Land and water

Society seems to be that it may be easier for this photo: linen friend (wild grain) of grass on a background of endless water. Simple — but you can not look away. Photo attracts like a magnet on it a pleasure to watch! We immediately see that this simple beautiful story (photo 1) master shot pictures. (The picture is called "Grass on the beach. ")

A pleasant experience is based on a comfortable sense of security, asvetlenastsi the sun and the beauty of semitones that gently come in blurred distance.

Comfortable sense of security arises from the contemplation and appreciation of the warm beach, grassy and soft on the emptiness of the ocean, the contours of which, though blurred in the gentle light, but dangerous in its depth. (While we, the observers, are virtually on this side of the border the shore, on a solid warm earth).

The photographer managed to subtly reveal the contrast and harmony are two elements — earth and water. While the picture is beautifully balanced in tone and composition, there is a good depth perspective of landscape, the ratio of herbs and blurred ocean.

All this just affects our aesthetic sensibilities and feelings.

Many of the photographers ever filmed something similar to your "Cannon" or "Nikon". But it turned out differently. It is also important to know that the photo, which is exhibited here, was shot on a wide emulsion (plate) 10×15 or 18×24 cm Those subtleties that in principle "do not start" vuzkastuzhkavaya camera (especially digital), there is, and it contributes to the beauty and perception of photographs.

The author of the photo is a famous American photographer Edward Uestan (1886-1958). It was a typical way of piktorealizm to the "natural" photos and modernism in the 20s. He graduated from the Art Institute and the "kalezh" picture. Collaborated with Enselam Adams in the group "F/64". I photographed still lifes, landscapes, the world of objects, portraits, nudes (a genre in photography, almost in vain) and others.

Uestan shot up to 1948 almost exclusively on the broad emulsion (mostly 10×15 and 18×24), taking pictures of his quality and well-maintained. In all genres, he has created several great works that have become like his trademark.

Environment, which popularized Vestana, presents it as a One of the most large photographic artists of the twentieth century. This, of course, an exaggeration, but not so far from the truth. His work occupies a prominent position in the global picture.

At Edward Vestana, in my opinion, was a subtle feeling and vision of nature. But he paid little landscape value, and exercise more in line with modern approaches.

To a certain extent this is dictated by the then fashion and art market, horseshoes at the formal opening. Landscape and nature remained close by, as it were, for the soul. But here Uestan manifested extremely good and beautiful.

Photo 2

Take a look one more good picture Vestana called "Nimbus"(Photo 2). Snapshot great. Creatively depicts a beautiful natural phenomenon. Immediately, I note that, working with a bulky heavy camera on a tripod, so the frame is not accidentally do. To him be ready and" prypilnavats "(you can spend on it a few days or and weeks.) In Belarus, for example, such a short period of thunderstorms and low cumulonimbus clouds migrating there in August, at the end of the summer (2-3 weeks). Here and you have to be prepared.

I remember in August, standing on the castle hill in Braslaw, you see on the far north (over 12 km) Slabodkaga tower church, illuminated by the sun. In this time behind the back of the south migratory dark rain cloud with a rainbow hanging, and watch (exactly as in this photo Vestana) as near the wall and the rain falls in waves Drivyaty.

(Photos Vestana presented here, taken from a free Internet.)

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