Korean MBT K2 «Black Panther»

In 2010-2011. is expected to start mass production of the new South Korean main battle tank K2 «Black Panther» (K2 Black Panther).

Currently in service with South Korea has more than 2,500 tanks. This number comes to about 1,500 tanks K1 and K1A1; 80 T-80 and T-80UK, the rest of the tank park of South Korea are outdated, "Patton» M47 and M48, various modifications, which over time will be changed to the new K2.

Without looking at the fact that "the South Korean Abrams» (K1 Korean production) have a fairly modern level, in 1995, began the development of the modern military machine XK2 with emphasis on the introduction of Russian design and technology. Perhaps the development of the newest machines in the middle of the objectives of the project was not only a significant increase in military settings and exit the tank to a new technological level, and the ability to export without any problems associated with licensing technologies zabugornyh (K1 used in South American development, it is almost everything repeating "Abrams"). This assumption is supported by the new South Korean Turkish intrigued tank.

Designing XK2 was completed in 2006, 11 years after the start of development. We considered two options: a main battle tank with a remotely operated weapon — with 140-mm gun turret in the desert and build a traditional tank with a 120 mm gun in the habitable tower. As the developer of the gun, the company Rheinmetall, work on a 140-mm gun had been suspended, the Koreans chose the second option.

The first of three pre-production prototypes were shown XK2 March 2, 2007 in Changwon (Changwon) south-east of Seoul.

South Korean Agency for Defense Development (Agency for Defense Development, ADD) and Rotem (division of Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group) to develop XK2 was 200 billion won (about U.S. $ 230 million). At the current time the most expensive K2 tank, the price of a car is around U.S. $ 8.5-8.8 million and exceeds the value of the latest versions of M1 «Abrams' about half.

K2 «Black Panther" is the traditional scheme of the assembly. Combat weight of 55 tons Crew three people: a driver in the left front part of the body, the commander on the right and the left gunner in the turret. Unlike the K1, in which there loader, loader guns for K2 used autoloader.



K2 is armed with a 120mm smoothbore gun Rheinmetall L55 design with a barrel length 6.6 m Gun license issued by World Industries Ace Corporation. Ammunition for the gun is 40 shots, 16 of which are located in the autoloader. Rate of up to 15 rds. / Min regardless of the angle pointing guns.

Secondary armament: 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and a 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun on the roof of the tower K6. Ammunition is 12000 7.62 12.7 mm and 3200 mm rounds.

In the main gun ammunition can be used the standard 120-mm tank shells NATO. In addition, specially designed for K2 new ammunition.

New feathered armor-piercing projectiles with a detachable tray, in which improved core of tungsten alloy and improved armor. To attack unarmored and lightly armored vehicles, manpower and low-flying helicopters can be used a new multi-purpose cumulative shell, similar to the South American M830A1 HEAT MP-T.

Especially for the "Black Panther" is developed projectile KSTAM (Korean Smart Top-Attack Munition). This "smart" homing slow (does not have an engine) shell, the attacker vysokobronirovannye goal with less secure the upper hemisphere. Unlike most modern ATGM during the flight which gunner must accompany goal, KSTAM works on the principle of "fire and forget". To fire a projectile that is used hanging line movement like howitzer artillery. Shell equip the radar in the millimeter wave spectrum, infrared and radiation sensors. Lane motion corrected flight 4-stabilizers. When approaching the target parachute opens to reduce the speed and makes clear guidance to the target, which is affected EFP. In case of such necessity, provided the control channel, which provides an opportunity to correct a trajectory of the projectile gunner.

The shell allows KSTAM fire at a range of 2 to 8 km direct fire and indirect fire.
Aiming devices, fire control system

The main gunner's sight KGPS and panoramic viewing device KCPS commander at the moment are the same as on the tank K1A1. Both combined (day / night), stabilized by a 2-planes have thermal channel. In the upcoming aiming devices and observation means perfect for use with the new sensors that have been installed on the "Black Panther".

Fire control redundant, a tank commander can take control of the weapons on themselves.

