Kornilov revolt of 1917: a poor attempt a right turn

In the chaotic kaleidoscope of events in Russia that followed the February revolution, riot highlights General LG Kornilov. Historians have hitherto break a lance: what assessment justified by the events of August 1917? How would develop activities in Russia, it appear Kornilov successful?

I think that thinking about these events will be conducted for a long time …

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The atmosphere in Petrograd was restless in the spring of the 17th year. In the atmosphere of the impasse in which by this time was the army (already not actually fight and standing on the brink of complete decomposition), the majority of people in army circles beheld the only way out of the situation, the introduction of military dictatorship.

The idea of "strong hand" vital and important in the circles of the former royal bureaucracy, which binds to the latest change of government in the hope of returning to the municipal service.

Even in the Provisional Government were moderate revolutionaries (in the main, from among the "Cadets"), disappointed with the endless stream of slogans and exhortations at meetings, and also seen the salvation of the establishment of the dictatorship.

Very afraid of ministers of the Provisional Government itself AF Kerensky and the order to exaggerate the danger of that time the Bolshevik uprising. Kerensky after the July Bolshevik uprising, attempted dismantling and removal of the infected town of Bolshevik propaganda regiments (soldiers' section of the Petrograd Soviet, but denied the legitimacy of this decision).

Kerensky, knowing that loses all control over the prevailing situation, too, decides to rely on the army and replaced by "Socialist and Republican" Brusylov Kornilov, as Supreme Commander of the Army.

Personality Kornilov became famous in Russia after the events of 1916, when he was able to escape from Austrian captivity. March 2, 1917 Kornilov on behalf of the chief of General Staff of the Head Mikhnevich byd Nicholas II has appointed the commander of the Petrograd military neighborhood.

Laurel Kornilov was a supporter of the most stringent measures to establish order. In the middle of his demands was: the introduction of the death penalty in the rear and at the front, complete submission to the Supreme Command of the transport sector, industry verbovanie work only on the needs of front-line abstraction and political management of military affairs.

Fri individual programs from Laurus IG was "unloading" of Petrograd from unnecessary and harmful military units. The plan was retained by the combat readiness of troops from the front to make disarmament of the Petrograd garrison and bring revolutionary troops at the front. Kronstadt garrison at all it was subject to a complete liquidation, as the main focus of revolutionary fervor. Petrograd was supposed to translate itself on a war footing.

Plans for "unloading" of Petrograd there differences for political purposes, which put her in front of him organizers. Kerensky was preparing the way for getting rid of the impact of the Soviets and the concentration of absolute power in his own hands. Military general of the same (in general opposition to the Provisional Government) relies on military dictatorship.

Kornilov himself, feeling as if electrified atmosphere, heated sluggish from the chaos and riots by ordinary people like to believe at this point in their exclusivity and providential what exactly it should be at the head of the country.

Despite the fact that Kornilov was considered bad old politician, even in its near surroundings, Laurel G. developed to a whole political program from a riot. It included a huge number Fri: restoration of disciplinary law officers in the army and navy, the removal of the commissioners of the Provisional Government from interfering in the conduct of officers, limit the rights of soldiers' committees, banning rallies and strikes in the Army at defense plants, Apart from this, Kornilov meant to translate on a war footing the entire system of railways, industry, working on the front-line needs, and the law on execution smeritnoy extended to the rear portion.

The political part of the programs from Kornilov included the abolition of the Soviets in the rear and at the front, the prohibition of trade union committees in the factories, the introduction of censorship in the Army seal. The supreme power should be transferred to the Council of National Defence, which would include himself Kornilov, Kerensky Kolchak, BV Savinkov and others.

All-Russian Constituent Assembly was supposed to convene or after the war, or — to convene and dissolve it in the event of disagreement with the decisions taken by the top military dictators.

General LG Kornilov, BV Savinkov

Conceiving his performance in Petrograd, Laurel Kornilov counted on the support of organizations such as the Alliance of the officers, the Military League, and the management of these organizations specifically Kornilov was proposed plan coming to Petrograd. On the grounds that the fact that on August 27 — in honor of the half-year since the overthrow of the monarchy — the Left forces will begin in the capital of the demonstration, which then develop into a mess to seize power, Kornilov (legally, in coordination with Kerensky) began to flip military units to capital. It was the 3rd Cavalry Corps Division of General AM Krymova and Nat (informally called "Wild", which consisted of Caucasian mounted warriors) Lieutenant General DP Bagration. In addition, from the north, from Finland to Petrograd was moving cavalry corps Gen.-Major AN Dolgoruky.

August 25 faithful of Kornilov promoted to Petrograd, expecting everything to support other previously have served in the city of his loyal officers who cooperated with the Union officers, the Military League and other organizations. With all this, Kornilov and counted on the support of the Government, considering small differences with the Prime Minister Kerensky insignificant in the total for their purpose: implementation in Russia dictatorial power.

At Alexander Kerensky, but as it turns out was a point of view on the developing action. Sensing that something serious is planned, it shall be removed from the requirements of the Cadets 'surrender' and he goes into the attack by signing a decree on 27 August offset LG Kornilov from the post of Commander-in for all that declaring him a rebel. Kerensky Dissolves Cabinet, sets for himself "dictatorial powers" and declares himself the Supreme Commander. From any negotiations with the Kornilov, Kerensky refused.

Kornilov at this point was already at a disadvantage: the actions of the Belarusian Soviet military headquarters (located in Mogilev) was cut off from the front-line areas, army soldiers' committees armies of the South-Western Front arrested their own commanders, and was arrested in chief of this front — Anton Denikin. There have also been isolated and other supporters of the Kornilov at the front, in other Russian towns (General Krymov, who has realized the futility of the insurgency s
hot 31 August). Laurel Kornilov himself was arrested on September 2.
After the failure of the Kornilov revolt, Alexander Kerensky appointed Russian republic power ran across the Directory, consisting of five members headed by himself.

So Makar, we can say that Kerensky in his quest to balance between the left-wing forces that had prevailed in the Soviets, and army circles, stick to the right rough positions, to a certain point (actually threaten his ambitions imperative) has chosen the side of the former. As a result of the country's increased political influence of the Soviets, and as a consequence — the Bolsheviks.

Generals, prisoners Bykhovskaya bullpen fall of 1917. By the numbers: 1. LG Kornilov. 2. Anton Denikin. 3. GM Vannovsky. 4. IG Erdelyi. 5. EF Elsner. 6. Lukomskii. 7. VN Kisliakov. 8. IP Romanovsky. 9. SL Markov. 10. M. Orlov. 11. LN Novosiltsev. 12. V. Pronin. 13. IG Soots. 14. SN Ryasnyansky. 15. VE Rozhenko. 16. AP Bragin. 17. I. Rodionov. 18. GL Chunikhin. 19. VV Kletsanda. 20. SF Nikitin. Fall 1917

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