Laurentian Chronicle put up on the website of the National Library

Laurentian Chronicle. Photo: © National Library of Russia (

This record, as calculated by most historians, dates back to 1377 year. Laurentian list was rewritten three monks, including Lawrence described himself as a monk (who she is) — he completed the March 20, 1377 (6885 according to the calendar, "from the foundation of the world") with the blessing of Bishop Dionysius of Suzdal.

In 1811 remains of the record stored in the Public Library of St. Petersburg, now — the Russian National Library.

Actually nothing new, but if someone is interested in Russian medieval chronicles (even church, except when monks copied books, few), can now see the remaining pages of photocopies of this historic document. For more information about it to give no sense, since nothing new with respect to it, we do not have, and all known already described, for example, the Wikipedia article on that page or library.

Sami scans here.

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