KOZHEMIAKIN: Father and son

KOZHEMIAKIN: Father and son

Hero of the Russian Federation, Lieutenant Dmitry Kozhemjakin (top center) with comrades

I tried to thoroughly prepare for a meeting with Sergei Ivanovich Kozhemyakin — Dad the Hero of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozhemyakina lieutenant who was killed in 2000 in Ulus-Kert.

In the web found a map of the movement of the 6th Company, almost hourly chart of the battlefield. But what was my surprise when Colonel Kozhemjakin laid on the table a giant map of the area last fight Pskov paratroopers, which were marked move units, not only in those day or three, and a week before the accident.

From his serious story, I realized that he has collected over the particles and recovered many of those terrible days of the incident. I listened to the story of Colonel and more aware of the love of his son Sergei, how proud of him. He decided to perpetuate the memory of the offspring, restoring the truth about the circumstances of the death not only of Dima, and the other eighty-3-soldiers and officers. Own unbending resistance they reminded us of the real traditions of the Russian army, forever inscribing itself in the history of the Chechen wars.

Knows the Colonel SI Kozhemjakin:

— February 29, 2000 in Pskov began to bury the intelligence of the Army Special Forces, who died Feb. 21 at the village Kharsenoy. And suddenly, the paratroopers of the 76th Guards Airborne Division started to leave the funeral. Ask, "What is it?" And they say: "Our fight blindfolded such that the losses will be greater."

March 2 I worked in his office planning of combat training. The bell rings, "Ivanovitch, do you? '. "I am." Called hot (SV Goryachev — the commander of the 175th separate reconnaissance 76th Division — Ed.). — "Dimka killed." I put the phone down. I try to understand everything, I call to Pskov, a division (the 76th Airborne Division. — Ed.), No one is responsible — the connection was absolutely blocked. Thought of that call from your home phone. Again, I call to Pskov, and I Sergey Goryachev, explains: "For the second day is a terrible fight, living practically no, Dimka killed."

I have food in Pskov, spend the night there and go back to March 3, Peter. March 4 I arrived in Rostov-on-Don to fly to Khankala (in Khankala the headquarters of the Joint Group of Forces in Chechnya — Ed.). And they say to me that the fly is not necessary, the victims were taken by helicopter to bolshennymi Hankala to overload on the aircraft and sent to Rostov on Don. On the death of one of paratroopers at that time did not know, I first raced. Of days we've been in the hospital and in the medical and forensic laboratory Ministry of Defense, but the dead Marines was not there.

At night in the hotel phone rang: "Ivanovitch, look out the window." In a car with flashing lights behind me drove my friend, Colonel Starostin, and drove me to the hospital. There I got to meet a major in mountain gear, we did not know before, but he met with me here and there. He says, and the sight of her tears: "Comrade Colonel, I brought Dima." I asked, "What happened?" He replied: "Boy was more than a day, the sky was clear, the blue, but there was no help from aviation, artillery died." I asked him, "Did you ever eat anything?" He replied: "We have three day or almost nothing to eat, slice the throat will not go."

At this time, there came a man with the keys to the hangar. We go out there 40 seven stretcher on them in the dark bags are lost. I ask: "Do you know where Dima?" He said he knew, but still confused. We approach the bier on which the tag "Lieutenant," and I see Dimkin feet, size 40 four and a half. It later turned out, and identified by a set of chemical protective shoe covers Army of the GDR, in which he was walking in the mountains.

I said, "He's the lieutenant." And I answered, "Dad, it has already been submitted to the Hero of the Russian Federation for the other fights, and in rank is Lieutenant." I said, "Well, open up" and start a hole on the body count. Came to a head, then did not look, I tell the guys, 'Look at his head, there should be a spot. Grandma fried pancakes dripped him when was small. "

In Dimka had three bullet wounds in his right side, a hole near the shoulder, above the heart, and the hole below the heart. A total of 5 bullets. All wounds were not fatal. But the left chest was all black — his point-blank shot from a grenade launcher VOG-25. His head was crushed. I asked the doctor, "What thrashed, butts?" "No, — they say — feet." Dimka, when preparing it for burial, the church had a towel on his head put.