K2 is equipped with a millimeter-wave radar range, located on the cheeks front of the tower, a laser range finder and a crosswind sensor. Brand new MSA allows you to accompany, rapidly and with precision to direct the main armament on the low-flying helicopters, missiles and detect floating in the side of the tank. MSA is capable of capturing and accompany target at a distance of 10 km with the introduction of the thermal imager. If you are following goals in real time ballistic calculations are performed and appropriate adjustments are taken into account, which provides high accuracy in space and on the go.

The increase shooting accuracy laser sensor provides a curvature of the barrel, which determines not only the static and the dynamic bending of the trunk. While driving over bumps when it is probable wriggle stem from the vibration sensor LMS tracks down a curvature in the case of differences of curvature of the barrel of the static system prohibits shot. When the trunk vorachivaetsya the initial position the lock is released, the shot is permitted.

According to some information MSA has the ability to automatically find and accompany goals, identify their cars and conduct fire on enemy targets without the participation of the members of the crew.


K2 is used on modular combined armor and explosive reactive armor of the act. Future modifications to the tank K2 PIP is planned to introduce DZ non-explosive offense. It is stated that a head-booking of the "Black Panther" withstands 120 mm OBPS fired from the gun L55.

To protect against guided missiles used staging system interference (similar opto-electronic system of oppression "blind"). Upon detection of a hostile missile millimeter radar or laser sensors identify the exposure (on the tank are 4 such sensor) computer sends a signal to the crew and crew to shoot smoke grenades in the right direction. Smoke grenades set Zahav, provides an invisible tank in the optical, infrared and radio spectra.

On the modification of K2 PIP will establish a set of active defense, which will be used are available on the tank radar millimeter range.

The tank was installed system of collective security and fire-fighting equipment.


In the "Black Panther" is used brand new power pack installed EuroPowerPack with a diesel engine MTU MB-883 Ka500 power of 1500 hp and a five-speed automatic gearbox developed by Renk. Additionall
y tank is equipped with gas turbine capacity of 400 hp, providing operation of the generator and the power of the electric equipment of the tank without the main engine.

In the tank K1 used mixed torsion and hydro-pneumatic suspension system HSU. At K2 «Black Panther" found an improved semi-active, hydro-pneumatic suspension system with ISU personal control nodes suspension. Depending on the nature of the surface of the suspension changes its properties, minimizing vibration. System suspension provides not only the suspension height, but also the slope of the tank in the longitudinal and transverse planes, which improves machine throughput and significantly increment range of vertical angles pointing guns.

The highest rate of K2 70 km / h on the highway and 50 km / h on rough terrain, accelerate to 32 km / h in 7 seconds; travel 450 km in store.

Overcoming obstacles: lift angle 31 °, vertical wall 1.3 m Tank OPVT equipped with composite pipe for underwater driving and after 30 minutes of preparatory training can overcome water obstacles up to a depth of 4.1 m (the predecessor of K1 fording depth of up to 2.2 m). OPVT system provides the ability to engage the enemy immediately after overcoming obstacles aqua.

On the modification of K2 PIP is scheduled to make a better suspension — semi-active change active. Installation of the system scan area, scanning the area with the highest resolution of 50 m forward and transmitting control signals appropriate cushioning system, will allow more normally pass over rough road.

Command maneuverability

Like the Japanese MBT "Type 10", the development of K2 «Black Panther" takes into account the requirements of C4I (command, control, communications, computers, and (military) intelligence — command maneuverability, communications, computers and intelligence).

K2 is equipped combat information and control system related to C4I; satellite navigation system GPS; equipment identification "friend or foe", respectively the standard NATO STANAG 4579 "Devices identify targets on the battlefield."

By early 2010, was released at least 4 copies of the most experienced tanks XK2 a 2-embodiments. One machine (see photo) visually different vertical armor mask gun, sloped front hull and smoke grenade launchers, arranged horizontally in a row. Three cars of another embodiment (see photo) have klioobraznuyu, like as in K1A1, mask, gun, vertical section of a head-reservation housing and smoke grenade launchers, side by side in two rows.

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