. — unlikely — I do not make saints, but in front of you a long way and students are usually better than their teachers, and move on. Everyone has a choice — who to be. It was a little digression, but nevertheless, the basic idea, I think you understand.

Perhaps, for the introductory lecture, I will talk about things more difficult to understand, especially for their realization, however believe that it is better to decide on some things and approaches. First of all, I would like to decide on the very phenomenon astral exit.

Unfortunately, there is much confusion as to the astral exit. Due to the abundance of material on the Internet, on television and in print — Ethereal was called everything from toadstools and ending dreams. In fact — it is not so natural astral out and some did not lay with the practice.

There are two branches of the human experience — the WTO (out of body experience) and ASC (altered states of consciousness). The sensations produced in the two cases are similar in appearance, but it is necessary to clearly separate — that reality and what is a glitch and imagination. It all depends on the initial state of consciousness. WTO to include such things as the astral exit border states arise during clinical death. (Just do not let that scare) to the ISS include lucid dreaming, meditation, able to cause intoxication, alcohol, drugs, emotional processes, physical and emotional overload.

But often, especially at the initial stage it is difficult to implement the scheme out in full, rather a person can just go to sleep without running to the end of the original practice. But the process has already started and the astral output begins in sleepy … It's certainly no less interesting, but this has to be treated as entertainment, just be aware of these features. And many of the latter species in the same practice was called "lucid dreaming." So when it comes to lucid dreaming, they should be distinguished. In essence, we have two different effects with the same name. It was a small overview of the different states of consciousness that a person can realize.

To understand what an altered state soznaniyai as it is formed, you can look on the website article, "Our views on the astral plane." Well, in this lecture, I would like to stop on out of body experience.

What is the output of the astral as practice. First of all — there is no mystery, no lazhi … all really. And the reality is that thousands of people around the world have the opportunity to go to the astral plane and live in another dimension, in another reality. There are several areas that can realize astral output. Quick look at them, and then it will be clear that I offer you.

In the first place, of course, is the practice tolstekov as detailed by Carlos Castaneda. But despite the detailed description of these practices, the reality for the Western man is not practicable because for its implementation requires a special philosophy. The method is based practices such as revision and perfection — their essence is to ensure that the person reviewing in detail all his life, and several times, releasing at the same time all the events and emotions that really nothing of the physical world should not attract people. Moreover, the revision is almost all the time. It is unlikely that such a practice might be interested in Western man, also in practice, used vegetable glyutsinogeny.

The second direction available — meditation practices, especially yoga. Again, they require a radical change in consciousness. Despite the fact that good health yoga systems have taken root around the world, but the practice meditavnye basically are pure contemplation of life without the active implementation and Western types of people in many ways unacceptable.

Shamanic practices, as opposed to yoga, give active in thought and action, but again require breaking world and poorly adapted to the Western man. Also used vegetable glyutsinogeny.

Techniques hackers dream — an interesting topic, does require elaboration of ideas. It is based on mapping of dreams. But while further developing their techniques there, and practical results, too. But on its own theme and approaches to its implementation are noteworthy.

If we talk about the show-rates, such as Misha's Rainbow, then it is 90 percent pure PR …
The methodology techniques are to be achieved during sleep, the techniques themselves are working, but a mixture of bugs and dreams … For fun and interesting to use their own technology simple, but it's like the computer is used purely for alignment of solitaire. In addition, as the theme astral, on the exit go nowhere and nothing for your development do not give.

Practice astral exit offered me — is, above all, the complex fiziomotornyh skills. The basis of the scheme of the astral form out of practice on the activation of the astral body is primarily the work with the chakras, disable the channel information from the physical body, the mind stops and transfer it from the physical body in the astral body. All these elements are tied to the rhythmic breathing. In other words, no changes are required worldview, do not spend a long time on the development of practices, especially since there is no need to use any mushroom.