Later, I went to Mark Evtyuhinu (battalion commander Lt. Col. Mark Evtyuhin — Ed.). Mark has a bullet in his right side, the second above the heart. And there was a hole in the top of the head, or from the fragment, or a bullet. Lance Lebedev, Dimkin gunner was all broken by bullets, and the face piece. Sergeant Kozlov, judging by the injury, blew himself up with a grenade.

I had a list of all scouts, and by noon on March 5 victims were ready to be shipped — AN-12 was to fly through Smolensk on Levashovo (military airfield near St. Petersburg — Ed.), Crew gave good. The plane was due to deliver the victims of the Internal Troops in Smolensk, and fly home. But to me the officers responsible for sending, uttered: "Serge, do not touch them until. They all perished together, let them together and sent to Pskov. "

In St. Petersburg, I returned to the Sun during the day, and on Tuesday from Rostov calls Colonel Starostin: "Ordered to scatter the dead across the country, so no one knew." On Friday, I report that the first twelve coffins sent to Pskov. Food in Pskov, and there IL-76-circled circled, and the military airfield at the Peninsula planted, as the governor of the town election on Sunday were assigned. Resolved: until the elections are completed, do nothing. I guys they say, "Come on, we Dimka Levashovo deliver." I said, "For more than a week the guys are in their graves, as you can. Died 1 st, as the days passed. By car, he'll drive. "

March 14 Veche area Pskov Kremlin could not accommodate all those who came to say goodbye to the dead Marines. No one expected that those killed in Chechnya zahochut say goodbye a few thousand people. Of officials arrived in Pskov Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev, commander of the Navy Jora Shpak, Acting Assistant Sergei Yastrzhembsky.

Four scouts were taken to the 234th Airborne Regiment, and where is the 175-th separate reconnaissance. None of the military leadership did not come to carry out the characters in the last path, only the officers and soldiers of the regiment, reconnaissance, artillery regiment and other units were able to calmly say goodbye to his friends.


In February 2000, the mountain was Dembayirzy base camp of the 1st Parachute Battalion. In blocks (block — stronghold divisions — Ed.) Was the 1st and 3rd Airborne Company, but the bulk of the regiment was in Khatuni. Khatuni translated into the Russian language means "queen." According to the latest Federal Security Service, solely in the 70s in these parts was destroyed last gunman, who was hiding in the woods since the stateliness Russian war. One of the Muslim battalions "Brandenburg" in times majestically Russian specifically at these locations was based, was immediately airfield for infiltrati
on of German saboteurs on the terrain of the North Caucasus. Rotten place because nedavneshnego to time in the area were units of the 45th Cavalry Regiment and Airborne Forces regiment internal forces. It was always measured the sleeping area of militants.


On the morning of Feb. 29 units of the 2nd Parachute Battalion and razveddozor under common control Guard Lt. Col. Mark Evtyuhina started a movement to perform combat tasks — supporting the creation Fri near the height of 776.0. The first early afternoon went razveddozor that after the tasks had to go back to a place of his own constant dislocation.

They chose the most grievous route — along the ridges of heights, so do not run into an ambush.

What is the razveddozor this? There was Dima, Khamatov sergeant, corporal Lebedev, Sergeant Aranson, Kozlov sergeant, sergeant Ivanov — 2nd reconnaissance platoon of the 175th separate reconnaissance company of the 76th Division. Plus Lieutenant Vorobyov, deputy commander of the reconnaissance company of the 104th Parachute Regiment. With them were Schemlev sergeant and sergeant Medvedev, Captain Romanov, commander of an artillery battery of the 104th Regiment, an artillery spotter, a radio operator Strebin sergeant, lieutenant Kolgatin, commander of the engineering platoon of the 104th Regiment. Here was such a strong razveddozor twelve people.

