Jumping through time …

Who does not dream of a collection of old "gold coins" and "attendants" to dive into the sweet "years of stagnation"?

Playing with time does not like jokes

But alas … Until you build a time machine is possible only in the movies. However, the facts almost acrobatic leaps from past to future known.

Time can be rightly called the Seventh Ocean, similar to what is considered by the Fifth air elements, and six — space. And seventh ocean is not so impregnable as it may seem ignorant people. But the journey there is fraught with many risky adventures, contingencies and mysteries. According to scientists, the leap into the past is theoretically possible only under the condition of non-interference in the historical events. Otherwise, you can not go back there ever. Past — it's a museum, which is forbidden to touch the exhibits hands, you can only watch. But jumping into the future is more harmless to the story, but not always — for humans.

About all this, Alexander Zhuravlev, musician ensemble "Pomorie" Arkhangelsk Philharmonic, would never thought, if not one hell of a mysterious story happened to him during a tour on the coast of the Azov Sea.

When he met a girl named Wind, all my friends secretly envied him. And how could not fall in love with this "divine creation" if her huge eyes reflect the deep sea, luxurious blond hair falling to his shoulders, and extremely slim figure forced to knock the hearts of men? And the very coast estuary which was something magical place. Cats at night, huddled together in a savage pack, sparkling green eyes, and the locals hard rumors of ghosts, walking over the marshes, and of the dead, rising from their graves.

On that memorable day of August, Alexander spent the Wind home in Fisherman's Village. She gave him a parting his enigmatic smile and the guy went at night in Primorsko-Akhtarsk on base. We had to leg it to 12 kilometers, and overhead is already shining bright stars and the Milky Way arm.

Half way to the bus station behind suddenly struck a powerful beam of light, he put a guy like cap … Alexander woke up in another place, in a fishing boat in the morning. For hours realized that immediately jumped in time for five hours ahead!

Although the feelings passed no more than an instant. But not like that man Alexander Zhuravlev, to just give up to five hours of life. He went to Moscow to specialists in association UFO, where he held several sessions of regressive hypnosis. Questions and answers are recorded on tape. And in the course of the recovery's memory revealed that Alexander got to … Time Machine.

That starry night he was in a powerful column of light that came from behind and above. He wanted to run, or jump to the side, but some unknown force would not let him. Then Sasha saw that rises from the ground up along the line and was soon drawn into a strange object. Inside the object from all sides poured fluorescent light, and people were sitting around in shiny suits. They did not pay any attention to Alexander, focusing on control panels with squares and hieroglyphs. When lit circular screen, Sasha saw it surge of boat pictures of the past. Ancient Rome, then Egypt, Babylon, and more — in the past. Born and died entire civilizations, divided and multiplied biological cells, fled and faced starry worlds, galaxies. It seemed that this fantastic object flies farther and farther into the past, to the moment of the Big Bang universe, held 15 billion years ago! And sure enough — soon a bright flash lit up the whole colossal explosion cyclorama ship Seventh Ocean. Thus began the birth of our universe …

History with Alexander Zhuravlev is one of the facts confirming that numerous UFO crews, it is likely are guests of the distant future. This explains the principle of non-interference in our history. Although much evidence has been accumulated that the mysterious objects visibly or invisibly present at many historic events, time, and the action which they, of course, well known. If UFOs are really Time Machine of our descendants, it becomes clear why they hung over the fields of the great battles, next to the Palace of Congresses in the Kremlin during the 1st Congress of People's Deputies, the experimental samples were near the spacecraft, aircraft, and other modern technology.

The Committee on the contact situation, where we are working with the St. Petersburg ufologists, has already collected a lot of evidence of displacement in time. On the eve of 1990 in the lobby of the hotel "Moscow" in Leningrad there was a strange man. Despite the winter cold, he wore a short-sleeved shirt. And under his arm he carried a flat box with buttons like electric organ. Appearing as if from behind a pillar, he shouted to the administrator:

— Where am I? Immediately tell me where I am!

— Why are you so nervous, young man? You — the hotel in Leningrad — explained administrator.

After this strange man asked to call. Who, then arranged a meeting, thanked the ministers hotel and headed … right in the window of the hall. When a stranger came to the water jacket thirty-degree frost, all rushed to the window to see the daredevil. But its not a trace!

