Life Force (6 films) watch online

Life Force (6 films) watch online
TV channel NHK Enterprises presents you a documentary series "Life Force" ("Life force"). 75% of mammals, birds, amphibians, are currently doing on the verge of extinction. This is 3% of the entire animal kingdom on Earth. Our Wednesday — is the result of geological changes and shifts in the global scale. Mountains and plains that form on the surface of the Earth, torn pieces of land configuration in ocean currents, and almost everything else that has led to the creation of unique and different habitat areas. All climatic conditions to assist in the development of plants and animals that are adapted from time to time in an unusual way, to their environment. In this television series, we'll see at the amazing natural systems and the unique ecology. We also examine the driving forces in the evolutionary history and try to find the main causes acting on their biodiversity. Configuration of the environment on a global scale, leading to loss of biodiversity frisky. This series shows a unique species, in almost all cases, the disappeared or are on the verge of extinction.
1) Bimbo Zealand
2) Australia
3) The Brazilian cerrado
4) Lake Lofty rift plains
5) Madagascar
6) Japan

Bimbo Zealand — a miraculous world, who was in isolation for more than eighty million years old, full of strange creatures, which can not be found anywhere else. But how do these animals get to the archipelago, cut off from the rest of the world? The answer must be found in the behavior and genetic evolution of each of these unusual creatures.

Australia — isolated floating laboratory, the inhabitants of which for millions of years have been cut off from the world. They are bred and mutated, and each genetic variant passed the test of extreme habitats. Only those mutations that give an advantage maintained and passed on the heritage. As a result, there were unusual creation, which does not meet anywhere else on the planet.

Brazilian Cerrado — a broad plain, akin to the African savannah. But there is no hunting herds of antelope and their predators. Cerrado seems deserted, but the appearance is deceptive. Here is full of unusual creatures, and they all form a unique bio society. How does this weird world? And how it was formed?

Along the east coast of Africa extends majestic rift valley. Here for millions of years created three large lakes Victoria, Tanganyika and Malawi. The inhabitants of fresh waters of these lakes have acquired a mind-blowing range of adaptations.

Madagascar — the peninsula, located in the Indian Ocean east of Africa. Behind him firmly established reputation factory to produce new species of plants and animals …

In the mountains of the Japanese island of Honshu terrible winters with the most powerful in the world of snowfall, when the day falls almost two-meter layer of snow. Here dwells the Japanese macaque. In the struggle for existence in animals there are new strategies of behavior …

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