Komsomolsk. Chronicle of assault

Komsomolsk.  Chronicle of assault

Let us remember their fallen comrades … Komsomolsk, March 2000

The soldiers who were in the Chechen war on the front edge, the orders of commanders often seemed incomprehensible. Often, that's how they were. But discussions are not orders, and do. Our story — about the soldiers of the St. Petersburg special forces of the Ministry of Justice "Typhoon".

Troop "Typhoon" Dagestan extricated the fall of 1999, he worked in the mountains near Harsenoem first in 2000. But the ultimate test awaited special forces in March 2000. They fell to be in the thick of the storming of the village of Komsomolsk.

6 acres of our soldiers withstood more than a thousand militants led by Ruslan Gelayev. The bandits have turned every house into an impregnable fortress. Not having the first week of fighting languid arms, without air support and artillery, actually only with machine guns and hand grenades, our soldiers stormed stubbornly rebel positions. Bloody battles for every street, every house, lasted more than 2-weeks.

For the capture of the village of Komsomolsk had to pay a terrible cost. Of the 100 special forces soldiers consolidated Ministry of Justice 10 were killed and over 20 were injured. The endless memory to the fallen, honor and glory of the living!

Knows the Hero of the Russian Federation, Colonel Alexei Mahotin:

— Komsomolsk we combed the first, second and third in March. Our group walked along the river Gojty. Left were the men of the 33rd Brigade of the Internal Troops Lebyazhe village near St. Petersburg, and the right — Internal forces of Nizhny Tagil. Fights have not yet started, but the militants have begun to meet on the way. One of these days litsezreem — two gunmen in civilian clothes we have seen from afar and began to run away. One was able to escape, and the other we had stopped. Despite the mufti clothes, it was immediately evident that this is not a peaceful inhabitant. His face was sallow, like those who have the whole winter time spent in mountain caves without the sun. Well, on the appearance it was obvious Arab. The head of the Administration of Komsomolsk later said, "Your people?". He replied: "No". But in this case we are the bosses still got a scolding: "What do you mean it? Staged, you know, here shooting without preconditions! ".

5th March at the other side of the Gojty SWAT fighters of the Central Black Earth region, the ones that go along with nizhnetagiltsami, engaged in battle and suffered the first loss. Were at them and killed. On that day and the first time we fired, and we were ordered to retreat.

The sixth of March at the neighbors right again appeared lost. There is such a situation that they do not own all the victims were able to pick up.

In the first half of the day or the sixth of March, we had a small operation is not in the village, and the inhabitants of the camp. By this time they have already pulled out of Komsomolsk. They camped outside the village of two hundred meters. Still further, at the crossroads was our checkpoint, and its headquarters are located in trailers — from Komsomolsk 600 meters.

Officer on Special Operations Division of Internal Troops "Don 100" I says, "There is information that the peaceful inhabitants of the camp there are wounded fighters. But we have to take them, for sure, we can not. Well, do not control my burning desire to do it. If you can, then come on. "

I take with me pepeesnikov (PPP, patrol and inspection service station. — Ed.) And say, "Let's make this: we block, and you pick them up, and go out together back later." Dug at one point in the camp and litsezreem that on blankets and mattresses lie wounded earthy with relevant persons. We pulled them very rapidly, so that the population did not have time to react, otherwise would suit everyday in such cases the demonstration with the ladies and kids.

After that, we broke into the mosque. She stood in the center of Komsomolsk. Here nizhnetagiltsy require me to the brakes, so they moved with great difficulty, and we with them was necessary to hold a line.

We go to the mosque. Litsezreem that there is a dead Arab, whom we killed the 5th of March, prepared for burial according to local customs. This alone proves that this is not the inhabitant of Komsomolsk. On another like it, according to tradition, was buried to the same day.

Situation has developed in relation to a measured — shooting at our direction unimportant. Adventure, as can be seen from the fire, are somewhere far away. Litsezreem — going in our direction "Volga" with metropolitan amenities. From the car I asked, "How is the next best saves up to drive?". It was an attempt to agree with Gelaev (call sign "Angel"), that he went out of the village. On the "Volga" came the head of the Administration of Komsomolsk with him — a local mullah. They brought with them a mediator. He previously here and there with Gelaev (as if in Abkhazia) was at war. Each of them has its own purpose: Mullah wanted to preserve the mosque, and the head of the Komsomol — the inhabitants of the house. And I'm not really aware of how to produce Gelaev. Well, he would go out of the village — what next?

