Knut little carrot

Knut little carrot

The authorities are trying their best to fight the deviators. Has repeatedly sounded the initiative to indefinitely 13% tax or a million rubles, which is planned Tipo charge those who do not wish to go into the army. Known idea that is not served should not be taken to the municipal service. But behind all these exactions and restrictions have forgotten about the main thing: to make military service a prestigious, civilized.

The Hippocratic Oath does not apply to the army?

History of soldiers of which month cured of chickenpox, and eventually found Ewing's sarcoma, resounded throughout Russia. The protagonist — the athlete, the owner of the first category of boxing fighter GRU Stanislav Shishkin. When the time came calling, he no longer thought went to the draft board. It was in June 2011. As a rookie mother told Natalia Shishkin, after serving almost nine months, the young man began to complain of back pain and a higher temperature. But instead of the order to expel him for examination, doctors gave medical unit soldier aspirin and sent to serve on.

"After a while son called and said that he found the chicken pox, he is in the hospital," — says Natalya. Chickenpox — not a deadly disease, heal, lady decided. But the condition of the young man all the worse: some time in the medical card, a new diagnosis — pneumonia, and on May 13 he called and said that he could not walk.

"First reaction was: come and do everything to pick up son from there," — says Natalia Shishkin. But in the off day to get in touch with the part where he served offspring, the lady was not possible.

Then Stanislaus RIMS to another clinic — a second-class carriage!

"When the son arrived in Samara, he underwent a complex operation, and it was not the worst. Metastases He found all the bones and find the source of cancer could not. Said that this disease is well treated in the hospital them. Burdenko. I quit all efforts to ensure that the offspring sent there. Moskvu31 We arrived in May. Having done analyzes, was diagnosed — Ewing's sarcoma 4 degrees. It is in a very languid state in a month in intensive care unit, can not breathe without the help of others — always on the unit. Metastases fled into the lungs, and now, when I was in the clinic, doctors pronounced that he developed tachycardia "- a bit back tears, Natalia knows.

Doctors convince my mother that lends itself to the healing of sarcoma, but promises of a full recovery is still not allowed. A lady approached the reception of Dmitry Medvedev to help in the treatment and send Stanislaus abroad. But has not yet received a response.

But whether doctors in the medical unit closer to the health of a fighter such terrible consequences, perhaps, could have been avoided.

How to explain to the doctors, the cancer cells in the body have each, and receiving a suitable environment, they begin to develop. In this case, fully contributing factor could be a spinal injury, which does not fit the infirmary doctors taking pictures sent.

"The problem is that young people in the army flatly denied medical care. When the young man, feeling bad, drawn to the doctor, it is also blamed for the fact that he was" decimated "by the service. Either he" gets "from older, or he is being denied medical care, "- says the lawyer, the Chairman of the Military Collegium of Advocates of Moscow Vladimir Trignin. According to him, such incidents in the Russian army — is not unique.

"We have sent a statement to the infirmary to them. Burdenko with a request to evaluate the disposition of the disease conscripts, as in the Moscow City Military Prosecutor's Office to conduct an audit to find out what could cause such severe consequences for the health of the soldier," said Trignin.

Yet, despite the grave nature of the disease, according to the lawyer, so far no investigation is carried out. In addition, in the present case, there is even a reason for a criminal case — negligence of doctors medical unit.

"When Stanislaus could not walk, made the tomogram. Turned out that he fractured bones in the spine, hip bones, the bones of the skull. Soldiers then stated that the young man is drafted with injuries. But how could last for 8 months with injuries? "- resents Trignin.

Naturally, as recognized by the mother, the young man at the time the call was healthy and beatings by fellow officers never complained. Fractures are likely to have occurred after the appearance of cancer, when the bones become brittle. Well, in fact, that Stanislaus developed cancer incriminate armed forces would be very little, stupid. But the doctors could draw attention to the constant complaints of conscripts, to send to a survey? Could, but did not.