Effect of the first astral exit usually appears 3-4 weeks of practice, it is the period that is necessary for the appearance of the body fiziomotornyh skills, because any fiziomotorny skill — is primarily a training and further transition from the level of conscious (training, deliberate execution, control actions), the level of the unconscious (automatic execution). No other way. Scientifically proven that the formation of any sustainable skill to 40 days. That's the way our bodies. To change a habit, learn to do something or give up something, you will need 40 days. So do not believe the people that promise you access to the astral plane in 3 days …. Be realistic. It's just not possible. This is either a publicity stunt or a purely public relations, or you are dealing with scammers. And you should not have to spend any more energy, time and money.

As a set of skills fiziomotornyh offered me astral system output is progressive. This is one of its main advantages. Ie if at the beginning of practice preparing for astral exit will take you at least an hour, then after a couple of months time will be reduced to 30 minutes. From my own experience I would say that after a year of practice, I had enough for 3-5 minutes purely rhythmic breathing and advancing astral output. You will not have to exit to the astral spend many hours in meditation, reviewing his life …. You will trigger hook, special breathing, which activates once the entire system in minutes.

The longer I was researching the astral, the more I get the feeling that I was a mouse, facing a huge mountain.

I'll explain my thoughts.
Purely some reflections on the astral plane, and we shall return to the subject of our courses. This is not a deduction, but only reflections (the foundation for the analysis and comprehension)

I'm going to tell you a thing, of which, I think you'll be much happier and you feel in front of the light.
You have to understand that people — being dvuhplanovoe. The very mechanism laid out in the astral body of man, in his mind, inherent nature or God — it remains to be seen. But really, the astral output potentially available to everyone. Stop! Take your time. This should be realized. If this mechanism is laid down — then it's "ZH_ZH_ZH_ZH_" without reason, as the Winnie the Pooh. So it was necessary for some reason or need to. After all, nothing is taken out from nowhere and just not being, and does not arise, and does not disappear, and maybe we just forgot something, or something not yet learned. At least the biblical texts of paradise, fallen angels, etc. I now (after 25 years of astral practice) do not seem to be something incomprehensible and abstract. I, at least, already admit such a thought from the standpoint of astral.

Just the time to make a nasty piece of information. It is human nature at all alter his understanding, to explain from the point of their own interests and goals. This is especially true religion and history, it seems that after going through so much information Millennium emasculated and evolved, we are now difficult to understand its original meaning … it seems that this information is necessary to open again. May have originally existed as a people and dvuhplanovy and could exist in the physical and astral planes. Apparently this was the period when the astral was paradise and has not yet been settled by the manifestations of human passions and vices and the egregores still were not any.

Then the man really had the opportunity to communicate with God and the angels …. But there were fallen angels, demons, human flaws began to create the astral every horror and actually migrate and coexist with human beings has become impossible. And the state of astral existence replaced by a normal human sleep …. At least, it is quite clear what is the actual person is made in the divine image. Perhaps now we have a new round of spiral development, and we really need to deal with astral.

So — vskidku — some thoughts on any subject on the astral plane. Just at the moment the person is trying to implement in the physical sense, many things (this is particularly true of esoteric, occult and religion) that are not intrinsically belong to the physical world, but are the astral in nature.

I will bring these reflections are not for what you have decided that I have gone crazy., And for that you have understood and realized, on the threshold of what you are. Just take a look at yourself, the world around with different eyes, realize it with another understanding. Is 3-4 weeks training for this lot? At least clean to every well, purely for fun go to the astral plane and change their attitude to everything.

Unfortunately, our world — the world of public relations. And astral, in many ways, became the entertainment, the ability to walk through walls, to travel anywhere in the world, travel through time, to have unlimited possibilities to realize their requests secret desires, obsessions and phobias. I'm not against it, but we need to look beyond and to set the normal purpose. Simply, it may well be that the pill of immortality — a childish prank than Ethereal … When a man discovered electricity, unless he could have imagined that this once it goes … I think that if something appeared in humans — it is no longer wipe and cut the man-a creature that must sooner or later, get it now … If there was a law banning the research astral possible number of my students has increased tenfold.