Following the scouts started moving Dostavalov Major and Lieutenant Ermakov with the soldiers of the 1st platoon of the 4th Airborne Company of the 104th Regiment, only seventeen people. And then he began to move with Colonel Evtyuhin 6th company. The commander of this company was a major young, pretty bad officer. Previously, he served as commander of the reconnaissance Buynaksk, but after the first Chechen him and for his family, the hunt, and he had to withdraw from the contract and leave. He lived at a time in Tyumen, returned, and in Pskov in the 72nd Airborne Division once again signed a contract. He was temporarily put the commander of the 6th Company of the 104th Parachute Regiment. With the battalion commander nominated Lieutenant Sherstyannikov, commander of the air defense missile platoon, which comes in the regiment, and Lieutenant Ryazantsev commander artillery platoon — this is the second artillery spotter.

Scouts came to the height of 766.0 on March 29 at around 11:00 and got up. In the end, approached the deputy commander of the 2nd Parachute Battalion, Major Dostavalov that because of the difficulty puzzles was appointed a senior in the reference pt. He said: "Comrade Major, here is your height 787.0 dealing with defense. " He said, "Thanks, guys, there's 6 th company has put forward, will not soon." After that, Major Dostavalov began to occupy the defense at an altitude of 787.0. Scouts expect the approach of the 6th Company, constantly on the radio asking, "Where are you?" They say: "We are in motion."

In the end, suitable commander with the 1st platoon. Scouts Colonel Evtyuhinu reported: "Comrade Colonel, your height there Dostavalov defense is at an altitude of 787.0. We are at the moment will go forward meters on five-seven, where exhibited third company, turn around and leave back to rest. " Evtyuhin he says, "All you guys, thank you! I take the defense here, reversing back on his own route. " Exploration has gone further and started at 12.30 on the vanguard of the "spirits" who were waiting for their own.

The last battle

I think that they have seen each other almost immediately faced head-on. But our spies have been more ready for a fight — because when you walk, then a finger on the trigger at all times. Simultaneously make a decision — to kill our people were twelve. Enter combat wet spirits. Scouts report to the battalion commander, "We went into battle, we have three hundredth (the wounded — Ed.) And five hundred (prisoners — Ed.), Move away to a height." They were in the regiment, and then hear.

Previously, the federal forces drove the rebels down the Argun gorge, but remembers General Troshev in his book "My War," "we could not imagine then that the enemy dares to break through to the east a large force. Gang together. By orders of Arab mercenaries "cling" gang of other warlords — Shamil Basayev, Wahi Arsanov, Baudi Bakueva, group "Jamaat". They walked in Vedeno, where they were expected warmth and food, and then were going to move to Dagestan. All this weight and collapsed on the Marines, who do not even have time to dig. "

In the same book, General Trosheva table of negotiations Basayev and Khattab at a time when the spies went into battle.

"Basayev:" If the front of the dog (so called militants representatives of internal forces), we can negotiate. "

Khattab: "No, it's goblins (ie, paratroopers, in the jargon of criminals)."

Then Basayev recommends Black Arab (Khattab) managed a breakthrough:

— Look, maybe, let's go around? They will not let us just find yourself …

— No — meets Khattab — we cuttin them. "

When the battle began, Khattab sent forward some troops, horse and foot. Dima and scouts began to withdraw to the height at which they had not been covered. Combat has not had time to dig in at a height of 776.0 and ordered to take up defensive positions in the saddle. He then turned all the officers of the 1st Platoon and part of the 2nd platoon. Major Molodov came out against spies, to carry them under an unoccupied height, where the combat manages to take up the defense in the saddle. At this time, the 3rd platoon and part of the 2nd still in motion. And here along the road begins to advancing the equestrian group of spirits. She finds that the rise in the third platoon and destroys it.

It is necessary to take into account the environment in which this was a platoon of the 6th Company. Every thirty or forty minutes of firing guns began firing of rifles, echo in the mountains walking back and forth. Picture goes like this — we go and go, drag and drag here and there shooting. All measured, because it was ahead of intelligence. So when the horse spirits came out, they had not waited to behold. 3rd platoon almost completely Poleg, without even having to fight.

