Kuzbass archaeologists discovered an ancient treasure unique

Carefully hidden treasure of ancient people, containing a large set of geometric shapes of ceramics (cubes, spheres, and disks) found in the Novosibirsk region Kuzbass archaeological expedition led by Professor KemSU Vladimir Bobrov.

This expedition also participated of Scientists and Surgut State Pedagogical University. Now archaeologists have puzzled over how valuable these figures were for the ancient people? Assumptions and hypotheses are different — from the simplest to the most fantastic, but there is no definite conclusion. In addition, the excavation revealed the production site for the smelting of bronze (second half of I millennium BC).

More relics obtained during the excavation of the largest settlement with the remains of the Neolithic dwellings (V century BC). It found a unique pottery oval, coated on the surface of a large groove. Such items from the Stone Age archaeologists called "ironing", suggesting that they straighten and smooth the reed shafts of arrows. However, the real purpose of "ironing" yet to be solved.
— We have studied the remains of four dwellings poluzemlyanochnogo type and fragments of ancient pottery, which will completely reconstruct the ancient dishes. In addition, finally managed to get samples for radiocarbon dating — the participant of the expedition, researcher of the Institute of Human Ecology, Academy of Sciences Alexei Marochkin.

Now finds prepare for a more thorough study and description. But now we can say that they are another confirmation of the historical processes in the ancient Siberia. In particular, archaeologists have come to the conclusion that a few thousand large-scale migration of various tribes and peoples in Siberia, were not only from the east to the west, but in the opposite direction, and from south to north and north to south.
In the photo: Up clues historical mysteries is not easy to dig, so looks like a stone "pad"

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