Log with 2000-E tentacles emerged in Britain


An unidentified floating object. The mysterious and very scary sea surfaced guest at the resort Oxwich Beach near the British county of Swansea.

Thousands of people are familiar with the miracle of writhing with horror. To look at it — "log" in the form of a pile of tentacles, measuring about 182 centimeters.

But all kinds of reports that found the remains of a UFO, the local authorities have denied. It turned out that the sea monster is already known to science. This barnacle — inhabitant of the deep sea crustacean.

Schevelyaschiysya unidentified object at first mistaken for the remains of aliens

— In fact, this is the biggest plantation barnacles from all that I've seen — said Swansea University professor Paul Bryan. — On the "log" of about 2,000 clams.

Barnacles live in the oceans at the bottom. Sometimes they are attached to the bottoms of their tentacles courts. I think the bad weather that caused increased during forced the ducks "go" to the shore.

Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the monster — just a cluster of 2,000 shells

The sea never ceases to amaze earthlings your presents



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