"The reason for that one — doctors or military offices, or in the part of doctors do not actually bear any responsibility for what will happen to the young people on. Bring them to justice under the law is possible only in this case, we prove that this particular certain doctor was guilty, will submit it to the court and won the case, "- explained the Chairman of the Military Collegium of Advocates.

But, he said, nor of the 1st doctor which be so careless about their obligations to justice has not enticed.

You can recover from the doctors of military offices moral damages in the case of illegal recruitment, but this amount is paid by the federal or regional budget, and not from personal pocket unfair spices, says lawyer

"While doctors will not be held personally liable, then the situation will change is unlikely," — says Trignin.

Law Act does not spoil? /

The hero of the story — past chairman of the board of student government, Chairman of the youth parliament Jora Gulordava own district. The young man graduated from high school with honors, got solid results on the exam, but before they go to university and build their future life, he decided to give duty to the Motherland.

In the recruiting office boy was also in great demand. Another would be: an A, the category Health — A-1. Well, he has served without problems, even in uchebke receiving the rank of corporal.

After the service, Jora received the recommendation of the commander and decided to enroll at MSU. Fortunately, the benefits inherent in the law "On the status of servicemen", allow us to make it out of the competition, he thought. And wrong. In high school he was given the opportunity to freely engage in the preliminary courses, but refused to take out the competition. As it turned out, the reason for the refusal was the conflict of laws.

In MSU decided this issue based on the law "On education", according to which the former conscripts relies benefit admission specifically to military educational institutions, in contrast to the Federal Law "On the Status of Servicemen", providing for non-competitive revenue without limitation in the specific academic institution.

Gulordava explained that the Ministry of Education in this regard even issued a memo in which it is said that since the question of education, the university rector's office should be managed by the respective branch of the law in deciding allocation of benefits.

Although, as highlighted lawyer Vladimir Trignin, no federal law can not be a priority over the other, and benefits for military personnel who are in the Federal Law "On the Status of Servicemen" may be reversed only by amending this document. Trignin taken aback and that memo was massive lega
l force if the federal law.

Universities take on benefits FZ "On Education" — right, guided by the Federal Law "On the Status of Servicemen" — too right. It turns out that the educational institution has the right to decide without the help of others, on what law they rely on providing the benefits? And yesterday's conscript soldiers in the meantime have to guess: you're lucky — no luck.

Currently Jora wants to sue the university for their right to do concerning the exemption indicated in the document of federal significance. He says that in the middle of the "brothers in misfortune," already there are cases where young people have won the courts, and now well trained. It's a pity just is not right in Russia's case.

But in this sad situation and something else: when you receive benefits — the only real "prizes" for the guys who go into the army.

But the benefits for overseas served in the army completely real. Thus, for example, in the U.S., where, as clear army contract, one of the incentives for the recruitment of volunteers is a broad programm incentives and prizes provided by the state. Greater success are those applets that help them get the education is not bad by additional payments. South American military has the right to free housing or on the same apartment, which is tax-free. If it does not belong to the soldier, and removed them, he shall be compensated for the costs of her employment.

Military personnel and their families can receive free medical care in military hospitals, and hospitals. At discounted prices they use military trade and fill their cars at military stations where the cost of fuel accounts for about half of the average price. Paid leave a fighter — 30 days and a ticket to a place of rest, he is buying a 50 per cent discount. And, of course, entirely adequate wages.

Also very impressive list of benefits, and the fighters are in Israel. Having served the youth an opportunity to be trained by the army. Provides financial and other assistance in starting their own business or buying real estate.

In Russia, the same place where in peacetime army every year kills more than 2.5 million fighter (According to the organization "Right Mom"), continue to blame the fact that boys do not go burning desire to serve. And preparing another whip, because the carrot of benefits "on paper" does not work. And the blame for the lack of patriotism in young people. But of course, that no word on civilian duty, honorable duty and patriotism, sounding a large crowd, will not take effect until they are backed up by specific action for human rights fighter-conscripts.

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