I'm on the radio with the neighbors contacted and warned them: "Now I'll be there for you to." We sit down with 3 soldiers on armored personnel carriers (APCs, armored personnel carrier. — Ed.) And drove off. "Volga" is behind us. Moved to the other side, braked at the crossroads … And here suddenly went increasing roar of fire! .. Unsighted fire while the bullets fly over their heads. But the shooting is fast approaching. "Volga" simultaneously turned around and went back.

Nizhnetagiltsy we require, "Fight us fence, while they themselves go away!" Punch-armored personnel carriers struck a fence, but later became entangled in it. Think, "Khan us." Pass on the radio's own deputy editor: "Take it," Dzhavdet "command of themselves. We will go where and how to make it. "

But we were lucky: armored personnel carriers still managed to climb out of the fence. Thank soldier with armored personnel carriers — they have slightly waited until we Gojty through waist-deep in water, ran to them. Domchalis to the mosque. But here armored personnel carriers began to turn and crashed into a stone pillar. I am so for himself head of the armor broke! Excellent, as it later turned out that just cut the skin on the head.

And on the other side of the war is already ongoing militants went on the attack. And from our shores to help us sent two armored personnel carriers with fifty soldiers on the same road on which we were getting into. But to us, they were not able to reach. One machine "Dukhovsky" sniper shot and killed the driver, and the second — the commander took off.

I own the colonel Georgichu, as I called him, saying, "All do not need to send anyone. Let's go do "and decided to go towards the outskirts of the village.

With us, the mosque was head of intelligence of the 33rd Brigade of Interior Troops, Major Afanasyuk. His name was "Bormann." He says: "I will not go, I did not have orders to retreat." But to the credit of the officer, his soldiers, he gave the order to retreat along with me. He himself remained for a long time did not go away, and I with great difficulty, it nevertheless persuaded to go with us. Major Afanasyuk and his scout Bavyk
in Sergei ("Chieftain"), with whom we were still in the mosque were killed later, the tenth of March.

We have almost come out of the village, and here all of a sudden get a command: "Return to the starting position." Orders discussions are not. We quickly go back again occupy the mosque. It's getting dark. I contact with their commanders and say, "If I stay here for another half hour, then tomorrow's nobody from our unit in the living will be gone. I'm out. "

I am well aware that we are in the mosque NIGHT MODE against the militants did not hold out for long. At the headquarters of views were divided, but my specific commander still has a difficult decision for him, and gave me a team retreat.

Litsezreem: on the street are a dozen peaceful inhabitants of the white flag. I moved his brains, it's for the best, "As a human shield will be at your Chechens do not have to shoot." And in fact at this time we came out without loss.

The subsequent day, the seventh of March, we had to more or less measured. Militants was obviously not 30 people as initially read as generals. For now, given the huge loss, the management has decided to issue transactions that generally do next. The village began working aircraft.

Eighth of March, we felt his army: Right nizhnetagiltsev 100 plus 30 SWAT with 4 little old "boxes" (armored vehicle or tank. — Ed.), We have 70 people with 2 "boxes." Plus, in the 33rd Brigade 100 with 2 "boxes." I still gave fifteen people pepeesnikov. But I told them to never go back and shoot us.

A front on which we were to advance, was stretched two kilometers. The tanks ammunition — seven or eight rounds. There were more cars clearance UR-70 that a few times with strshnym rumble and noise dropped their charges on four kilograms of TNT in the militants. Then we went on the attack.

We reach the first level houses and litsezreem Chechen, granny eighty years old. We took it for a vegetable garden, showed where the camp inmates, and say, "You there." She crawled.

Here we started losing. We reach the second level houses — left explosion. He died a soldier from the Pskov our squad, Shiryaev. It just broke.