Major Molodov reached the scouts, and together they began to retreat. I do realize that if Dimka and caught a couple of bullets. For his figure 100 ninety four centimeters of growth these wounds — nothing, and you do not feel tied it. But when the young scouts pulled, perfume and snipers have tightened. Here are young then gets shot in the neck, where it was not protected, "rapier" (a type of body armor — Ed.), And dies. Scouts during the withdrawal kill the prisoners, pull Molodova dead and the wounded of their own. The command of the 6th company of the captain takes over Sokolov, deputy commander of the 6th Company.

One detachment of spirits tried to go around. But there was a strong point of the 2nd platoon of the 3rd Airborne Company, exhibited Dimka on February 27. Trenches were dug at their full profile, set minefields. Because the spirits have not got further and decided to storm our forehead — the saddle between the heights.

By 16-17 hours of February 29th overall environment around the site of the battle was: Roadblocks 1st Airborne Company had already been resolved, people are concentrated along the ground, near the village of Selmentauzen Fri. Here, reported: "Our guys are fighting, you need to climb the mountain again Dembayirzy." And in the evening they again had to climb this mountain. This hard: descents,. Senior on re-opening was appointed Major Ram, while he was the chief of intelligence of the 104th Regiment. Major Velichenko appointed deputy commander, deputy commander of the 1st Battalion. With them were five or six volunteer officers and 30 soldiers. They wen
t to the aid of exactly what route that Dimka recently deduced paratroopers. Without meeting any resistance to fire, they ran across the river Abazulgol, climbed higher, it was getting dark.

Their some reason there was only one radio station. Mayor Baran made contact with Mark Evtyuhinym and, in his words, a voice from Evtyuhina was measured. He said that corrects the fire of artillery, and so is the defense. Then the commander of the regiment Baran reports that "pencils" (fighters — Ed.) Wet feet, and asks for a command to retreat to resume movement in the early afternoon. At the command Melentyeva (Col. Sergey Melent'ev, commander of the 104th Regiment, producing control the fight with team Fri), the group of Major Ram starts departure, before reaching the battlefield. We decided to move off in the afternoon, about four o'clock. My personal opinion — they were afraid. And everything rattles, the battle is in full swing.

Hero of the Russian Federation Teplinskii Lieutenant Colonel, Chief of Staff of the 104th Regiment, calms everyone: "At night, the spirits storm will not be." Everyone expects morning, and spirits are storming through the night, the respite was only 3 to 5 hours. Dimka get in touch here and there even an hour or two nights. On the radio was: "So where is the help? They are like the Chinese, all teeming with. "

At night at an altitude of 787.0 Ermakov lieutenant was seriously wounded and killed several soldiers. And then, in my opinion, may be a mistake — Major Dostavalov with fighters moving away from a height. Some they say — broke. But there was no place to break, he made the wrong move tactically — left high and exposed the entire left flank. After all, the principle of defense, as it is written in the field manuals: "Not one step back." And it must, on the contrary, out of the saddle to catch up to the height and radial hold her defense.

Of course, the situation was very languid — a huge loss, the people perish. Dostavalov could imagine that fit with Mark Evtyuhinu and along with it will break. But the wounded, with not only the enemy, and shrapnel shells of their own, a lot. And do not throw your own.

Dimka, as told to one of the surviving soldiers, Sergeant Suponinsky, said NIGHT MODE in the saddle came Kozhemjakin scout, dropped gun and said, "All I have all perished." Survivors of the morning on March 1st Marines seized with the "spirits" hand to hand, were cut digging tools, a knife. But after 7.00 in the relationship, no one came out.

At about 6 am beginning to get light. Group of Major Ram starts to move again for help. Just come to the river, is not stepping up, behold the that two people moving away, are the third — the wounded. Major Ram tells the ordinary Golubev, Dimkin sniper, "Take aim at, suddenly spirits depart." Sniper says: "This is ours." Retreating fighters they say: "There's a lot of spirits, even do not go." They started to ask that as a yes. They said: "Next to us was lying wounded intelligence officer in a white camouflage cloak." In camouflage were just scouts. They asked: "Who is lying, or Kozhemjakin Vorobyov?" But they did not know the last names of officers. (It was later found that this was Alex Vorobyov, died from loss of blood. — Ed.).

