Kondyukov. Types of modern Kondyukov

Modern Split Systems consist of 2-blocks — internal and external. Indoor units are of different types: floor, walls, ceiling, column, channel, cluster. Compared with window Kondyukov, Split Systems run virtually silent and can be mounted in different positions. From all of this contrast more popular wall indoor units — 85 percent of all sales of split systems are specifically they are. Such a choice of buyers explained with 2 factors. In 1-x, Split Systems other types of capacity from 1.8 to 3.5 kW practically not produced. In 2-x, prices Split Systems Wall-type lower prices of other types.

When there is no ability to set the wall of the indoor unit, in most cases set Split Systems ceiling or floor types. It often happens that one and the same internal block the system can be installed in an outdoor location and in the ceiling.

Setting the channel and cluster split-systems is impossible without a false ceiling. Because the false ceiling does not occur very often, such split systems are not as popular as wall, floor and ceiling. Usually, cassette and ducted air-conditioning units are used for space with a large area. The main advantage of such type of split systems is that they are equipped function of the mix with the freshest air in the street.

In public places with a large area — museums, theaters, restaurants, halls — are used Split Systems column type, because the walls and ceilings of these rooms do not have to touch it.

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