Judgment Day. The First World War / Doomsday watch online

Judgment Day.  The First World War / Doomsday watch online
July 28, 1914. 99 years ago, in this day launched the first global war — one of the most widespread armed conflict in the history of mankind.
It was a conflict in which an unprecedented number of people were killed. The war ended to exist four empires: Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman. Participating countries have lost about 10 million people were killed, 22 million were wounded. War marked the beginning of a bloody era of automatic weapons. In first time in the history of the mass killings were. But how did it all start? When, at the end of the day, guns fell silent — the world has changed irreversibly. In this movie, painstakingly restored and painted archival film, coupled with the reconstruction of events and commentaries of historians — to thoroughly demonstrate the broad picture of the political and strategic reality of the war.

Episode 1: The Battle of Nations / The Fall of Man

2 series: History 1st failure.

3 series: The Road to Calvary.

The first global war

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