Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people!

Kind Aces wisdom uttered for posterity-minded people!
Our descendants, sources Ingle (Divine Wisdom Zhiznerodyaschego Sacred Fire) is transmitted by word and creates connection with ancestors like the equator of the Earth Reveal (in this case the so-called Earth), uniting the North and South Poles.

The relationship between the world and the world of the ancestors of the Earth stated Conscience aces (children) like the Earth's equator separates the positive and negative pole of Midgard. (The ancient and the present name of our Earth means "Heartland")

Downward Heavenly Wisdom is like a river of life and has the keys belonging Asam, which is passed through the filters of the Worlds Scion (Aces).
Onaya bond t.e.svyaz Mezhuyev earthly and heavenly controlled (? Obyasnimo impossible to find a word) by us, ie, living in the world of fame.
Our descendants! Milestones Reveal and Navi kept under control. Keep in touch with the word ancestors firmly.
The word is a thought control Earth, but a good word approved on Earth.
Feeds the Soul, Spirit and Conscience in the Northern Hemisphere word confirmed, and the relationship with the World ancestors thought.

On the Tree of Life is … Worlds Reveal Lands and all associated with the world of the ancestors, the equator pole connects Midgard.
That is our Earth (Midgard) has the keys to the sources of divine wisdom and ways to other Earth Reveal.
Connections between the worlds hard.
Who supports the link between the worlds. Combining Worlds support people and the gods of Heaven charge of Sources of Wisdom.
Ancestors say: Our conscience is the main source of division, consolidation and management of the world Reveal, Navi, glory.
Sources of divine wisdom in the world — Welcome our descendants. Our descendants (t.e.potomki Aces) obtain and rekut source of wisdom for all the heavenly worlds, even after the change of dimension (death).
Primal Wisdom — is our life opyt.Sovest spiral flow rises from earth to heaven, from the child to the Gods aces, communicating with ancestors. Sources of Wisdom and learn of rekite its descendants.
As onaya connection with ancestors for the good appeal to them descendants?
Mentally addressing mnogomudrym our ancestors, the World of the Ancestors, and comprehending, get contact at the edge of perception, getting good experience, teaching.
(Received) rekite his t.k.eto affects connection that is the essence of the Worlds.,
Ie The gods (Asa) and people are connected, receive and rekite instruction as it is the essence of communication between worlds.

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