Loss of computer terminates the opposition

For several days last searched the regional community organizations, the media and in the apartments of opposition activists. In Gomel, Brest, Maladzechna and other cities of the police and the KGB seized dozens of computers and other media. What are the consequences of these searches? As a public organization will operate without office equipment? The answers to these questions were correspondents of "Freedom."


Working without technology is slow, but not paralyzed

In Brest members of democratic institutions security services seized several computers. But the social work does not stop.

UCP activist in Brest Vladimir Wujek KGB officers have taken a business model in which there was a significant amount of party documents, publications layouts and floor plans. Loss negatively affects the activity of the structure, but does not paralyze her, says Vladimir:

"The work of art without really slowed down. In the seized computer was a lot of information on our publications, we now have to give. Now doing reconstruction. Many remember to re-do something to catch on dates that have set themselves. "

Events on December 19 at the Plaza is not left untouched so many people. Since that time to the present day in Brest to join the UCP says 18 applications, said Vladimir Wujek, many offers to help:

"People are willing to help. In addition, we partner with a local party BSDPG, independent trade unions. We are negotiating with other organizations. "

A member of the BCD Dmitry Shurhay, whose apartment is also being searched, convinced that such measures are of special services aimed primarily not to paralyze the activities of the organizations, and to intimidate the society:

"In the framework of our activities in Brest, even this did not search a certain influence. How to work and continue to work. And it happens to sow panic in the ranks of the opposition. "

The most important is our trump card and tools — is people. And they can not be deleted.

Co-Chair of the BCD Kobrin George Dzmitruk, which security officials confiscated a computer, said the work of his organization does not stop there:

"The most important is our trump card and tools — is people. And they can not be deleted. Therefore, the work continues. We also provide information, we conduct all their work. Of course, the work has become quite difficult. "

Vitebsk Region

The family took Sevyarinets laptop, the system unit, tapes and paper records

After a search of the apartment in Vitebsk policy Paul Sevyarinets KGB officers seized a laptop, a system unit from another computer tapes and paper records.

The search took place on December 28, it was held by KGB Major Dmitry Bohan, lieutenant colonel Igor Andron, Dmitry Naumov. The apartment was only the father of politics — Constantine Seviarynets. As he says, the staff of the Vitebsk oblast KGB claimed to be acting on orders from Minsk:

"I want to say that they did this under duress. I saw it. Well — took and drove away. There is now revered poems yes everything else … "

Computer Constantine Seviarynets need to work, as he collaborates with "Detective newspaper" and another number of publications:

"I need a computer, so I dialed the materials on it, proofread, send to the editor. I work more with children's newspapers … And so I want to say a big thank you to the people who responded to the fact that I took the computer. I do not want to call them, so as not to expose … But one thing I can say: I did not go to this trouble one on one! "

Via the Internet to the parents of Paul Sevyarinets reach of solidarity and support. Meet with his son Tatiana Seviarynets, mother of the prisoner in the KGB jail policies do not allow:

"I received a written response from the investigative committee — from the head of the investigation team Anatoly bitch that they are entitled, but not obliged to allow a meeting with the prisoners. So the meeting, I can not see … But there is information about Paul from those people who already were released. They were them with a cell in the first week. It is said, holding up well, his mood was militant. He explains to people the Bible and working on a book. Maybe it's the same book, on which he has been working for a long time, and maybe some new idea he was born … He has a pen, paper, the most important thing for Paul, and thank God! "


The fate of the confiscated equipment remains uncertain

Mogilev expire until the searches and confiscation of office equipment. Opposition activists believe that a temporary lull, and do not exclude the possibility that peace may be broken one day. As it was last year in May.

May 18 in a number of organizations and activists in the apartments were searched. Took away books, electronic media and computers.

Restore the work of the office without technology was difficult, says activist non-governmental organization "Moving Forward" Sergei Laputin:

"The technique that was confiscated, it also has its price. And the resources of the community organizations is not enough. I had to give my own. Right now we have a private computer at the office is to support the work of the organization. They say that the equipment seized in connection with a criminal case that is suspended, but is still in production, the technique can not be returned to us. "

I asked them — where are my five dollars? They told me that do not worry — the money is in them.

The non-governmental organization "Moving Forward" — involved in the criminal case, instigated Leninsky police department of Minsk, the spread of false information.

Two computers are not returned to the May and activist of "Tell the Truth" Elena Medvedeva. She wrote the complaint, which, however, failed. The fate of computers remains uncertain:

"Children's and my computer taken away. In my computer, maybe that would find children's computer but why take it? It is not clear. Drives me back. Some minor literature. That's all. I asked them — where are my five dollars? They told me that do not worry — the money is in them. "

Grodno region

"I think that the police were holding our technique as used it"

The head of the Grodno regional organization of the United Civil Party Yury Istomin tells the story of how the police took away the party office equipment, and after a while back:

"We had problems with the removal of office equipment, when we were preparing the action on the Grodno entrepreneurs. Then we were told that we are supposed to do this technique, leaflets, and confiscated our printer and copier. Then we are at a point withVladimir Larin, our activists sat three days, serving an administrative arrest for the preparation of this alleged mass-event. "

UCP activists explained that they had to apply for permission to the city council. The more party members wanted to help entrepreneurs Grodno?

Istomin"At the Central Market, we distributed leaflets. There was a problem: it is very serious checks entrepreneurs. Preparing for action by the regional authorities to raise rental rates, tax rates on certain types of activity. And we were approached by entrepreneurs to organize such an action. "

Yury Istomin notes tha
t the arrested with him, Vladimir Larin was very active then, several times received administrative punishment, and then made the move:

"Vladimir Larin left Belarus. He now lives in Holland, and come back in the near future it is going. Applied for political asylum. How much have information, everything is fine with him, and he lives with his family even. "

When and in what condition the activists returned to Grodno UCP office equipment then the selected policemen?

Istomin"Six months later, this technique was returned on the eve of the campaign Yaroslav Romanchuk. "They bombed" our police department we letters several times. Then it turned out that it was a month or two now without any "experiments" on it. I think that the police simply do not have their own office equipment, so our use. Returned to normal more or less able, so no complaints about the police department we have not. "


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