I have been teaching practice astral exit for 7 years. During this time, through my system of training was nearly 4,000. I first of all thank these people for what they believed in my ideas, in the possibility of human existence in the astral plane. Agree that the topic for the unprepared person, the idea may seem nonsense really sick imagination. One way or another, the 4000 seeds sown. What will be the harvest — it's show time. In any case — the students are usually better and go on to the teachers.

We must identify with you, what and how we will deal with, and in general, what is the aim of our study and that with them we (you) will buy.

In principle, the journey, so the journey, we will learn that The necessary in this journey. You'll learn how to spetsnaz = not just travel, but if necessary, and to survive in occupied enemy territory. Ah! We are the enemies are? Yes! And above all you are. If you read a review article about our views on the astral plane, then you will understand that, for all its seemingly simple, exit to the astral plane — it is a complex problem and the approach to it we will also comprehensively.

Only in horror movies and sci-fi thriller that simple, smooth — and just wanted to you the result. In practice, everything is subject to its own laws and everything is based on their schemes, which do not coincide with the film script. Training is not something complex or incomprehensible. It is rather simple. But you can walk to school lesson or cancel a test — and then you learn not for school, but for himself.

Here you all are grown men — think — how much to knowledge and skills, even the most basic of our physical life for a normal existence. Starting with the fact that 9 months mature man as a physical being, then learns to walk, talk, think …. But astral projection is a different world, and not only with the other principles, but in general the other plane of existence. From earthly measures and concepts on their own do not come out flat. In addition, the astral world is tied directly to the inner consciousness. Astral experience — it's like a scalpel surgery on the brain or heart. All works on the mind. Not fatal, but the place of strikes and bites sometimes ache for two weeks …

Reading modern literature astral unwittingly know that man is still quite far from the normal output of astral consciousness itself. On the one hand, we can thank some "scientists" like Monroe for trying to understand the essence of the problem and for the promotion of astral knowledge. On the other hand, they played a very negative role. In essence, all further studies are on the way Monroe and Castaneda. Breakthrough in this area, no one there. The result is a mixture of bugs and sleepy fantasies. I understand that if the astral out, then it should start from their own apartment (bed) and end it the same, ie out where and how I have a physical reality, without any failures, and not — "suddenly I felt …….. and found myself …… ".

Is it not a glitch and not a delusion? Well at least not toadstools. Honestly, personally, "flew" for 25 years for thousands of hours and I have a practice difficult to convince of something, if I had not experienced it myself.

If an analysis of existing approaches to access the astral plane, the picture is as follows. In principle, the astral practice emerged as the result of the "Eastern School", having gained experience during more than one millennium. And itself out in the eastern astral exercises equivalent to today's standards, a black belt in karate. Ie it was considered a super-class, the lot chosen. Such people are called dvuhplanovymi or twice-born. East and West — are two totally different cultures and world views. (It's like aliens, as a woman and a man). And the mere attempt to copy the techniques and methods to achieve certain states of consciousness, recycling the ideological basis for the Western manner, tangible results failed. And no wonder. How many wolves do not feed .. In short, Western man was the one who stayed.

Eastern school is more inclined to meditation, observation, concentration, and the penetration of the essence of things and phenomena. The western way of thinking as the basis set practicality and materialism (even mystical, we are speaking from the materialist point of view), we need a result, a material effect.

TE then why in the East people achieve for decades, Western people need to get over the week. This has to be taken for granted. This is the storehouse of Western man.

But while Western schools while no breakthrough can not boast. Eastern school and does not put out the astral end in itself — they have a natural process, achieved in 30 years of training. We do not understand them. However, to achieve regular and full output can be found in the astral and Western people and fast enough.

So, you and I will have to deal with the reality that, being completely physical, has the properties of both the psychic. In other words, the mind if it is viewed in terms of being, is a form of matter. TE we are in our course some will depart from the conventional approach to astral outputs.

Basically, what 30 years to live in a monastery, if you can understand the mechanism of consciousness in the implementation of a model.