Come on. At the cemetery the river widens, the neighbors go away, and we're left flank open. It was at this point was a small height, which we can not do. We leave it to the 2 groups. Felt that she sighted the militants. They knew that we could not get past, and with several parties began to beat on this height at a distance of one hundred to three hundred meters. It was not exactly grenade launcher, a massive explosion, and probably erpege (RPGs, antitank grenade launcher. — Ed.) Or home-made mortars.

And here began … the action unfolds quickly: aiming to hit our gunner Volodya Shirokov. He dies. Here are killing our sniper Sergei Novikov. Kohl's is trying to take out Evtukh Volodya, and here "Dukhovsky" sniper shoots Cole in the lower back: he interrupted the spine. Our wounded another sniper.

We take out the wounded, we begin to dress. I look around the wounded sniper. And he wound was weary. Oleg Gubanov Vovk Shirokov tries to take out — again a blast, and Oleg on top of me flying upside down! Shoot from all sides! .. Again getting into Vovk — it burns! We did not catch on … Pull back 50 meters, taking three of the wounded and the 1st of the deceased. Shirokov remains on high …

On the right side is also Zaruba. We report on casualties. Generals give all team retreat — the village will operate aircraft. Tagiltsev and we ask the first half an hour later — still half an hour to pick up their own dead.

It comes with a pair of Su-25, and begins to bombard us! Got rid of two large bombs on parachutes. We hid as best they could: who is behind a stone lay down who is just in the yard. Boom … and fifty meters away from us in the land of bombs come! .. But do not explode … the first idea — a bomb with a slowdown. We lay still, not moving. A blast still no. It turned out that the bombs were 50 years of release, already nekonditsiya. So it did not explode, luckily for us.

The next day, the ninth of March, we go back to the same position. 100 meters for 50 fighters meet us barrage of fire. The place where he died Shirokov, here we can not see, and did not come close.

We wonder what Volodya on the hill anymore. All have been heard were about how the insurgents mocked the dead. Began to ask other units. Here and there, it turns out, found a severed hand. Our question is: "Is such and such a tattoo?" No tattoos. Means, not him. Volodya, as it turns out, in the same place and lay where it was destroyed. We were not able to go up to the present day high-rise.

Tenth of March we go forward with Timur Sirazetdinova. Near of the 33rd Brigade guys with the tank cover us. Left them with a tank behind the house, and have spread themselves. Ahead — tubercle. Agree: I throw a grenade, and Timur 30 meters to the shed should run across. Throw a grenade over the hill. Timur ran. Here, turn the machine gun from a distance … Gunner was tracking us, it was understandable.

Timur yells: "Alex, I'm hurt! ..". I — jumped him. Heavy watering the queue again … Fountains of bullets around and dance! "Jackson" yelled back: "Stay down! ..". There is, there is some kind of a dead zone where I clung to the ground — I can not get a machine gunner. I can not get up — he would cut me here.

Here, an officer from the 33rd brigade rescued me — distraction gunner on itself (the name of his Kichkaylo, the fourteenth of March, he died and was posthumously the title of Hero). He went with the men behind the tank in the direction of Timur. Heavy switched their attention to became the tank shoot — just click on the armor bullet! I enjoyed this second and slid into a ravine that ran in the direction of the militants. There's a dead zone, no one is shooting at me.

The soldiers dragged onto the tank and moved Timur. I crawled — Timur wound in the groin area. He is unconscious. I cut pants, and then blood clots, like jelly … overtighten the leg above the wound bandages. Our doctor makes him a direct shot in the heart. Call emteelbeshku (MTLB, small light armored tractor. — Ed.), And it is we can not find any way! .. But second, sent followed suit, yet we found it. Timur pelted her, send it to the rear.

We had hoped for something much that Timur choose. After all, in the first war, he was wounded — 50 5 fragments when it hit. He lived at that time. But after an hour on the radio I pass, "Cyclone", your "three hundredth" — "two hundredth" ("three hundredth" — wounded, "two hundredth" — was killed. — Ed.). And Timur — my close friend. He went into the shed. Com at the throat … not willing that men beheld my tears. Served there five or ten minutes, and went out again to his own.

This day was a huge loss at all. No artillery support, tanks without ammunition. We go on the attack with machine guns but without artillery preparation. Because the eleventh and twelfth day of March operations managers again took a time-out.

