Kondyukov: Yesterday and today

It would seem that kondyuk — technical device that is associated only with the present. But kondyuk has a very long history. For the first time this idea came to light thanks to Frenchman Jean Shabannesu, which have purchased an English patent for controlling the temperature of the air in the room. It happened in the distant 1815. But before the beginning of the 20th century, the principles of air conditioning could not find a practical implementation.

110 years ago, the Yankees Willis Carrier on the basis of existing theoretical knowledge gathered first in the world kondyuk. True setting Kondyukov Willis Carrier was held not in order to create the necessary temperature conditions for employees of an enterprise, and in order to lower the humidity in the room printing, for which the first and kondyuk was produced. Holders of printing with animation took the message that the new device leads to improved print properties and have decided that from now on kondyuk become a reliable assistant in the printing industry.

But after a certain time Kondyukov did not fail to make use of the Europeans in order to carry out the cooling of the air in one of the theaters in Cologne. Spectators sometimes came specifically to play on a hot day to enjoy quite Cologne is not a game of actors, and a pleasant and easy chill, which distributed by the outlandish devices for those times in the hall.

Since Kondyukov began a triumphal march around the world. Modern split systems allow you to maintain a certain temperature in the offices, reading rooms, cinemas, shops, also at home criteria.

But Now there is the problem of using brand new Kondyukov. No — she quite not associated with the technical side of their operation. It is a question of how people have these devices on the facades of buildings. Many architectural monuments of the capital are covered Kondyukov established quite randomly. To this problem of minimizing the Moscow authorities are already preparing a draft law on the optimal placement of Kondyukov on buildings. By the way, in North Korea, even on ordinary homes Kondyukov line up correctly sequence that does not violate the concept of the designer.

We will assign that to technical progress of the construction and preservation of heritage is no consensus as early as the coming time.

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