Komorowski: Poland has to be its own anti-missile shield

Komorowski: Poland has to be its anti-missile shieldPoland must make their own antimissile shield to protect the areas of the country from air strikes. This was announced president Bronislaw Komorowski.

As reported by online media president made for the fact that the Polish antimissile shield was integrated into the anti-missile system NATO.

According to Komorowski, Poland is able to carry out the project, because that is going through economic growth and has saved money through the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Komorowski in an interview with the weekly "Wprost" offered to build the country its missile defense system.

According to the President, the system must be able to defend the Republic against air attacks, and subsequently become part of the overall shield NATO.

"Our mistake was that by accepting a U.S. proposal (on the construction of NATO missile defense system in Europe), we did not sufficiently take into account the political risk associated with the change of president. For this, we have paid a huge price. This error can not be repeated" — quotes the president of "The voice of the Russian Federation."

"At the moment we have legacy systems that are less able to defend the country," — said the head of the country.

Komorowski sure that misappropriation of funds to update their "no sense" if they do not protect "the most common of these types of attacks and insecure as air and missile."

The administration of the previous U.S. president George W. Bush, who developed the initial plans for the creation of the European missile defense system, and wanted to place 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and a radar in the Czech Republic. Bush's successor, in 2009, Barack Obama raised his adjustments to the alleged missile defense architecture in Europe, endorsing the plan of 4 steps to create it.

According to the latest strategies, Poland will be connected to the system only in 2018, placing the country on its mobile missile batteries es-em-3. In 2020, this missile will change for better able to protect the whole area is already states — participants of NATO not only against ballistic missiles of medium and lower range, and intercontinental.

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