Korea secures Navy

South Korean Navy destroyer got-the-art 7,600 tons displacement, filled functional battle management information system (CICS) "Aegis" (in Greek mythology — a shield Zefsa and Athens). So makarom South Korea currently has three destroyers such class.

As the Agency said the Defense Development (Athres) of the Republic of Korea, the transmission of a new destroyer was accomplished on August 30. The title of the new ship — "Soeryu."

Construction of the destroyer, which belongs to a class of Korean ships KDX-III, was launched in September 2009 at the shipyards of the company "Hyundai Heavy Industries." Now the military sailors for 9 months will be to test the ship on the sea. On alert "Soeryu" to intercede in the middle of 2013. In addition to this ship water expanses of South Korea have already guarded by two of these destroyers with the same displacement and CICS "Aegis" — "Sejong Teva" and "Yulgokii." In the development of the Defense Agency identified the new powerful Warship, filled with the most modern systems and technologies will greatly enhance the power of the South Korean Navy.

Note also that these destroyers specifically with CICS "Aegis" form the basis of South Korean missile defense at sea, which is targeted against the DPRK missile. South Korea's defense is to start full-scale work from the end of the year.

Properties of the destroyer "Soeryu":

The radar weapons — a complex SPY-1D; able to constantly track up to 1,000 targets with an angle of 360 degrees of control, and at once to storm up to 20 air targets.
The ordinary weapons: guided missiles, torpedoes, 5-inch artillery systems, conducting close combat. Also on board are two military helicopters.
The highest speed — 30 knots (55.5 km / h)
Displacement — 7600 tons
Crew — up to 300 people
Length — 166 m
Width — 21 m
Height — 49 m

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