Kings Abode of Peace

Legends of the inhabitants of the underworld, there is almost every nation of the world. But until recently, they believed only mystically minded people.

"On the surface of the Earth and within the real space Agartty resisted oppression and coercion comes from violence and abuse. Library of the previous cycle were either under the seas that swallowed up the ancient southern continent, or in the underground structures of the ancient antediluvian America "- so wrote the famous esoteric Saint Yves d'Alveydr the mysterious subterranean land Agartte and its main stronghold known Shambhala. Shambhala views on occult — a country of ancestors of humanity and the abode of the King of the World.

About King there was practically nothing to be heard 1937. It was in that year, during the coronation of George IV of England, as emperor in Delhi, there was a mystery, but, nevertheless, it is a real case.

When the ceremony was over, all the princes of India: Raja and Maharaja in most of their best clothes and most luxurious carriages passed by the new emperor, to witness him the respect and loyalty. The parade was almost coming to an end, when the center of the square of nowhere appeared seated on a white elephant majestic warrior in white. He did not bow to the emperor, and just nodded his head, as his peers and made a gesture of blessing. Surprised at the question of George IV of the unknown rider to one of the top Indian officials, he got a brief but impressive response: "This is the King of Peace."

This story could have been forgotten and written off on a theatrical gesture mythically minded Indians, but the subterranean world started to talk more and more.
Between the two world wars, China sent an army into the Gobi Desert to find the alleged entry into the mysterious land Agarttu. As if, clouded mind and losing control over their bodies, day after day, army soldiers circled at one and the same place as long as the mysterious force would not let them. Mentally and physically exhausted army returned home empty-handed. This story was described in his book "Life Masters" famous American traveler Baird Spalding. Other areas, where the alleged inputs and outputs in Agarttu, and this: the Himalayas, Tibet, the Tien-Shan Mountains, were always shrouded in mystery.

Nicholas Roerich gathered ample evidence that high in the mountains of Kun Lun and Tien Shan are forgotten valleys, where it is often seen mysterious glowing objects that belonged not UFOs, namely the underground inhabitants of Shambhala.

There is even a suggestion that we all visible objects come flying at us from space, and are designed in the depths of our planet's ancient advanced civilization. And they are not always set in relation to its neighbors above ground peacefully.

In 1970. again "distinguished" Gobi desert — where it came to the war, and was even used nuclear weapons!

For nearly a month, as if teasing, on the border of the USSR and China, flocks flying UFO. They timed how "our" and Chinese defense. But April 24 was full of patience — flying from Moscow to Vladivostok bomber disappeared in an unknown direction. Search for him was thrown 200 aircraft, but the search was not successful. Later, the reconstructed trajectory of all UFO, it turned out that they all flew out of the area, is located in the Gobi Desert.

To clarify the situation, under the guise of military exercises in a given area, located 1,000 kilometers. northeast of Ulaanbaatar, were sent one Chinese and two Soviet divisions. On that day, hundreds of planes bombed the desert has been heavy fighting. According to information leaked to Hong Kong and then to the West, it was revealed that during the "teachings" were destroyed some underground base tunnel which diverged into many kilometers. and the deaths of hundreds of soldiers. Many minds then tore one question: what are the base and whose it is, if not "friends" then the Soviet Union and China have decided to work together?

Recently, more and more serious UFO began to listen to the ancient legends. Some even believe that in the depths of our planet there tunnel, called "Stargate" from which you can get to anywhere in the universe.

But what if such voids do exist, and they really inhabit the ancient advanced civilization of terrestrial origin, which also has links to other planets?

So, we have many years of living with brothers in mind, which were the highest of technological advances, but try not to interfere in our affairs (not always successfully, of course) and treat us like children?

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