Your astral opportunities

First of all, you will learn how to go to the astral plane. Out — this is probably not the right term, quick dive or reach level., Although physically it is really seen as a way out or flight. I'm just saying that we do not deal with lucid dreaming Output in the Astral is natural and not some pseudo.

As a way to the astral plane looks physically. (For those who are faced with this phenomenon for the first time) you are lying in bed (optimal), cherez10-15 minutes of specific exercises (in the beginning it will be 30-45), you feel a kind of click and vibration in the upper half of the breast and the cerebellum.

In this case, I note that no one will be before you light the tabular "this is astral" and a sense of physical and astral bodies are practically identical. And to take it can be difficult. Your consciousness will look different — what has changed in comparison with the physical world. Here the main focus. And it is that consciousness is not located in the physical body

and in the astral and in relation to the astral plane — are really no changes happened. Really that says it is only the presence of astral vibrations. This kind of feeling that comes at the top of the body. Vibration is essentially a reaction to the senses the passage through them of energy flow, which occurs in the spinal column during activation of the chakras (the astral body).

Now, with the emergence of vibration, you quietly get up, climbing over a woman (this is in my case) and begin your hike. Almost like a normal person. Your physical body is to lie in bed. You do not have the stile by the woman, and just sit down and pull their socks up a bit, fall through the wall to the neighbors and go out through them. If you are in the apartment, it is best to go to the window. Do not forget that in the court of the night, and the best guide to a dark apartment window.

Just jump out of the window to the street (do not be afraid to break your weight-gravity measurements will not exceed 40-80 grams — so get down comfortably enough, and even if upside down — not break — though still not feeling very — with 3 ( 1-12) head on the floor and as-Falt!). But before facing the window must hand-feel test — runs through his arm or not that is what kind of body you are — in the astral or physical. Feelings are almost identical and are sometimes difficult to understand (sometimes one test is not sufficient).

You will have just to check — you went back to the astral body or not. (If the output layers, then have to go back a few steps, and all seem to have you back — like and went to the kitchen or something done, and then it turns out that it was in the astral body). For people who are not prone to extreme, it would be easier just to go through the door. After leaving you free to do as you wish. Jump out the window and run to fuck the first available-mind no longer necessary. Still, I hope that you will behave in a more or less decent, though I once again stipulated that each his own judge and you are free in their actions, and the laws of the astral plane are somewhat different than the laws of physics. At the same time, distance, and even after some training — the time you will not be decisive, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. This we looked out in the infra-Astral (ie astral layer in direct contact with the physical world.) The second way out — when you click, you begin to increase the frequency of vibration and been out (in the literal sense, as the balloon) of the physical body in a "clean" astral. He, too, multi-layered, has a number of areas and levels, many levels are protected. There you will have to directly face its inhabitants (and with it, too). What to do and how to behave? Quietly, Watson. I'll give you passwords, codes, names, seeking the protection (that's right — almost like a detective), learn how to behave in different situations, on-see for yourself. But this is still necessary to reach,.

I brought you a simplified version of the exit to the astral plane, so to speak, and the physics of the process. What more is there to do — the options million. The astral world is much more complex and diverse than the physical world. He will assume — his first principle. And as for that direct their efforts — it is necessary to have a very good imagination, that would list them all.

Many roads and paths — 25 years of practice, I astral passed on many, but not all (all pass and 10 lives will not be enough, so you'll have to some extent determine for yourself — what area of astral knowledge to devote themselves in the future, as in the astral plane is hard to be a lover, and not so interesting, it is better to strive to be professional) and our program requires you to do such.

Religious people, or looking for something — we just invite yourself. No one is forcing you to follow some of our views. Our lectures are not a group (collective) nature. They are designed for one — just for you. Many of the issues you have to deal with yourself. Someday we must speak the truth and to himself (though it most difficult.)

