Kozelskaya SRF first division will be rearmed by RK yars silo-based

Kozelskaya SRF first division will be rearmed by RK "yars" silo-based

Kozelskaya division of the Strategic Missile Forces (Kaluga region) of the first in Russia to be rearmed complexes "yars" silo-based ICBMs with the RS-24. On this, as reported by "RIA Novosti", said a spokesman for the Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation on Strategic Missile Forces, Colonel Vadim Koval.

According to him, "the preparatory work for a new re missile complex "Yars" stationary basing this compound started this year, "- said the agency.

B.Koval said that "the true time then carried out to de-alerting SS-18 and preparing for the conversion of existing silos for the new missile complex. With all of this coming purpose of each output from active missile RS-18 is determined taking into account its condition and the ability of the forthcoming intended use in other military units of the Strategic Missile Forces ", — the" RIA Novosti ".

According V.Kovalya, "in the true time extended lifetime missile system with a missile RS-18 is 33 years."

Preliminary measures to ensure the re-missile regiments missile system "Yars" also began in Irkutsk and Novosibirsk missile connections.

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