The eleventh of March we switched positions on the Izhevsk squad Justice. We moved away, so man up ammunition. I was worried as the commander of one more thing. The fact that I was given operational control of the 20 snipers who took up positions in the gorge above the Komsomol. And with these, then the snipers I've lost my connection. It was necessary to find them now.

On the way I stopped at the headquarters, where there was a tragi-comic and a very revealing story. We drive to the sawmill, where the headquarters moved, and see a picture. People running around 6 different generals and journalists. It turns out that two of the soldiers climbed into the ravine behind the calf. And this is where th
eir fire fighters on the ground and put a hit on him! All the running around, fly around, but no one does anything to change the situation.

I was with Vova "fuddy-duddy." We grabbed some emteelbeshku, drove up and took out the soldiers. Later went on a quest on.

While we found them, the commander of the detachment of the Udmurt Ilfat Zakirova summoned to the headquarters of the report. There came to the meeting Gen. Baranov, the commander of the grouping of our troops.

At this meeting, there was a very nasty story that had tragic consequences. And doubly unfair that General Troshev in his book about the Chechen war depicted her with the words of General Baranov. And he wrote — no more, no less — that the Justice Ministry special forces were cowards who are comfortably settled in their sleeping bags in a moderate and do not particularly want to wage war. Only the personal intervention of the valiant General Baranov led these cowards take up the brain and then to show themselves heroically.

Until now, I can not grasp: and how it was possible to write about some sleeping bags and peaceful place where our position in the heart of Komsomolsk, to the right of the mosque, which is a command Fri even could not see?

And it was oh so matter of fact. The headquarters have always been two colonels, military commandants and Komsomolsk Alhazurovo. They told me exactly what happened at that meeting. Ilfat reports on the situation (and prior to the meeting I told him that we are in position) as it is — you can not go there, there's a gap on the right wing, hence the gunmen shot. A Baranov him, not understanding: "You are a coward." For Ilfat then stood only person police general Kladnitsky, whom I personally respect for it. He spoke about the subsequent: "You, Comrade Commander, behave properly with people. You can not talk like that. " I've heard that before somewhere Kladnitskaya pushed.

A Ilfat — a young man east, for it is a terrible indictment in general. Whenever he returned to his position with the meeting was whole snow white. Reads squad: "Forward! ..". I said to him: "Ilfat, wait, calm down. Give me an hour of time. I'll go to a height where Vovk Shirokov is, then take him and go along. Do not go anywhere. "

Not long ago we stole secretly from our headquarters, militants killed, the field commander. Their are a few out there, staff, lay for identification. And now, through the Head of the Administration of Komsomolsk, we pass the militants proposal to change it to Volodya. But nothing came of it. Not while we waited for a response. The body of an action movie I sent to the commandant of Urus-Martan. Already the number seventeenth me from asking, "What shall we do with him? '. The answer is: "Yes bury somewhere." So he was buried, I do not know where.

Then I took four men, a tank, and again went to the ill-fated height. But the militants beat her vengeance! .. The tank we have put in a hollow guys cover me. I myself am a "cat" crawled from the bottom to the edge of the cliff, and later dumped her and hooked over shoe (no longer what it was) that of Volodya left. What I saw Volodya — it's scary … from twenty-five healthy male was left except half. It looks now it was the body of a preteen — it's all burned, skukozhilas. Odezhki some of shoes on the body remained. I carefully wrapped it in a cape, crawling up the tank dragged, with the guys on the tank loaded and sent to headquarters.

I was torn by conflicting emotions. On the one hand, I was terribly shocked the way he looked. On the other hand, was relieved — he has not gone missing, and you can be buried, as expected, on home soil.

These hard to describe my feelings in words. It is not so long ago, yet lively, warm person, a close friend, not so little meaning to you, all of a sudden for no dying moments before your eyes — and you not only can not do anything for him, but you can not even pick it up a dead body, that the enemy could not make fun of him! .. Instead of living merry eyes, a bright grin and good body sprawled in front of you "something" riddled with shrapnel, burned with fire, dumb, dumb …

Requesting the radio Ilfat — do not respond. And before that, on the radio, he reiterated to me, "I went ahead." I told him again, "Wait, do not hurry. I'll get it, then let's go together. " Here is our general on the radio I gave the order: "I am relieving you," Cyclone ", the command of a detachment of consolidated Ministry of Justice. Command will be Lt. Zakirov. " Well dismissed and removed. I understand it too. He was there in the midst of other generals is. Well, that Colonel removed, and starleya declared — his question.