Unfortunately, many of the phenomena and concepts in humans there are enough misconceptions and association (to 30 years in any feel like an expert in all matters — even those who have heard of except from friends and the edge of the ear). Just warning you, our course this is not for schoolgirls and we are ready for a frank discussion with you on many issues. We are not saying that you have already prepared for such issues, but basically, it is a matter of time. Essentially for external informatsionnodostupnostyu civility and society lie not very good motivation. We are neither angels nor saints. But we believe that we can hear how aponentov existing worldview and methodology astral out, we came to nothing and nothing encourage preach. We only build the model.

If you will be more comfortable, you can, based on our studies to discover other models, such that you prefer. We not only allow it, and we advise, we will teach you this — to look at things yourself.

We are ready to discuss and give almost complete knowledge on those issues, which advocate For the path that he was — I will hold you where not — to tell what I know. Do not know I do not know that I'm not going to hang noodles. It is better to keep silent than to pose as a know-it-all. Impossible to know all the Astral — this I know for sure. And at some point I realized that I alone did not raise this issue, a system and need students. There is really no other way. I'm not a prophet or messiah.

My technique is unique enough, at least, experts on astral output (normally, not pseudo) equal to the level I seem to have in this country is not so much, and do not require a person in general, nothing but serious attitudes and skills training. Some of the exercises and techniques (recommendations) are so simple that people just dismiss them. And to them will have to be treated very seriously. So, our course will be devoted primarily astral door, as such. The process is quite complex, but achievable. We'll take all the necessary conditions to enter — place, time, situation and condition of the body, conditions, biorhythms, the astrological aspects, and a host of other factors, of course learn all that count and addressed.

Your output must be isolated, and fairly regularly (3-4 times a week, and you can often, but the physical body still requires its own, even if only to give the conjugal duty, and that all astral, astral yes, one must physically ).

You'll maximize the inhabitants of the astral plane, learn to communicate with them and interact, protected and managed. Generally, when you could — some present themselves demigod, the possibility of which is almost the same limited (at least in the infra-astral). It's an amazing feeling — traveling the astral plane. There are, of course, and costs, but again, not fatal.

One of the main questions which are frequently asked — and that in fact I have from this that really get it. I of course, standing in front of a huge mountain of the mouse, becomes bored of such questions. At its core, I open up to you not only a new world, and a very different kind of existence, another universe.

However mouse also lured a piece of cheese and let's see — what a piece of cheese will have you.

You will be able to obtain and develop psychic abilities for their further use in the occult, magic, etc. . What else …

Astral sex. So much sex, you will ….. This issue in some respects, we dedicate, not one, but even two or three lectures. Not because we are sexy "concerned", but because it is so made man.
— We will explore with you the unique technology for every day on the formulation Energozashchita, organizations retaliation, clearing karmic consequences inergoinformatsionnyh ligaments and strokes short, lots of aspects of the organization of counter defense.
— Forecasting the future and possible developments.
— Adjustment of their motivations and actions of others
— Creating thought forms (any) and the placement of tasks to perform specific actions
— Of connection to the astral Egregor and joint action (at least use protection)

Methods of training and the collective "flights." You will learn not only to go to the astral plane yourself, but go and bring other friends and relatives. You will be able to assist them in the treatment of psychological withdrawal locks (including your children and loved ones), etc. and just go somewhere to rest (mother in law to the moon — just kidding).

And, of course, meeting with the dead, vampires, witches, succubi, incubi and other animals, evoking the dead (for fans of extreme sports) — believe me — it's not as scary.

To help you be thematic literature of nearly 12,000 works, as well as software: Astrology software for all kinds of calculations and horoscopes, program videogipnoza and "astral catapult", calculations and various biorhythms compatibility, a large selection of automated tests on various issues.

In addition, in the physical world you have to meet themselves. Let us and it. This is not a complete list of prospects that will occur to you as soon as you are able to go to the astral plane. The fact that you can get out there, I'm sure. But how often do you do it and why — it just depends on you.

So, the list of possibilities is enormous, and it is not advertising. You understand yourself, as soon as we begin to consider the device and organization astral.

What is the Astral?

