Killing word

Secrets of Siberian indigenous peoples reveal impossible. To this day, these places are dramatic and mystical events …

Terrible rider

Irkutsk engineer Andrei P. Turchaninov never thought that his relatives may occur such things, until in 1999, his younger brother Dmitri went on vacation to rest on the mountain lake Selenka that the north-east of Tuva. Healthy and full of energy man thirty two weeks returned home graying forces deprived the old man, which after examination at the hospital revealed a sharply progressive cancer.

Shortly before his death, Dmitry told Andrei Petrovich that, in his opinion, the cause of his serious illness. Shortly after arrival at the place of rest, he had a fight with one of the locals, and he promised to avenge his brutal abuser. And one day, when Mr. sunbathing on the picturesque banks of the lake, not far from him stopped rider. From one type of intruder Dmitri was not myself. Overgrown with thick resin Tuvan beard, wearing a black suit with a national gold trim, an evil eye staring at Dmitri, holding in his right hand deep earthenware bowl. Black horse under him impatiently knocked hooves fine sand. Here the rider approached strained in suspense Turchaninov, began muttering his mustache, then the left hand scooped up the liquid, which was in the cup and poured it on Dimitri. The next moment the horse turned and trotted galloped away.

At night, Dmitry felt ill, which day by day grew. After returning to Irkutsk he could live ten excruciating days.

Killer shaman

One year after the sudden death of his brother as Andrey Turchaninov ran into from Irkutsk, who investigated paranormal representatives of the traditional religious practices of the peoples of Siberia. Who told him that some of the shamans have very narrow caste of people who can be called in modern language killers. These followers of pagan religions with spells alone, consisting of a specific set of often obscure words that can bring even the young and healthy person in the grave.

"Verbal killers" are present not only among the shamans of Siberia and the Far East, but also among the witches-conservatives and Buddhist healers. Among the dissenters, who had fled from the tyranny of King Peter I of the Urals, there was a legend named Staroverov Dyshlyak. According to her, this fanatical follower of the "true" Russian faith, who had settled in the beginning of XVIII century at the confluence of the Tobol and Ob, for every day of the year to commit slander of royalty. On the appointed day witch-Old Believer emperor stepped into another world. Soon after Peter I followed myself Dyshlyak. In the place where he lived in seclusion, soon arose village, which lasted until the mid-forties of the XX century and bearing the name Dyshlyakovka.

Similar story associated with the famous Russian breeders Akinfiev Demidov, who had many factories and ore mines in the Urals and Siberia. By order of the Demidov to work at enterprises, located in Kolyvan, force recruited workers of all ages, as the number of Russian immigrants, and of the local population — Altai, djungars Mongols, Kazakhs, and other small ethnic groups. According to legend, during the crash of one of the mines, where the secret of the imperial court minted silver coins, lost boy — the son of the village elders Oirot. Heartbroken said shaman spell, in which died soon after the mine manager, two of his clerk, and a month later and he zapped mine owners …

Witch Doctor Akademgorodok

The phenomenon of verbal murder has never been studied from a scientific point of view. In tsarist Russia was considered to be such a phenomenon intrigues of the devil, in the Soviet era such death is quite materialistic explanation — poisoning toxins, exposure to radiation, etc. Only once in the early seventies of the XX century, a young and talented employee of one of the "closed" Institute of Novosibirsk Akademgorodok Sergei Kamov interested in this phenomenon. And all because the word has the power to kill his grandfather — a hereditary witch doctor from a small village Kochenevo, in the Novosibirsk region. As a teenager, Sergei saw grandfather killed infuriated watchdog, saying it only one word: "Die." In a moment a huge wolfhound, methane tied with foam mouth, wet himself and died.

By the beginning of the eighties Kamov collected many of these cases, conducted hundreds of experiments, during which take readings of electrical nerve impulses, the activity of the brain and central nervous system of humans and animals. In addition, the scientist experimented on plants. Of the more than three hundred incantations and spells, composed in fifteen languages, dialects and local languages, a hundred and fifty have a truly "killed" by force. So, after the first utterance of certain texts, the plants withered in a few minutes. In the experimental dogs developed lightning progressive malignant disease, ending in death. Number of texts with less force of impact, result in, a heavy short disorders of the nervous and immune system, leading to the progression of the available chronic diseases. After years of experiments Sergey Kamov concluded that the strength of the impact of spell depends on the keywords that was encoded in the lyrics. So, for example, in some South Siberian Turkic HEX can be seen the word "katoh" having a distinct pejorative sense. Have such a destructive and widespread in Russian words and expressions relating to indecent. This view is confirmed by more recent studies of Siberian scientists, as well as statistical data showing that in families where the thriving mat, children are far behind in the development of their peers living in other socio-cultural conditions. Among these teenagers at the time they reach the age of majority is extremely high percentage of severe forms of mental illness and chronic physical illness. This is due to the fact that swear words, even served as a joke, like a large caliber projectiles penetrate the thin armor aura children, mutilating the body and soul of the child, causing irreparable harm, even future, unborn generations, weighing their ancestral karma.

Having studied the mechanism of formation of harmful texts, Sergei Kamov able to create their own spells like using that in everyday life with a person, you can inflict irreparable harm. So, using the absurd at first glance, the phrase: "I'm tired of MRI today you" can give the installation to ensure that the source is dead today. Such a destructive sense is the phrase, "The earth was dry. She is waiting for rain. You have not seen. "

Great importance in the spoken text is tone of voice. Sense of sound resonance in highly developed nations practicing throat singing — Altai, Khakassia, Tuva, Nenets, Evenki. High audio overtones strongly affect the subconscious, triggering mechanism of the destruction of the body …

In the late eighties with the offer of cooperation to Sergei Ka movu by representatives of one of the Soviet secret police, in which a young scholar categorically refused. For this he was taken to the subscription that Kamov will no longer be working on this issue.

Sergei Kozhushko, Secrets of the twentieth century, № 30

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