Liabedzka left behind bars

Minsk City Court refused to change the leader of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko preventive measure to arrest on his own recognizance.

This was reported by relatives of the head of the United Civil Party. Today, the court refused to release from detention of ex-presidential candidate Vladimir Neklyaeva.

Meanwhile January 6 in the Minsk office of the United Civil Party members held a meeting of the Political Council and the National Committee of the United Civil Party.

As deputy chairman of the United Civil Party Lev Margolin, first of all it was a question of what measures can be taken to release the leaders of the party, which are contained in the KGB detention center. Greatly complicated the work of the Minsk office of a search that ended with the confiscation of office equipment.

"At the meeting adopted to appeal to the members of the party with a request to collect donations: to make their credit or bring cash — said Lev Margolin. — In accordance with the charter of the party, we have the right to do it. It is necessary to restore the office equipment, to ensure full operation of the office and the site of the party. "



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