What is astral. I do not know, honestly. (Ha ha, Ah yes the Greek, oh yes bitch cat) That's what I want to know is this actually you need me … This is the trap, which is cheese …

And you can say what our physical world? (Try it, and I'll see what kind of silly to you, but since you have lived in it for decades)

Theories to account Astral much. I can draw on their own experience and nothing else. We can only speak of some of its manifestations, which can accept a person, even in the astral body. He is everywhere and nowhere. It looks like the 4th dimension or parallel world.

Concepts much. In the end, it's not that important. Many things exist as an objective reality, independent of our knowledge and experiences. Everything depends on the image that you have in mind (so take a clean sheet, and draw your own, I can only advise you — what to draw.) I immediately warn you that I will present information as an independent observer, no ideology, no religious or other orientation. It is necessary first of all to you.

See how many references. That would seem kladezen knowledge! Certainly not! Literature on the astral plane, plenty, and attempts to build a coherent system of astral-out made before. The problem was considered from different perspectives and not surprisingly — in magic and the occult, and yoga, and in all other applications of "discipline" in the final analysis involved the same object — the astral space and its inhabitants.

In humans, the only way to interact with the astral — the astral body — it does not matter, you come out of the physical body or being in a physical body — activate and configure it (lucid dreaming, magic, ekstrosensorika).

Why it is difficult to establish a general theory of the astral plane?

If ever there were knowledge of the astral plane, it is now only a faint echo of the modified, which we can find in the religious doctrines, esoteric and occult practices. Naturally, when a person has lost the astral plane of existence and he was being a purely physical (it is necessary from something repulsive to some conclusions, so I apologize for such calculations), what actually is now, is when actually there was faith. Just one of the realities inaccessible to man as a plane of existence. But it — that reality exists independent of accessibility for people .. and her man only had to believe. Believe in God, archangels, angels, demons, heaven, hell, etc.. From this position, I quite understand atheists. They are not atheists. They just do not want to blindly believe. They are right.

But it turns out that does not have to believe in all of this, you just have to go out and see, talk to them, that it would seem easier. Of course, in the astral plane, the principle — "like attracts like" and you are unlikely to succeed in the very beginning to meet with some of the angels or saints. My mom goes to the astral plane and no one except the saints and angels, and of course their relatives — not talking. But at this level of consciousness should still come out. You also will likely be faced with the manifestations of their own and others' emotions, but this topic to date painted in detail, so I will not dwell on it.

In most cases, the astral has been run out of a practice (magical, philosophical or religious) and was not considered as an independent phenomenon. Naturally, the more attention was paid to these cases, the most occult practices or doctrines. Also, do not forget that having a way of knowledge in several millennia, mankind only the last two or three centuries to understand the world uses the laws of science, and before that was based on a completely different principles. Naturally, in such a situation, the description will be wearing a one-sided character. Moreover, astral knowledge — it is a closed area of activity — and all schools were closed to outsiders of information, giving elected — will agree that in this situation to generalize and systematize information — not an easy task. Moreover, being in the system, you can not describe it completely, this should go beyond it. Only in recent decades, particularly with the development of the Internet, there is a breakthrough in the field of information and an opportunity to look at this issue from a different point — the center of attention put itself astral body.

The second important feature of research astral is that in the physical world we are dealing with physical laws ¬ us, and the astral world — a world of astral principles. A man, who was educated by the laws of the physical world and living in it, is not easy to objectively examine the astral world, and a description of its obtained in all cases would be one-sided and guide occult practices. For the first time seriously to the problem came Masons. I must say — I am not a supporter of them, I'm just looking into things. Their main idea — to objectively evaluate the world and its laws — without any mysticism, politics, religion, etc. — than the more objective picture of your world, the more completely it corresponds to the real state of things, the stronger you are.

It's no secret that we all live in a world of their own, defined by culture, upbringing, worldview ¬ tion. Each has its own view of the world, and the more our vision of the world is consistent actu ¬ sion, the more objective we appreciate.

This is the key to power over this world.