The battle was almost till lunch on March 1. He then fell silent, then began again — wake up someone wounded in the battle enters. At one point, as the prisoners have shown up cliques, "Allah akbar," and once again battle gritted. At the time Dimka had last resistance. One of the officers of the 104th Regiment, said: "I have this hill crawled up and down. March 1 freshest trail ascended, 2nd, 3rd and 4th, when all the dead carried off from a height. The battlefield of many states. Kozhemjakin, reconnaissance platoon commander — a good rukopashnik and apparently healthy resisted. His face was one hundred percent broken butts, and nearby lay a few kills militants. It, for sure, as the last officer wanted to take him alive. "

March 1 at lunch on the location of the battle were two helicopters. Pilots paratroopers pass: "What are you sitting there, your dead spirits are dragged into a pile." After that message to Major Major Ram Velichenko again began to move forward and finally close the night came on the location of the battle. They found our eighty three people were killed (eighty-fourth, ordinary Timoshina, went out and brought later) and moved back. And the spirits of their own dead bodies were taken on March 1 a day.

They say that there is a movie that lasts about 5 hours, in the West it's cool. Groups are among the warlords were Western TV crew that filmed all special movie cameras. They say that lifted our troopers in close combat. I do this movie can not be found. When we were on television, a phone call from Dagestan — offered to buy the movie, he goes out there, wandering here and there.

Western filmmakers had to take what the spirits were going to do — as they enter the Selmentauzen, Khatun Vedeno, proper names as hostages. After that declared an Islamic republic, and they move to Dagestan. All this had to be made in order to introduce a state of emergency in the region. According to the Constitution, if one of the regions declared a state of emergency, the election of the president, who had just been appointed to 26 March 2000, are transferred for an indefinite period of time. In the event of the election funds of Berezovsky, Gusinsky and other stakeholders would play against Putin. I think our Marines and all those plans thwarted.

After the fight

Near the mountain Dembayirzy was one of the groups of "Vympel" (counter-terrorist unit. — Ed.), But she did not come to the rescue. I met with its commander and asked him, "Dimka same several times with you walking in the mountains, that you did not assist him? '. And he says to me: "Order was not." Go to the battlefield at the same time brought two groups of scouts from the 45th Airborne Regiment reconnaissance and also gave the command to stand.

KOZHEMIAKIN: Father and son

When on March 2nd Marines came again to the height together with "Vympel" and spies of the 45th Regiment began to move again spirits. Our departed again. It was only on March 3, the evacuation of the dead Marines. And on the heights and remained wallowing Arabs and others in Chechnya, they do not need anyone.

By some estimates, the perfume was about 2-a-half thousand even more. The wounded, bandaged, demoralized, they surrendered in batches. This Khattab gave the team rebels to surrender, but only MVDeshnikam. In the middle of a prisoner who had surrendered were very many mercenaries them under heavy guard deported to Vedeno. And in a day or two or three, they were free — local Chechen defense forces recaptured it from our own.


At a press conference in Pskov, March 14, 2000, which lasted less than 5 minutes, reporters asked Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev, "How to react to the inhabitants of the Russian Federation is so massive losses incurred by the federal troops in the first week of March, they will not change the attitude of the population to war? "Igor Sergeyev, then said, in a military bluntly:" I do not know. " Acting Assistant President of the Russian Federation Sergei Yastrzhembsky, who also came into the official delegation, which arrived in Pskov on burying the dead marines, avoiding contact with the press.

Questions, questions, questions … They still remain, preventing sleep fathers, mothers, husbands, younger sons. During a meeting
with the families of the dead children, President Vladimir Putin was obliged to admit guilt "for blunders that have to pay for the lives of Russian soldiers." Yet, none of the names of the people who made these "blunders", so far not named. Many of the officers of the 104th Regiment continue to believe that a "corridor" for the passage of the gang Khattab was purchased, and only the paratroopers did not know about the deal.

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