I went out to the house, where izhevtsy went and see — is detachment. I asked: "Where is the commander?". Exhibit at the house. With me four of my men. Another take "Father" of the Izhevsk squad. He is a man experienced in past campaigns involved. Dug in the yard, throwing grenades, organize fire in all directions. Litsezreem — in the courtyard of the house are two bodies, it is mutilated, odezhka — in tatters. This Ilfat with his deputy. Fatalities. "Grandfather" threw them to the tank, although very hard to raise the dead. But he is a healthy man.

And it was so. Ilfat with his deputy went into the yard, and they got to grips with the fact melee fighters. It turned out that the militants behind the house trenches were dug. Several militants Ilfat with his deputy was shot, and the rest of their own grenades thrown.

So Izhevsk squad was left without a leader. Guys — in shock. I have them immediately pulled back a little bit. And later sent to the general shift in the reserve. They are to this day I remember that in a good word. But I really aware of their psychological condition: you can not have them then go ahead to send.

When the generals were shouting at the officers, they responded differently to it. Someone like me, for example, swallowed it all. Shoot on — and everything. And someone responds sensually as Ilfat and die … By the way, after his death, the detachment commander appointed me again.

Once again, the ideas go back to the opponent for me and my comrades that have allowed themselves to two generals to blacken his book in person, quite innocent in the fact that what they are being accused. Specifically, in Komsomolsk I realized that the generals who commanded us, the soldiers, then do not know. For them — a combat unit, and not a real person. They wonder their "pencils" called. I also had to drink the bitter cup to the dregs. When I came to St. Petersburg, to each family member of victims — spouse, parents, children — I looked into the eyes.

As for the soldiers, conscripts, about their up there, no one really thought of. So also the eighth of March at the headquarters platoon I asked, that bridge the gap between us on the wing and nizhnetagiltsami. And I answered: "That I will give to you the platoon, and the enemy will be more than 30 targets. Losses will be greater. Give a better position, I'll set mortar. " Well, what can I say … The stupidity, incompetence? And it has to pay for the most expensive — life …

Number thirteenth March we arrived at the position rocket launcher "Storm". Ask, "Well, where to you dolbanut? '. The answer is: "Look at that house. There firing point. " It is 70 meters or 100 of our positions. They say: "We can not, we have 50 meters of four." Well, where are four to 50 can dolbanut? After all that, I shoot, is at a distance of seventy to one hundred and fifty meters. This delightful rocket launcher was completely useless here. And left with nothing …

On the same day service supplying ammunition asks, "What do you send?&
quot;. Previously, there was nothing of a serious weapon, yes automatic machine guns with grenade launcher waged war. I say, "Send" Bumblebee "(ognemet. — Ed.) Eight pieces." Send eight boxes of four pieces each, in other words 30 twos. Lord, before something where you were? Though it gave us all without receipts, but wish the good. Haul as much iron forward was very hard.

Since the eighth of March, Komsomolsk we did not go out at night were on their own positions. It was very unpleasant. After about the fifteenth of March from behind us really no one was covering, the gunmen ran through us at times. One tenth of March reached the cemetery, which was next to us. We worked on it and crawled to the side. At the cemetery, found the knapsacks of ammunition. Militants have prepared them in advance. It was only after the fourteenth-fifteenth March near Moscow OMON began erase us courtyards and gardens.

Fifteenth March Komsomolsk fog covered such that the three meters was nothing to be seen. Once again I went with the men to the height where the general died, took the gun. By the way, none of the 1st hole of all the battles we have not lost.

And here I was called to the neighbors of the Internal Troops to coordinate actions. So in fact there have not shot a bit, but I did not realize it was his or someone else's! Oh, so everything was. The neighbors were sitting in a house nearby. I went into the yard and I see that in the 20 meters past the barn run some figures in camouflage. Turned to look at me, looked at — and how will all of the machine in my direction! Frankly speaking, suddenly … Thank you for the fact that only hit the wall nearby.