Masons built a coherent system of principles and laws of our world — the physical and astral. For the coordinate system of the Tarot cards were taken — as a legacy of ancient knowledge. Let their system is also a "relative" in relation ¬ NIJ to the truth and it is difficult enough to understand the material (I personally returned to this theme raz15-17), but it provides an excellent methodological material and reveals the basic principles of the astral world. We must look at things objectively and whatever line of work you choose — starting ¬ tion with the rustic magic and spells and finishing psychic field — you know, that in all cases we are dealing with the same phenomenon — the manifestation of astral principles.

From whatever side we did not look at the elephant — an elephant will remain the elephant. So, despite the abundance of literature and information out there just standing grain. It will confuse you more than to learn. Better to stick with a single system and methodology, even mine. (I — Susanin — follow me.)

Therefore, for the courses I am totally against what you mindlessly downloaded books from the site. That's when you will get a proper idea of the astral plane, and when you feel that it is already possible to read any, then for God's sake.

I'll tell you about the astral plane as a practitioner, it is in this context we are interested it. Another thing is that I want to achieve, what would the time of its release to the astral plane, or rather at the time as you will find there the inhabitants of the astral plane, you would have no ideological or religious platform (but especially phobias or obsessions). Therefore, I advise you (highly recommend) to forget everything you know about it before, set aside some of their interests and inclinations.

You'll need to first of all, common sense and sober mind.

So, you already know that there are at least two areas — Astral Astral and infrastructure. In fact, more zones and levels. We will continue to study is in the "closed". Even you know that there are no laws of physics, it is the world of principles. Principles of the system are all physical laws.

Peruse Tarot — start slowly enter, what it is. What else can you characterize astral?

In the infra-astral time flows as well as in the physical world, in the pure astral no. If you go through it (back) in the infra-astral plane, you can make shift forward or backward in time. (More details in the lecture on time travel.) If there is no physical (hard) body, then what is there and how to communicate something? First, the world is given to us in sensation. First of all, find out what is physical and solid, permanent, that is around us in the physical world. Let's look at the root of the matter. Because in fact our world — it is nothing. So solid, well molecule, well atoms. Even at the level of atoms, it is nothing. The distance between them on a scale greater than the planets.

Such particles like neutrinos can flash through our Mother — Earth, even when faced with either a single atom. And you say — hard. Descend even lower, from atoms to get karpuskulam, energy, frequency (vibration), etc. I'm not going to read you a course in quantum mechanics, but the idea, I think you understand.

In the physical world field structures more dense and the level of the lower vibrations. But the nature and the physical world and the astral world, in principle, the same. So let's not talk about the two worlds, and the two plans. No wonder that in ancient times, people are able to go to the astral plane, called dvuhplanovymi. In general, by the standards of the ancients, the output is similar to the astral plane in our time black belt in karate. But you can be in the physical world a black belt, and in the astral world, you'll be a nobody. Your physical prowess is nothing to astral. But you know a few words (spells), characters (pentogramm), that you have the appropriate talisman or amulet, making you in the astral world, if not all-powerful, then at least the value of the existing, which will be treated with sufficient respect. And if you have more great patron, the general Lafayette. This is the difference between the world of physical laws and principles of the astral world.

The next postulate — thought is material, not just material, it is able to create. In this regard, each person really brings particle creator. His thoughts are embodied in the astral plane. It all depends on the energy of human thought.

But let's start with this question in order to understand. Do not be concerned, some of the words and descriptions, but many astral phenomena not synonyms and correspondences in the physical world. In the end, the elephant is an elephant — start to form their own views and outlook.

The concept of Astral

So, take an ordinary man, better with some specific idea in mind. For example, an alcoholic (even better with a hangover). I think we all understand how to reduce the idea of his thoughts. His brain is hard at work on the realization of this idea. Run there any neyronchiki (sorry, I write for an hour and tired of serious thought) emit around any aura field. And you know what's interesting, he will find the same alcoholic with the same thoughts. Because their fields are on the same frequency. When they meet, their fields are connected. Charge of their fields come together. The magnitude of the charge increase in the square (this and are interested in working in a team, it can reach very high energies). Now, even the case of nuclear war, nothing will turn them with the righteous goal — to get drunk. And they will be ready to drink even diesel fuel, and all because united, astral charge begins to put pressure on their aura and demand its implementation. And not surprisingly, they are like a magnet will attract the third, but be sure to get drunk.

