Kaljakin Kozulin and the results of the meeting in the European Parliament

The discussion at the meeting of the Belarusian issue Foreign Relations Committee, the European Parliament, we were asked to comment on the representatives of the Belarusian opposition, who attended the meeting.

The chairman of the party "United Left — Fair World" Sergei Kalyakin.

KaljakinVery high interest MEP, to the European Commission. They are very angered by what happened in Belarus today are united in the fact that as soon as possible should be exempt those who sit behind bars, repression must be stopped, they say it will resolutely do all the steps that are available to the European Union, to solve this problem and bring Belarus back to the path of democracy. But specifics will come later, will be a number of activities will be discussed in Strasbourg, the Council of Ministers will be meeting of EU foreign ministers. But apparently there was a determination and equal treatment of all factions to what happened in Belarus, and it gives us perspective.

Drakakhrust: Were there any other voices, there were disputes?

KaljakinCertainly. There are different opinions. People were in favor, Coy sanctions did not affect ordinary citizens of Belarus.

Drakakhrust: Subject relations with Russia somehow addressed in the discussion? Here BelTA today issued a statement of the chairman of the Council of the Republic Anatoly Rubinov, who believes that the West has lashed out at Belarus, because she again became friends with Russia.

Kaljakin: This topic touched. Including discussed the fact that Belarusian ambassadors accredited to the European Union, sent a letter in which they just blackmail the European Union. They write that if the EU will take some tough measures, Belarus will be in the arms of Russia.

It's just blackmail, and MEPs understand it.

It was said that the need to synchronize activities including with Russia. There were those who said that what happened — in favor of Russia, and even allegedly provoked by the Russian side.

But the view of the former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin.

Kozulin: In the European Parliament the shock of what has happened in Belarus on 19 December. Events can not develop further in the direction in which they were developed earlier. Therefore, the view that there should be a revision of the EU policy towards Belarus, is now becoming more influential.

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