Distinguish their own from strangers was really very hard — were all mixed up. After all, look prototype: camouflage, all dirty, with beards.

Was that of the corresponding case. Special Forces detachment commander of the Chuvash MDPA occupied the house with his men. As expected, a grenade was thrown at first. After a while the commander down to the basement with a flashlight. Shined his flashlight and saw — sits thriller, looking at him, and only the eyes blink. Our — jumped up: and can not get out — machine caught the edge prolazit. Jumped after all, a grenade into the cellar. And all of the machine … It turns out that there is almost as inanimate wounded thriller was sitting, he has gangrene began. That's why he did not shoot, but only in the eyes and could not blink.

Specifically, the fifteenth of March, as later commandants were in charge of Komsomolsk and Alhazurovo, all the generals on the satellite phone, one as each his own superiors, report: "Komsomolsk taken, controlled entirely." What there is controlled if the sixteenth March, we lost again — three people dead, wounded fifteen people? In this day killed Sergei Gerasimov of Novgorod group "Rusychi" Vladislav Baygatov of Pskov group "Bison" and Andrey Zakharov of "Typhoon". March seventeenth another fighter from the "Typhoon" has died, Alexander Tikhomirov.

Sixteenth-March with the dowry us Yaroslavl riot squad we have moved from the middle of the school Komsomol — converge with the 33rd Brigade. Begin to link up and litsezreem — directly to us is the T-80! By the time the army has already approached technique. A link we have all different. I only with his general can say riot police — with his command, the soldiers of the 33rd Brigade — only with her. General self asking, "What to do? He is currently on strike us begin! .. ". Ok, we have a flag with the Russian was. I unfolded it and went into the field of vision of the tank. He oriented himself to me, and with the 33rd Brigade joined us safely.

Number seventeen or eighteen fighters have begun to surrender en masse. For one day in captivity took two hundred people. Later, they started back and dig out of the basements. There were some samples breakthrough twentieth of March, but by then too, in fact, it was over. Crosses at the height where the dead Shirokov, Novikov, was seriously wounded by Kohl Evtukh, we set the third of March 20.

Later, we learned that an amnesty for presidential elections (March 26, 2000, elections of the President of Russian Federation. — Ed.) Of many of the militants released. But, if it was clear in advance that they will be released, then logically and honestly, it was wrong to take them prisoner. However, all tayfunovtsy specifically gone when gunmen began to surrender. I sent the work to receive the prisoners of the 1st Deputy own and those of our own, which in the fighting did not participate in the protection. It must realize that we had the most severe loss. Killed my friend Vladimir Shirokov and Timur Sirazetdinov with whom I went through Dagestan. I'm just afraid that not everyone will be able to survive. I did not want to take a sin.

At the moment I look back at what was in the Komsomol, and wonder what the human body to withstand such loads. After all, we all crawled Komsomolsk many times up and down. Then the snow comes, the rain. Cool and hungry … Sam-I'm there on my feet suffered pneumonia. The fluid coming out of the lungs during breathing, face down on a thick layer of the radio when I read. Doctor stabbed me some medicine, by which I was working on. But … as a bot.

It is not clear what such a resource we all survived. Two weeks of continuous fighting any ordinary food, no rest. In the afternoon in the basement of a small fire kindle, boil some chicken, broth later this drink. Neither suhpayki or stew we did not actually eat. Did not climb into the throat. But before we do another eighteen days on the mountain pogolodovali own. And the break-Somewhere between these events was only a two-day or three.

Now we can all comprehended, to sum up the assault of Komsomolsk. The whole operation was carried out semi-literate. And it was possible to block the village for real. The population has been taken out of the village, so it was possible to bombard and fire indefinitely. And only then have to attack.

And we attacked the settlement is not the forces which must be duly strategy. We had to have four to five times more than the defenders. But we had less than the defenders. After all, only picked men Gelaev was six-eight people. And the local militia, which from all the neighboring villages came by his call.