More than forty years forward in time made an acrobatic leap, a resident of Cairo. But the poor man had no luck. He was hit by a car. As reported by the Japanese press in 1992, "a young man of Arab appearance, 28-30 years was hit by a drunk driver of one of the narrow streets of the suburb of Tokyo. Never regained consciousness, he died in hospital. When it was discovered a small amount of money, a few souvenirs of Egyptian artisans, and most importantly — a passport … the United Arab Republic of Egypt! " It was further reported that the passport was completely new, with a genuine photograph of the holder. But the sensation was not even the fact that Egypt has long been Egypt, and the fact that the passport was issued this … More than forty years ago!

Tokyo police have not been able to figure out how long ago by a resident of the country was non-existent in the Japanese islands, as neither the airport or in the ports of its documents are not locked. No clues gave his examination of things left behind in the hotel. Among them was a brand-new volume of the Quran and even canned the same nearly a half century ago. Only clue to the police was the address in the address book of a famous artist in Tokyo, close to the house that was hit by a careless foreigner. But the artist died about two years ago. However, his widow recalled that among his papers she saw a photograph of the man, who was also an artist. Her husband had twice visited Cairo, and between them there was even a correspondence, which in a year suddenly cut short.

In the Arkhangelsk region on the eve of 1990 right up to 18 hours ahead "jumped" Plesetsk photographer Viktor Bolshakov.

Having bought my wife skis and goodies to children in Plesetsk, Victor on the path towards the bus station. The mood was perfect, the day was clear and frosty. Suddenly he dropped the white mist. The last thing you have time to remember Victor, — two women walking in front.

He woke up already at the bus stop. He feels it took only a moment. But all around was dark. Frightened of what happened, he asked the lonely stand by the passenger, how much time is it? He smiled sympathetically:

— What went through yesterday? Seven hours fifteen minutes in the morning!

All the way to Lake Victoria Puxi felt someone staring back hard look … From his wife, who had already left for work, of course, flew.

When my local newspaper reporter E. Avgustinovich began to talk to Victor, suddenly the lights went out. It turned out that the protected hour substation exploded high voltage rectifier and half the village was left without electricity. When Eugene Avustinovich cover story "Guests from the world" in a local newspaper, unknown forces so hit him on the head, that he lay paralyzed for three days, I could not sit down at the typewriter. As a result, the subject of UFOs and the unknown correspondent never returned.

The village Uemsky the past "failed" twenty Alexander Bykov. He was walking home at night along the road when suddenly stumbled and nearly fell. Looked around — not as a forest, a dense forest. And the night was not, and the day.

Nearby, in a clearing, he saw the riders. It seems that they hunted. "Hold, hold!" — Suddenly shouted one of them. And riders rushed to him. Alexander had heard snorting horses, and backed away from fear … Fortunately, he again found himself on the road at night, and ran down home. This suggests that the temporal anomalies can be quite close to us.

On Earth, there are several places where such anomalies are always present in time and fail whole ships and planes. For example, the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

In our country, the problem of time engaged renowned astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev. With the torsion balance and various appliances, he found that time is not only the direction but also … density. By manipulating the density of time, you can "jump" into the future for years to come. Scientists are using the legacy left by Nikolai Kozyrev invention has already built a prototype of the Time Machine, which allows biological objects "jump" into the future. However, so far only a few seconds ahead.

And our entire universe — is a huge time machine. Look at the sky. Due to finite speed of light all the objects we see in the past. Sun, we see the same as it was eight minutes ago. Nearest star Proxima Centauri — more than four years ago. And another star island — distant galaxy Andromeda observed for what it was two million three hundred thousand years ago! Now it should be quite a different point in the sky, like all the light we see.

In order to establish the true location of the stars is necessary to direct the telescope to the point in the sky where it should be in our time. And then the photoresistor mounted in the telescope focus will lock light is invisible splash distant stars.

As for the course of time, the result always comes with a delay with respect to the cause. So between them there is always a difference in time. But the cause and effect exists and spatially. That is why a man jumps through time, it may even be in the opposite corner of the globe.

Nikolai Kozyrev found that time in the universe travels instantaneously, unlike light, which is important for the future of interstellar communication with brothers in mind. He discovered that while, unlike matter, has no pulse. And the passage of time our world is 700 kilometers per second.

Albert Einstein, the great experiment to create a stealth ship led to the discovery of a time machine. That is why the story of a genius after the disappearance in 1943 of the American destroyer "Aldridge" destroyed all the blueprints of its electromagnetic creation. Playing with time does not like jokes, especially since Time itself can be compared to a tree whose trunk — one past, and its numerous branches of the crown — valued future.

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