The same thing happens to a person in a state of extreme nervous excitement. For example, you have offended, oh so offended — the hair would be torn out and his eyes would be scratched. No, that would just, the charges would go back to the abuser (the principle of retaliation), so you do not have time and again draw a picture in your head as you hurt. Ooh how offended! What's going on in your aura. There naturally charge. And the more you think about the offense, the greater the charge. Well, if you have a good bio-energy, rose in the morning, and all your charges yesterday already dissolved, field aligned, and you'll rejoice life. And if the charge is large, and your energy field is not very. He did not just remain alive, but will remind myself. Naturally, in its presence information of offense penetrated the consciousness in you again lights the flame injury. Oooh, how hurt! And the more the more. You are angry charging astral charge, it in turn pushes harder on you. In nuclear physics, this process is called a chain reaction. What will become of this man? Nuclear explosion, of course, will not.

But psychosis shlopotat easy, furthermore, the radiation pressure on such charges your aura, and if the action is prolonged (such as permanent dismantling with the boss or a family squabble), then there is a breakdown of the aura, and for the frequency response occurs in the third chakra which are associated with the digestive organs and the internal selection. The result? Right! Stomach ulcer. This brings us to several questions. Formation of collective fields, egregors create any energy lyarv for effects on any of the astral plane …. In general, a tangle of questions opens up before us.

Let's us return to our sheep (ie, alcoholics). Now imagine that alcoholics are not three, but a million, and it is better not alcoholics, and the Communists. Can you imagine what the charge they create in the astral plane. There is effective principle of the transformation of quantity into quality. Formed a collective egregor.

There appears egregor mind, he is not just pressing on the people he governs them. He became independent. Of course, the balance of forces, to align it begins to form another egregore-for example, fascism.

Then you can not continue to Egregor we shall return. Suffice to say that egregores lot. Any association of persons, any group united by a common idea (ideology, read the book, seen the film, computer game, etc.), form egregor.

How to be a simple man …! Where am I ….. !

This I am still developing the idea of a survey inhabitants astral. Astral (or rather, some of its inhabitants and the area) is inextricably linked with the physical world, they are the product of it, the result of a "reasonable" human activity. As a practitioner, I'll tell you a very interesting and far-reaching conclusion. For example, even if God did not exist from the beginning, but now he is, it is created by people. I wonder? How! Anyway, we come to the conclusion that in the astral plane, among other things, is there anything more to do human thought. Another thing is the form in which they are kept, what their energy ties, on the stage of development, and so are Now, by the way, many people will understand the idea of original sin … in fact it turns out, according to the Bible — a man endowed with the ability to create, thanks to the sinful passions — was created in the astral plane (which was once a pristine paradise) display their emotions in the form of certain astral entities. The creator must have been right when he gave him a kick in the pants and threw out of the Garden of Eden.

By and large, the astral at the moment — this is a huge starved zoo. But again, thank you to its basic principle — "like attracts like." And Astral — this is not a glib busy intersection where you can meet someone unknown. However, I do not advise you when you first visit the astral show any interest in the results of the human mind.

Astral world, really fabulous, perhaps literally. I was under the impression that all the tales and myths — it is nothing like the stories of the past astronauts. Or maybe vice versa. Now and can not tell — is the cause and which the effect. In any case, before you the way of development — is unique.

One is that you can not live on one, but two (maybe more?) Life — is worth a lot. If ordinary people are going to bed and look normal nonsense, then you'll go into his amazing world of astral. Now, 25 years later, much has pall, though every way — it is unique, and even if there were more than one thousand — remember each of them, they are so vivid and emotional. And what a delight was in the early years! I tell you frankly envious. And more …. Ah! would have such a teacher like me. Pun (pun we do, and they have brown feces).



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