Position of the rebels were very different: they were above us, and we walked from the bottom up. They were shooting at us from prepared positions in advance from every angle. We are starting to move forward, and at some point they notice us. When they are on the one firing point open fire, and we focus on her own fire, here for us even with two or three points for us to start shooting and provide the first point of retreat. In addition, in the first week and we and the militants were armed with a prototype. On those tanks that have been assigned to us, there was virtually no ammunition — seven or eight rounds on the T-62. T-80 tanks was sent to us only number eleven. Flamers "Bumblebee" appeared about 10 days after fights.

And if in the brain, it was necessary to go around Komsomolsk Alhazurovo from the village, above which was the regiment of the Ministry of Defense, and shelf positions to push the militants down from the heights. I am a very good attitude to the soldiers of the Interior troops and very poorly to command the Internal Troops, which produced the overall management of the operation. Though I did not have a higher military education, but I can say that because they were conducting military actions in Komsomolsk, you can not fight a war. On the one hand, they have not learned academies in the strategy of warfare. On the other hand, the desire to get unceremoniously highest merit and it was the time to report noticeable to the naked eye. Not cowards were our generals. Yes and no commanders. Not far command
ers …

Of course, looking back, I realize that the command of our very hurried. Approaching presidential election. Because the operation performed despite the human loss. The operation was commanded by generals about 7. The commander Gen. initially produced from the Internal Troops of the division special purpose "Don-100." Later commanded the commander of Urus-Martan, later commander of the Interior Troops, Colonel-General Labunets, familiar to us from Dagestan. Later came the commander, General Baranov group. But the good words I can say about General Lieutenant Kladnitskaya of the Interior Ministry. This was a man who truly realize that there really is happening.

And one more thing I can say — conscript soldiers have shown themselves heroically. I have not beheld the 1st option fearfulness. Those were hard workers. But spared them only platoon and other officers such levels. But the generals did not spare them. Their main task was: that they themselves do not Bugger. And on occasion, perhaps, to get the highest merit.

But the most important result of this operation bestalantnoy — Gelaev-"Angel" with its own elite still left. True, suffered huge losses. But in the main militia killed that moved up from the nearby villages.

Later everywhere have read: "We have broken the Gelaev." But I do not think we broke it. Over Gelaev victory was not, he just walked away. And the loss we have suffered, were unjustified. Now, if we killed him, then these losses could be somehow justified.

I myself was not Alexander Matrosov, in Komsomolsk on recess in battle did not rush. But myself then decided that obscure the general's orders, and I have to do, along with everyone else. You can not go forward, but we must, as is an order. That's why I went ahead with the fighters. Creates a situation that's different I do not in any way he could. If he did not go, but the guys you send, you're wrong man. And you will not go along with them at all, all would be called cowards. Just like in the Russian folk parable: "To the left you will go — be gone, right — will die, just go — you lose yourself and a stallion." A must go …

Although our general I was doing at the time of surgery was tough, he reported to the management of everything as it was. That "Typhoon" was on the most unsafe direction along the river Goyty longer all that was on the positions and suffered the greatest loss. I believe this: our party really fought heroically, and even introduced me to the title of Hero of the Russian Federation for the award of the order.

A week later, the sixth of March 20, 2000, elections were held for Russian Federation President. And the inhabitants of the village of Komsomolsk we "heroically" wiped off the face of the earth, too, voted at a school in Urus-Martan. And to us, the detachment "Typhoon", have the honor to ensure the safety of this particular polling station. We check it in advance with the night guard exhibit. There is the head of administration of Komsomolsk. He was a witness of how we may 1st of a home in the village have left, including his own house …

I organized the work, so I just had to inspect, stopping from time to time plot. I come in the evening to pick up the ballot box. Although late in the evening to move around the Urus-Martan was not safe, but at night to leave the urn and keep it in the area was still dangerous. In accordance with the democratic procedures of the sealed ballot box, accompanied by armored personnel we have safely delivered to the commandant.

A vote was completed that we head Komsomolsk drank a bottle of vodka. He says: "I understand that there is nothing personal in what came out was not. You — the soldiers. " We — to him: "Of course we have no animosity to the people there. We hate — militants. "

The election result for this division battled all on the spot. Eighty percent of the vote — for Putin, 10 percent — for Zyuganov. And three per cent — for the Chechen Dzhebrailova. And I can testify that there were no signs of fraud in the chastke was not. So voted the head of the Chechen birth of Komsomolsk. These are decomposed here …

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