Korea starts mass production of the new tank

Recently begin creation South Korean government MBT K-2 "Black Panter" after a year of delays due to problems with the box. As reported TSAMTO citing "Corea Times" and information on the programs of the Agency of the Republic of defense procurement MO Korea (DAPA). Additional tests confirmed the suitability of the state of the engine compartment in a 12-cylinder diesel engine power of 1500 hp and boxes for operation.

According to the representative DAPA, all occurred defects are eliminated and the agreement on a batch creation the tank will be signed as soon as possible. The adoption of MBT K-2 aircraft into service of Korea scheduled for late 2011 Creation 390 tanks, K-2 was planned to begin in 2010 after the field test. Tank MBT is designed to substitute K-1 and legacy of American tanks M-48 "Patton" operated in the current time. But during the July 2009 field trials were identified shortcomings in the work of the motor and box.

In December 2009 the National Assembly adopted a resolution to reduce the country's 50 billion. out funding for the production of new tanks in the defense budget in 2010 (88.2 billion won). Defense Minister Kim Ta-jung said that despite the lag programs from the schedule, plans for the production of the first 100 to MBT 2014 remain constant. MBT K-2 defense projects created by the Agency, along with 20 South Korean companies led by "Rotem." Programs from the budget is estimated at 230 million dollars.

The first time K-2 was demonstrated in 2007 and is now a staple of the South Korean defense industry created to equip the country's armed forces and for export sales. Republic Korea has entered into an agreement on the transfer of technology K-2 with Turkey.

Tank armed with a 120 mm smoothbore gun stabilized with a barrel 55 gauge with automatic loading system, a 12.7-mm machine gun mnogokalibernym K-6, 7.62-mm coaxial machine gun and an electronic drive gun / turret. Power plant production "STX Engin" power of 1500 hp provides speeds up to 70 km / h when driving on the highway and 50 km / h — on rough terrain. Suction pipe enables the tank to force deep water obstacles up to 4.1 m and the move to open fire. MBT equip digital weapons control systems, protection systems of chemical, biological and nuclear threats. The crew — 3 people.

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