Lawyer Busko: From now on I'm unemployed …

The College of Justice upheld the decision of the Qualification Commission for the profession in the Republic of Belarus — cancel the license of a lawyer Grodno Regional Board Valentine Busko. The reason for cancellation of the license — taking part in an unauthorized rally December 19, 2010. For his participation in Busko was brought to administrative responsibility.

Valentine Busko detained in the Square with his son Eugene. In her words, they got there by accident came just out of curiosity. On the day they were visiting an aunt in Minsk.

Valentine says that they were taken with the son of the first:

Busko"There was such a crush, it was scary. I was hit in the face with a shield police. Saved a little winter hat with a visor. Son also caught, and then we were all bundled into police cars and driven to Akrestin. There we shared, then make out, and the next day the court. "

Reporter"And look how the process?"

Busko"It lasted perhaps a minute. Nobody nothing listening. The standard resolution for all detainees. No one who did not understand, no witnesses were not invited. Sentenced to 10 days for taking part in an unauthorized rally and for the fact that I called out the slogan "Long live Belarus!"

Reporter"In what conditions you kept?"

Busko"Where women were kept, no beds, only wooden flooring on which we slept. They brought pillows are hard-hard and gave clothes. And some of the girls were 13 people in the chamber, the three of them were lying on the concrete floor without blankets. There was no place to wash your hands. Open toilet, which is fenced off from the prefix of the master height, sex does not create any. "

Reporter"Did you feel any support from outside?"

Busko"We held only by the fact that we passed on the transfer people — water, then some sweet candy, chocolate, tangerine. Passed us and napkins, sanitary and other necessary things. Products for us not to accept, because they believed that eating enough. "

Reporter"And what happened after you were released?"

Presidium meeting was held without me, no one listened to any of my position or my arguments.

Busko"I went first and stayed in Minsk to wait until the release my son. I got a call from work and was invited to the January 4 at 10:00 am to be at the meeting of the Presidium of the fact that against me disciplinary proceedings on the fact of bringing me to the administrative responsibility. I explained that I'm out of Grodno and can not come. But the 4th morning they called me again, they worked speakerphone. I reiterated that I was out of town, but nevertheless Presidium meeting was held without me, no one listened to any of my position or my arguments. And today, January 5, I went to work and I was given the decision of the Presidium of the Grodno Region Bar Association that I brought to disciplinary responsibility for the offense under Part 1 of Art. Two hundred and thirty-fourth And they came to the conclusion — lay on me subject to disciplinary action and to exclude from the profession. "

Reporter"And as stated in the decree of the Presidium, according to which you have been deprived of work?"

Busko"In accordance with the rules of legal ethics counsel should take care about the prestige of the profession, enhancing its role in society, the moral relation to himself and the specific relationship of the society, etc. Thus, the fact that they considered bringing me to the administrative responsibility unacceptable. I have today is devoid of. They took away my license and certificate of counsel. "

Yet Mrs. Busco added that when she was in Minsk, she already got a call from Hrodna KGB and invited to come for an interview.


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